Jew-Hate from A to Z

Ahmed and Zahra Billoo explain it all for you.

Ahmed Billoo, an adjunct professor at the California Islamic University, recently visited the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. On the way home, as Martha Lee noted at the Daily Wire, the Muslim grew impatient with security measures at Ben Gurion Airport and posted a prayer to Twitter with the hashtag “Zionists”: “Oh God, reduce their numbers, exterminate them, and don’t leave a single one alive.”

The next day in Istanbul, Sam Westrop reported, Billoo wrote, “So good to be in a Muslim country” and “#TiredofSeeingZionists.” Those sentiments would make sense according to Billoo’s professional profile.

The California Islamic University explains that “Shaykh Ahmed” graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah, founded in 1381 to “convey the eternal message of Islam to the world.” The Islamic university aims “to be a beacon of distinct leading international Islamic knowledge in the sciences of Shariah, Arabic and other fields of knowledge.” Despite his degree in Shariah, Shaykh Ahmed is not the best known Billoo.

Ahmed’s sister Zahra Billoo directs the San Francisco branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A few hours after brother Ahmed prayed for the extermination of Jews, she posted on Facebook, “My brother makes me proud often,” in reference to his “speaking out against border harassment.”

Back in 2017, CAIR announced, “San Francisco Bay Area Director Zahra Billoo will be among the main speakers at the rally in Washington,” the vaunted Women’s March. The main speaker was Angela Davis, winner of the Lenin Peace Prize in 1979 and Communist Party candidate for vice president in 1980 and 1984 with white Stalinist Gus Hall. Zahra Billoo was thrilled to join her.

I march because as a Muslim, a woman and a person of color, the incoming administration has targeted my community in multiple and intersectional ways,” explained the San Francisco CAIR boss

The Haas Institute at UC Berkeley, dedicated to “a more inclusive, fair and just world,” hails Zahra Billoo as a “civil rights attorney” who “sued Donald Trump to challenge his ‘Muslim Ban’ executive orders,” and whose work has been highlighted in local and national media. In an interview with Haas, Billoo explained, “some people are angry that a significant portion of our country voted for a man who is openly racist and Islamophobic.”

On the other hand, “women, recipients of the Affordable Care Act, LGBT individuals, and many more, there are a lot of communities that stand to be harmed by this presidency and Trump’s supporters.” Still, Billoo said, “it’s important to keep in mind that the Trump campaign has already had an unprecedented affect on Islamophobia. The anti-Muslim sentiment, the attacks on mosques and organizations, and the targeting of individuals is higher today than it was in the months following 9/11, and much of it we attribute to the election cycles themselves.” According to the San Francisco CAIR boss, some of the anti-Muslim rhetoric “was coming from the Democratic campaign as well – in a way that was subtle—framing the Muslim community entirely from a security perspective.”

As Martha Lee noted, Zahra Billoo regularly expresses support for Hamas and justifies their attacks on Israeli civilians. She also supports Palestinian Islamic Jihad boss Sami Al Arian, an “incredible and law abiding Muslim leader.” For Zahra Billoo, “The Israeli Defense Forces, or the IDF, are no better than ISIS. They are both genocidal terrorist organizations.” And as Billoo tweets, “pro-Israel work is pro-terror, pro-violence, pro-land theft, and pro-apartheid.”

Despite such rhetoric, in June of 2018, the Bay Area interfaith group People Acting in Community Together (PACT), announced plans to honor Billoo with an award intended to “build a stronger relationship with the Muslim community.” PACT withdrew the award, as Billoo had it, “because of my vocal support of Palestinian human rights.” As she told reporters, “this was about their choosing to let bullies set their direction, policing the way in which I express anger over my brothers and sisters being killed, evidence of why Muslims hold back on interfaith work.” That drew media coverage, and a response from PACT.

“We, as PACT, sincerely apologize for our decision to rescind the award to honor Zahra Billoo for her leadership in the local community. In our efforts to be responsive to one set of leaders, we inadvertently participated in efforts to silence a faith leader and close partner expressing moral critique of an ongoing human rights crisis in Palestine.”

PACT met with Zahra Billoo, “to seek reconciliation. She has agreed to accept a reinstatement of the award and will speak at our 2018 luncheon.” Based on discussions with Zahra and PICO California, PACT committed to work with CAIR to “add Muslim congregations to our membership and have their representatives on our board.” CAIR and PACT would soon be one in the spirit.

Zahra Billoo tweeted, “today, Alhamdulillah, the award I wrote about two weeks ago, which had been previously rescinded was reinstated.” None of her angry tweets and support for Hamas appears to trouble leading Democrats.

Zahra Billoo has posed for photos with Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Rashida Tlaib, who has been comparing Israel with Nazi Germany. To paraphrase the perceptive Louise in Being There, in the Democrat Party today, all you have to be is a leftist anti-Semite to get whatever you want.