Luke O’Brien’s Search and Destroy Missions

For Leftist “journalists,” trying to destroy lives is an increasingly common tactic.

Last Saturday, hard-Left “journalist” Luke O’Brien once again revealed the identity of a prominent conservative, dropping the real name of meme-maker Carpe Donktum in a couple of tweets. Carpe Donktum himself said that O’Brien’s doxing of him was a “despicable act that will surely cause my family undue worry and potentially harm.” Nor is this the first time that O’Brien has done this. Revealing the identities of those who oppose the Leftist agenda from behind pseudonyms (which they have often adopted precisely in order to protect themselves and their families from Leftist thugs), and thereby exposing them to danger from increasingly violent Antifa fascists, is becoming standard procedure for the Left.

One of O’Brien’s first targets was Twitter star Amy Mek, a firm and outspoken opponent of jihad terror and Sharia oppression who, when O’Brien revealed her identity a year ago, had 229,000 followers on Twitter (she now has 243,500). President Trump had retweeted her, just as Trump invited Carpe Donktum to the recent social media summit at the White House: O’Brien apparently likes to target for personal destruction those who have caught the President’s attention.

O’Brien not only smeared and doxed Amy Mek; he also targeted her family, doxing her parents, brother, sister-in-law and husband. He repeatedly contacted Amy Mek’s husband’s employer and ultimately caused him to be fired, solely for his association with Amy. O’Brien even targeted her brother’s restaurants and her father’s business. The attacks resulted in great damage to the careers of each of her family members, as well as threats (including swastikas mailed to their businesses) so serious as to require the hiring of security.

In the final analysis, however, despite all the damage he caused, O’Brien is just a drone, one of the many neo-Brownshirts who think that they’re fighting fascism by employing the tactics of the fascists of old (the original Nazi Brownshirts used to conduct energetic smear campaigns against those who dared to oppose them). He is one of the growing legion of Leftist lemmings who think it good and noble to expose people to the prospects of professional ruin and genuine physical danger because they hold what he considers to be the wrong political opinions.

Amy Mek noted just how widespread this tactic has become in an interview with me this week. “Up until now, I have not done any interviews or spoken to any media,” she said, “since Luke O’Brien’s article about me was published in June 2018. People continue to talk about my situation to this day and have asked me to publicly speak out as we all continue to see the Huffington Post and other liberal media outlets destroy good people, their families and livelihoods.”

O’Brien’s article, she said, “used out of context tweets and materials and fabricated allegations. His only named source was a woman struggling with substance abuse issues, who tried to break into my family’s home. He used an intruder to attribute completely false and vile statements to me. His article clearly indicated a premeditated intent to attack, not a journalistic article on me, or the issues that inspire me. I believe I was targeted because I am an influential Jewish supporter of President Trump, and because I speak out against Sharia, Islamic terrorism and the human rights violations taking place in the Islamic world, by virtue of Islamic doctrine. And there is also an all-out assault on anyone associated with me that continues to this day.”

Now she is determined to limit the damage that thuggish pseudo-journalists such as Luke O’Brien can do:

Emboldened pro-Antifa journalists have doxed and endangered private citizens and their families simply for having different viewpoints. The common person speaking out against evil is left standing alone. I want to bring attention to this issue and do everything I can to help others either going through this harassment. I am working to form grassroots coalitions to stop this. Over the past year, I have spoken to many people in both the US and Europe whose lives have been adversely affected by the media and Leftist organizations such as CAIR, the SPLC and Antifa working to destroy private citizens. I am trying to give them a voice. I hope to put pressure on the Republican Party to start helping so many of us affected who have so little support and recourse.

This initiative is urgently needed, because most mainstream conservatives remain silent in the face of this journalistic terrorism. The hard Left – notably the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and those “journalists” who present it as an unimpeachable, objective source about “hate groups” -- is busy calling everyone who disagrees with them “white supremacists,” “Nazis,” “fascists” and the like. Instead of standing up to this and pushing back, pointing out that the real fascist behavior is wholly on the Left, establishment Republicans have cowered and tried to distance themselves from those who have been tarred with these labels, no matter how unjust the accusation.

“The doxing of my family,” Amy states, “was hailed as ‘journalism’ in the establishment media. Importantly, this tactic was generally not called out by conservative media, which has undoubtedly emboldened hard-left organizations such as the Huffington Post to double down on unethical and even what one might call, weaponized reporting against private citizens.” 

The average American is left abandoned in the midst of all this. It’s no wonder that so many people are afraid to speak out against the Left: the supposed conservative vanguard and leadership has lacked the spine to protect them. “This silence,” says Amy Mek, “has only emboldened the radical Left to more extreme attacks, as we have seen with Andy Ngo, who was physically assaulted by Antifa resulting in a traumatic brain injury.”

Carpe Donktum, Amy Mek and Andy Ngo are not singular cases. “In the last few weeks alone,” Amy notes, “I have learned of three new and disturbing attacks. Meanwhile, many mainstream media publications have rushed to defend Antifa and its tactics – including even Teen Vogue, as well as the Guardian, which actually justifies Antifa’s recent move to take up arms.”

Despite the cost, Amy still speaks out. At a recent European Union Parliamentary conference on “Free Speech in the Age of Censorship,” Amy Mek spoke publicly for the first time about what she and her family endured because of O’Brien’s attack (see video here). She also highlighted the historical parallels between the assaults on conservatives and the freedom of speech in Europe, and those that are currently being waged in the United States.

Amy Mek has also created an organization called RAIR Foundation USA (Rise, Align, Ignite, Reclaim, uniting grassroots activists and them to stand together for the freedom of speech and individual rights, which are now so under such vicious attack from the slavering Leftist mob for which Luke O’Brien does his doxing. 

“My goal,” Amy says, “is to never allow this horror to happen to another family. All freedom-loving people need to be warned that the mainstream media has become radicalized and has devolved into doxing private citizens to push their narrative and agenda.” Indeed.




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