California Judges Gone Wild

Protecting cop killers, illegals and terrorists.

On September 28 near Modesto, California, Dutch Hollow Farms will open a memorial for Ronil “Ron” Singh, the legal immigrant from Fiji who came to America to become a police officer. Singh’s wife and child will be the first to enter the massive maze bearing the officer’s image. Those paying tribute have good cause to track the path of the man charged with killing him.

On December 26, 2018, one day after Christmas, Singh pulled over a suspected drunk driver. He pulled a gun and shot the officer. The shooter fled and seven other illegals aided his flight before police apprehended him in Bakersfield. The accused shooter called himself Gustavo Perez Arriaga, one of his many aliases, but later claimed his real name was Pablo Virgen Mendoza. The gang-affiliated illegal had two previous DUI arrests.

His case is being handled by Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Ricardo Cordova, a former public defender appointed as a judge in 2003 by Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat recalled that year in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger. On January 2, Cordova suspended the proceedings against the accused cop killer on the grounds that his mental competency had come into question, a dubious claim but predictable tactic by the defense.

Cordova is also handling the cases of five illegals arrested for helping Mendoza flee. The judge complained that having all five in court at one time would be “unwieldy,” a claim even more dubious than the mental competency of the accused cop killer. To the surprise of no one, he was  indeed competent, and in May Cordova set the preliminary hearing for December 10, nearly a year after the murder of Ronil Singh. His many supporters have good cause to wonder whether Cordova will reprise his role as a public defender with the accused illegal.  

Last month, California’s First District Court of Appeals, packed with Jerry Brown appointees, reversed the gun conviction of Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, a previously deported criminal illegally present in the United States. In what amounted to a show trial, Garcia-Zarate was acquitted of murder in the July 1, 2015 shooting of Kate Steinle, 32, on a San Francisco pier. Despite the reversal of the gun charge, the illegal did in fact discharge the weapon that killed Steinle.

In May, Ismael Huazo-Jardinez crashed into a Sutter County residence claiming the lives of three people, including a ten-year-old child. The drunken illegal attempted to flee the scene, but Judge David Ashby, a 2016 appointee of Gov. Jerry Brown, allowed Huazo-Jardinez to post bail. He was arrested by ICE and found to possess two stolen firearms, two dozen cell phones, and $12,000 in cash.

In California, the anti-ICE prejudice goes all the way to the top. In 2016, California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye charged that federal agents were “stalking” illegals in courthouses. The former blackjack dealer thus showed her hand as an advocate for violators of U.S. immigration law. Other judges are eager to cut convicted terrorists some slack.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell ordered the release from federal prison of Hamid Hayat, convicted on terrorism charges in 2006. That delighted Hayat’s defenders, CAIR and the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), who had gone judge shopping. 

By releasing Hayat, Burrell was following the recommendation of magistrate judge Deborah Barnes, who allowed relatives of Hayat to testify from Pakistan by a video hookup. It remains unclear how these witnesses were identified, under what law they were sworn in, and how they were cross-examined.

To the surprise of no one, they testified that Hayat could not have attended a terrorist training camp, one of the crimes for which he was duly convicted. Despite the crowing of CAIR bosses, the premature release of Hayat does not mean that he is innocent of the original charges.

Back in 2015, Islamic terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik gunned down 14 people in San Bernardino. The Muslims carefully planned the attack, rigging explosives to kill first responders. Had the terrorists survived, Californians could easily believe that state courts might have ignored their motive and questioned their mental competence.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate, recently tipped his hand that 10 million illegals reside in California. Automatically registered to vote by the DMV, illegals have become the Democrats’ electoral college, so Democrats protect even the violent criminals among them at all costs. State judges, in effect, serve as a pro-bono law firm for illegals, and rank their concerns above those of their victims.

As legal immigrants and legitimate citizens might note, it was a private entity, not state government, that created the memorial to Ronil Singh. Those who show up on September 28 will be admitted free, and all donations will go toward the Corporal Ronil Singh Memorial Fund.

Meanwhile, legal immigrants, legitimate citizens, and anyone concerned about public safety might monitor the way former public defender Ricardo Cordova handles the case of Pablo Virgen Mendoza, accused of gunning down Ron Singh. Mark your calendars for December 10.


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