The Stop Warren Primary

Democrats reap the radical disaster they sowed.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The Democrat 2020 primaries started around stopping Trump, now they’re about stopping Warren.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has the worst poll performance of any of the front runners. She’s radical, abrasive, and she’s alienating the money people whom the Democrats need to win national elections.

Too bad that Warren is exactly what they deserve.

Radical parties get radical nominees. That’s a given. But the day comes when they don’t get a charming façade in an empty socialist suit, but a charmless radical reflective of their core base of sociology professors, non-profit activists, and trust-fund Marxists. And, in an embarrassment of riches that even Warren can’t wealth tax, that’s two thirds of their frontrunners in the primary to nowhere.

After burning through a generation of political talent, who did little other than humiliate everyone who ever touted the brilliant political futures of former wunderkinds like Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker, the choice comes down to a confused and corrupt elderly veteran of the Obama administration somehow flying the moderate banner, and two elderly and unlikable socialists.

It’s no wonder that the 2020 Democrat primaries are getting exactly what no one, except political pundits and Vegas bookies were asking for, more terrible candidates in a terrible contest.

But the entries of Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg into the chum pool are not opportunistic reactions to a weak field, but to the rise of Elizabeth Warren and everything she represents.

They’re reactions by two very different segments of the Democrat electorate. Bloomberg’s misguided egotistical quest, which will probably help bump up Warren another few points, was prompted by Wall Street and guys like Jeff Bezos who somehow thought that the billionaire could buy the election.

Bloomberg can buy a lot of things: private jets, private islands, and a parrot who wakes him every morning with a rendition of Annie, Confiscate Everyone’s Guns, but even the proposed $500 million he’s been threatening to spend won’t buy him the primaries in which every moderate candidate, including men and women who can actually  smile without looking like they just swallowed a lemon or saw someone drinking a large soda, has flamed out with the radical white Democrat electorate.

The green billionaire has been fighting coal as hard as he fights guns and sodas, he’s an obsessive believer in the imminent destruction of the planet by the warming fairy, and his industry and energy policies would wipe out manufacturing so his appeal to working class Democrats in the Midwest is non-existent. And that’s the only Democrat demographic looking for a moderate candidate for something other than target practice at Vox, The Washington Post and The Daily Worker.

Deval Patrick, once touted by Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod as the next Obama, is the distress signal of another segment of the Democrats. The Obama segment. Obama and Warren don’t like each other. And Obama is not about to watch his legacy be trampled a second time by another unlikable white lady who looks and sounds like the woman who keeps screaming at all the kids playing next to her house.

Obama knows what this primary season needs. And, in all modesty, it’s another him.

Enter, Deval Patrick, a guy with the political instincts of Mario Cuomo, who refused to enter the race when he had the backing of the Obama machine, and is now, belatedly, throwing his hat into the ring.

It’s doubtful he would have done that without a lot of pushing, prodding, and prompting from Obama.

Both Obama and Bloomberg would like to stop Warren. But for very different reasons. Bloomberg doesn’t want socialists trashing his profit margins. Obama understands that socialism goes down best when it doesn’t look, sound or, scream in your face like socialism.

Warren is the opposite of the Obama model, not in the substance of her policies, but in her style.

Obama understands that Warren’s defeat would also deal a severe blow to the electoral credibility of the Left. And, by extension, wipe out much of his agenda. It might even lead to Democrats rethinking their current model of relying on white lefties, minority voters, and media lies to win elections. They might start conducting that mythical outreach to the working-class voters they’ve been bleeding.

Bloomberg is trying to stop what Warren stands for. Obama wants to protect what she stands for. The billionaire is afraid that Warren might be electable, the socialist is afraid that she might not be.

And, again, both have only themselves to blame.

Bloomberg poured a vast fortune into the Democrats and the very people he’s now threatening to fight. He just expects them to draw the line at sensible exercises of totalitarianism like abolishing the Second Amendment and rigidly controlling everyone’s diet, rather than crazy stuff like really high taxes. Like most lefties, Bloomberg wants to do to others, without being done to in turn. That’s hypocrisy.

And, like all businessmen who finance radicals, he has yet to recognize that his turn will come.

Obama knows Warren’s type well enough. His rise in Chicago was lubricated by attending countless parties filled with women who looked and sounded like her, perpetually scowling radical hausfraus whose Scandinavian and Teutonic roots were buried behind romantic pretensions to Indian ancestry, bitter and unpleasant, often employed in education, and the worst possible face for the movement.

And now the Dems are about to run two of them. Back to back.

Did Obama really think they wouldn’t? The movement only runs candidates like Obama until they don’t have to anymore. And then the cocktail radicals begin running on undisguised socialist platforms.

In Obama’s mind, Warren types are supposed to work behind the scenes. At worst, they can run for local offices in suburbs filled with others of their kind. It’s the charming types like him, who have emotional range and can lie convincingly, who should really be running things. The party’s base however disagrees.

And Warren’s nomination is the monster that Bloomberg and Obama helped create. The real monster however isn’t Warren, it’s the radicalizing trend that is making her nomination possible. Obama and Bloomberg both believed that the radicalizing trend could be kept in its place, certain elements of it could be embraced, but others had to stay at home and away from public view outside San Francisco.

But radicalism has no stopping point. It doesn’t stop where Bloomberg’s money says it should. Nor does it stop where Obama’s organization says it should. It doesn’t stop at all until it is finally forced to stop.

That is the challenge of the ‘Stop Warren’ primary.

Not all that long ago, Obama was the radical candidate, dismissing Hillary Clinton’s cautions. Now another radical candidate is challenging his sense of what is achievable and what the public will support.

The radicalizing trend means that eventually almost every leftist will be outradicalized.

Deval Patrick is Obama’s effort to turn back the clock to his own era. But radicalism only goes in one direction. And the great red river is flowing away from the banks of his Martha’s Vineyard estate.

Obama wants to relive his glory days through Patrick, but those days aren’t coming back.

Minority presidential candidates are no longer exciting. Just ask Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. And inspirational speeches about our “better angels” don’t speak to the worse devils of the DNC,

Obama imagines that he or his doppelganger could get elected today, because he got elected twice. But it doesn’t work that way. The voters demand radical change. And you can’t change the same thing in the same way twice. Or keep running on a platform of racial change once the change has taken place.

Bloomberg and Obama helped break the Democrats. That wreckage is their true legacy.

Even if one of them or both succeed in stopping Warren, they can’t stop the Democrat disintegration.


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