Florida Middle School Teacher Labels Trump an “Idiot” in Exam Question

Senator Rick Scott: “The teacher should be fired immediately.”

A teacher at Watson B. Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach, Florida has been reassigned from regular classroom duties after labeling President Donald Trump an “idiot” in an exam given to students.

The multiple-choice question asked students to correctly identify the U.S. President described as “45th Pres.; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; idiot.” The four possible answers were Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Obviously, the “correct” answer is meant to be Donald Trump.

The source of the exam question appears to be an online database called Quizlet, which allows educators to upload, edit, and share study materials and exam questions. It is unclear whether the teacher wrote the question herself or borrowed it from another user. Since the database is used by educators nationwide, it is possible that other teachers used the same exam question in their classrooms. The teacher has not yet been publicly identified.

Alarms about the exam question were first raised by Duncan Middle School parent Cam Cary, whose daughter took the quiz. Cary shared an image of the question on Twitter and promised to “raise some hell” with the school principal. “This was an actual question on my daughter’s middle school test today. Furious,” he wrote. “Indoctrination will not continue ... Not having it!”

Cary subsequently contacted administrators at the school and reported that he had a “long talk” with school principal Phillip D’Amico. “I let the school know that teachers’ personal opinions do not belong in the classroom no matter what you believe,” Cary reported in an update on Twitter. “That kids need to be free thinkers and not told how to think."

Principal D’Amico issued a statement via email acknowledging that “the question was inappropriate, and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgement on the part of the teacher.” He also confirmed that the teacher has been reassigned while the school conducts an investigation. “I apologize for the incident, and for the offensive verbiage used in the question,” he added.

Florida Senator Rick Scott also condemned the teacher for politicizing the classroom. “This is UNACCEPTABLE,” he tweeted. “This liberal teacher was trying to indoctrinate kids in Florida with your tax dollars! The teacher should be fired immediately.”

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