Helping Students Conceal School Absences for Abortion or Gender Counseling

New video reveals the truth about California’s radical sex education program.

As students prepare to head back to school this fall, a coalition of California parents and religious leaders are determined to reveal the truth about California’s mandatory radical new sex and gender “health” curriculum. The result is “No Opt Out Allowed: The California Sex-Ed Curriculum” an edifying but deeply disturbing new documentary produced by Our Watch, a conservative watchdog group which is attempting to thwart the Left’s efforts to indoctrinate California schoolchildren. Our Watch is led by Murrieta, California Pastor Tim Thompson, who has made it a personal mission to uncover the truth about California’s sex and gender curriculum.

The film includes covertly recorded video in which an ACLU attorney instructs California public school teachers about how they can help students to receive abortions or gender counseling during school hours without revealing it to their parents.

“Regardless of how old the student is, they can walk into a doctor’s office and consent to these services without parental consent,” ACLU attorney Ruth Dawson told the assembled educators at what was billed to the public as a curriculum forum.

“Young people have the right to leave school to seek confidential medical services without the consent or notification of their parents or guardians…” Dawson adds later in the proceedings. “The most important piece of this is that schools cannot share this information with parents or guardians. Also no parent calls. So a teacher or the attendance office can’t call home and say ‘so-and-so was out at the doctor’s office, receiving x, did you know about this?’ You cannot do that.”

When an audience members questions if the student would then be “considered, like, absent,” Dawson responds “So, I think it qualifies, as, like, an excused absence.”  The audience member clarifies, “Because once you’re absent they call automatically.” “So the school must develop a policy so that doesn’t happen,” Dawson responds.  

The documentary also delves in depth into the classroom curriculum that will be presented to public school students without their parents' knowledge or consent.

“They talk about mutual masturbation,” describes Murrieta School District parent John Andrews. “They discuss gender roles, the gender spectrum, and in the support materials … they take it even further. They discuss everything, topics like roleplaying for different genders, blood play, dental dams … fisting is mentioned. I mean, they mention it all.”

“If I were to show that material to a child, I would be brought up on charges,” Andrews adds. “But somehow our public schools are allowed to teach this to junior high and high school kids.”

“Practically [opting out of LGBTQ education] should be impossible” states ACLU attorney Dawson in the video recording. “Because the idea with CHEF [California Health Education Framework] is that LGBTQ people and relationships are interwoven into the entire curriculum…so opting out of just the LGBTQ stuff is illegal and should be impossible.”

The radical sex and gender curriculum was implemented by the passage of Assembly Bill-329  which legislates the subject of “sexual health instruction” and was signed into law by California’s governor in 2015 and also by the recent revision of the state’s Health Education Framework which was adopted by the State Board of Education last May.

“We don’t want our children exposed to some of these things they are showing, these pornographic, sexually explicit materials. It has no place in the classroom. It’s not right, and it won’t be tolerated,” Pastor Thompson asserts.  

Watch the full video “No Opt Out Allowed: The California Sex-Ed Curriculum” below.

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