The Progressive Rape of the Schools

“Who do we hate? Donald Trump!”

Public school children as young as five-years-old were recorded on video shouting anti-Trump slogans and exhortations to “tear it [the border wall] down” after being led to participate in a “Close the Camps: Free the Children” protest during school hours in San Francisco on September 16.

A video made by conservative filmmaker and producer Margaret Vandenberg, who also uses the screen name “Fog City Midge,” reveals children from public schools in San Francisco displaying signs and placards depicting President Trump with devil horns and chanting slogans including “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!” and “Brick by brick, wall by wall, the border wall will fall!”

“Four San Francisco public schools took kids as young as 5 out of class to march in a ‘Close The Camps’ leftist protest,” Vandenberg explained on her YouTube channel page. “Kids were told @realDonaldTrump is an evil racist that hates immigrants, had prepared protest signs at school & had scripts of anti-Trump chants. The event clearly pushed false leftist talking points regarding ‘Concentration Camps’ at the US-Mexico Border and had objectives that included abolishing ICE, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, decriminalizing border crossings and boycotting any company that does business with Border Patrol.”

“The left is using kids to push their political agenda,” she added. “This is indoctrination and exploitation. Shameful.”

Vandenberg also uncovered a permission slip sent to parents by one of the participating schools, Buena Vista Horace Mann school. The notice explains that “as a school, we at BVHM have decided to participate in the September 16th march to defend immigrant rights.” It was accompanied by an explanation of the protest from the event organizers and their list of demands which include “Full amnesty NOW!,” “Boycott companies providing services to Custom Border Patrol (CBP),” and “Close the camps NOW! – Eliminate all contracts with private prison operators.”  A note adds, “We support all actions to close ICE offices across the country, permanently!” 

“It’s unbelievable to me that we have this radical leftist agenda and these activist teachers in San Francisco public schools who see it as their job not to educate students but to indoctrinate them,” Vandenberg commented to Todd Starnes on Fox News Radio.

During the rally, Vandenberg attempted to interview students and their teachers on camera but was told, in the midst of a public protest, “you need to leave” by a teacher. Another teacher threatened to call the police and claimed that she was harassing them by calmly asking interview questions.

A mother interviewed by Vandenberg acknowledged that teachers had explained the purpose of the protests in class and helped students to make their posters. “I’m supportive of my daughter and this is what she learned in school,” the mother added.

Radio host Starnes later reached out to school leaders for their perspective on the protest but they did not return his calls.

“Can you imagine the outrage if this had been a conservative event, if this had been a Trump rally or an NRA event or a March for Life,” Vandenberg added. “The outrage would’ve been unbelievable, but these people seem to see no issue with what they’ve done.”

Watch Vandenberg's disturbing full-length video exposing this indoctrination.  Other videos exposing classroom indoctrination may be found at  Please consider forwarding this important message to family and friends. 

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