Leading Left-Wing Economist Vilifies Trump and the U.S.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs supports Iran's Mullahs and China's communist tyranny.

Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, an economist who is Director of Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Development and of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, hates President Trump. That’s no surprise, considering that he is part of left-wing academia and the United Nations wealth redistribution system.

“Trump is mentally disordered: megalomaniacal, paranoid, and psychopathic,” wrote Professor Sachs. “This is not name-calling. Trump’s mental condition leaves him unable to keep his word, control his animosities, and restrain his actions.”

Sachs is not only an economist, it seems. He is a self-appointed armchair “psychiatrist,” who has taken his own Trump derangement syndrome to the point of siding with Iran and China against the United States.

Sachs thinks that the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran was peachy keen. How dare President Trump withdraw from a deal that lifted sanctions against the Iranian regime and gave it gobs of cash upfront to finance its terrorist proxies around the world and fund its illicit ballistic missile development program?  How dare the president question the value of Iran’s loophole-ridden commitments that will sunset in the not-too-distant future and reimpose sanctions on the hegemony-seeking Islamist regime? According to Sachs, who is also pretending to be a lawyer in addition to a psychiatrist, the sanctions are “tantamount to war, in violation of the United Nations Charter.” Sachs goes on to say that the sanctions “constitute, or at least should constitute, a crime against humanity.” The only crime against humanity here is the Iranian regime’s state sponsorship of terrorists who kill innocent people, which the sanctions are designed to combat. As the Washington Post reported earlier this year, “since President Trump introduced sweeping new restrictions on trade with Iran last year…Iran’s ability to finance allies such as Hezbollah has been curtailed. Hezbollah, the best funded and most senior of Tehran’s proxies, has seen a sharp fall in its revenue and is being forced to make draconian cuts to its spending, according to Hezbollah officials, members and supporters.”

Sachs urged European countries to partner with Russia, China and India to defeat the U.S. sanctions. “Trade with Iran can easily be denominated in euros, renminbi, rupees, and rubles, avoiding US banks,” Sachs wrote. In short, Sachs is advocating that our European allies work with U.S. adversaries Russia and China to facilitate trade with a regime whose leaders have regularly encouraged chants of “Death to America” both before and after President Trump took office. And, for good measure, Sachs would encourage the United Nations to get involved in opposing the U.S. sanctions.

Sachs claimed that President Trump harbors an “animus” towards the Iranian regime that is “stoked by irresponsible Israeli and Saudi leaders, who loathe Iran’s leaders for their own reasons.” Did it ever occur to this know-it-all that Iran’s leaders have given Israeli and Saudi leaders ample reason to loathe them? Even though Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction and insulted Saudi Arabia’s leaders as "idiots" and "worthless" whose policies will lead to their "certain downfall," Sachs evidently thinks it is irresponsible for Israeli and Saudi leaders to react negatively to such provocations.

As for China, President Trump is doing bad things by "trying to slow or stop China’s growth by closing US markets to Chinese exports, restricting the sale of US technologies to Chinese companies, and declaring China a currency manipulator,” according to Sachs. How scandalous it must be in Sachs’ ivory tower bubble for the president to stand up to Chinese theft of American intellectual property and dishonest trade practices that other presidents had chosen to ignore for many years? In Sachs’ bizarro world, “China has been playing by Western rules for the past 40 years.” The problem is not China, Sachs claims, but America’s own companies. Sachs is the typical egghead whose head is buried deep in the sand.

Sachs accused President Trump of being “incapable of following through on his own word” to Chinese President Xi Jinping in declaring a truce in the trade war between the two countries. Sachs ignored the fact that China went back on its own promises, prompting President Trump's tough response.

Jeffrey Sachs’ problem is not solely with President Trump, it turns out. He has contempt for the United States itself.  “The United States seems as capable of barbarism as anyone else,” Sachs wrote back in 2004, for example. In 2015, Sachs wrote that the United States is “a society that has been wounded, even gravely, by its flawed and limited vision of humanity.”

Sachs also has no respect for the fundamental individual rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. For instance, in 2012 he wrote, “The Second Amendment is a relic of the founding era more than two centuries ago. Its purpose is long past.” He would like to see a European-style parliamentary system replace our current constitutional model based on the separation of powers among co-equal branches of government.

Finally, Jeffrey Sachs has bemoaned the lack of a “progressive alternative” to the two establishment parties that would prevent what he called in 2012 “the premeditated asphyxiation of the state,” by which he meant limited government. Sachs’ disdain for traditional American values fits well with the animating ideology of the left wing progressive base of today’s Democratic Party.