Tammy Bruce at the Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend

Fox News' superstar unveils what really lies behind Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Fox News' superstar Tammy Bruce recently delivered a blockbuster speech at the Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, FL (November 14-17, 2019). She unveiled what really lies behind Trump Derangement Syndrome. Don't miss the video and transcript below. 


Tammy Bruce:  Well, it is fabulous to be back here, you guys look gorgeous.  Have you taken a look at this room? I know you've had lunch, you've had breakfast here, but take a look at this room.  I mention this when I've spoken to David's group before that all change in society has been made by well, a group of this size or perhaps even just a bit smaller, right?  It is good individuals coming together to make a difference, to discuss what needs to happen and to find a bonding with people who are like-minded, and so, it is an honor and a pleasure to be here with the Freedom Center. 

David, I have to tell you that there is a point where once before, I was surprised you was fired from a radio station at one point, and that's a story too long to tell; but it was really the beginning of where, when the left would come after you – this was in the 90's, that you were expected to be destroyed, that you would never work again. 

So, this is not the cancel culture we live in now, it's not really new.  But the one reason that I was able to stay in the public eye was because David Horowitz called me and said, "I'd like you to write a column for my front page magazine", and it was a huge gift because without that, I may have been forced to do something else for a living.  I was too well-known to get a regular job but then I couldn't get hired either in media, and so David allowed me to maintain a profile, kept me thinking about the issues and that I had a job to do, and for that I will be forever grateful, I think now we're coming up on past a quarter of a century in that regard, having met maybe 30 years ago.  So, my thanks to David for all of his work. 

I know your support, your support of David and the Freedom Center, makes not just his work as an individual possible and his influence, but the change that we see that's required in the grassroots, and what I want to talk to you about today is, you do see me on Fox and I love that job, I've been able to guest-host on occasion through the last year or so, and of course, I comment.  Usually, I'm on every day at some point, having something to say about the issues of the day, and I think that's very valuable because I'm reaching millions of people a week, but always in like 3-minute segments, right?  Always in the tiny, tiny segment.  What matters is knowing that the Freedom Center, your work, are on the front lines in the grassroots making things happen physically and in society and in culture.  As president of IWV, I joined that organization about a year ago, specifically also again, doing great work for women in the free market and within the conservative framework when it comes to improving the quality of women's lives.  So, it must be a combination of the efforts, so when I'm up there and I'm talking or hosting or on a segment, I'm realizing that it's not just to an audience so that they can get the information but that it's going to definitely combine with the nature of what you're doing in real life, as we work to improve our family's lives and as we worry about the country and want to move things forward. 

Is there any way to turn the, how's the audio here, is it kind of loud? Is it alright?  It's good?  Okay, good.  Alright, well then, I'll just continue.  It usually does take me about 20 minutes to say hello, so I'm going to do my best too, I'm sure Michael will flag me down if I'm going past my line here.  One of the things that I tell myself when I go on television, what I want to bring is something new, right? Because we all have opinions, we all know, as conservative individuals, or at least libertarians, or those who do not pay allegiance to the liberal world view.  We know generally that certain things are wrong, like we know the impeachment hearing is a fraud.  We know that it's a political maneuver, we know that there's no foundation to it, we know that it's an extension of the attempts that they've made since when he was a candidate to stop him, right? 

My goal is to make sure that we know that this isn't' just about Donald Trump in an acute sense.  Donald Trump is not the problem; the left is the problem.  It is the nature of what he represents, which is us, that is the problem, and the reason that we've had such an extraordinary reaction is because as we now are finding out, and I think we find out more as we move along with this charade that we've been subjected to, is that, it seems apparently now that presidents have been placeholders, have been seat warmers, have been individuals who have been expected to allow the foreign service and the intelligence community effective, apparently, to run the country and the world. 

And you can have somebody who is smart and understands that and agrees within that framework, and then what we've noticed, of course, is that the country was becoming a dumpster fire and that the world was becoming a dumpster fire, and ISIS was growing and spreading and we were told we could do nothing about it because it would take 30 years, our economy of people having two jobs delivering pizza was the new normal, and you just have to suck it up and get used to it. 

That was the Barack Obama economic message; and of course, they felt comfortable doing that, because there was no real alternative, but Americans looked around and decided, "Hmm, no, this isn't right.  This is not who we are.  How is this the new normal?  This is not what we want or what we expect", and so what do you know, Donald Trump becomes president.  That was the ultimate statement in 2016.  It certainly was not what they expected, and what that showed us was that always, we've made jokes about always voting for the next in line; but that now we have found, in fact, was much more deliberate and much more than any of us could have imagined.  I think this is why we saw 17 challengers to Donald Trump, because apparently anyone other than Donald Trump was going to be fine. 

And of course, then you have Hillary and the charade with Bernie Sanders, and you know, they were against him and that wasn't even fair but you kind of wanted this idea that she has in competition.  The bottom line was that they were sure that the system would prevail, that Hillary would be the president. 

This is why you saw that kind of confidence, which seemed very strange to us as we were leading up to the election in 2016 that she would be elected.  It was a remarkable, kind of bizarre expectation, despite the rally's, you know, despite the nature of what we knew in our own homes and in our own towns and what was going on that for some reason. 

They thought Hillary Clinton was going to be everybody's choice, and then of course, they found out that we are not robots, that we are not going to be doing as we're told, because in their view, we have been, and Hillary lost, which became an inexplicable defeat.  Literally something they that they still have not been able to accept, and their contempt for Donald Trump and disbelief and anger is not really contempt for him, because the system has known him, the elites know him.  They've known him his entire life.  The New Yorkers know him.  They've gone to his weddings; they've been at his home.  He was popular; that he was a known entity.  So, he's not suddenly a monster, but you know who suddenly is a monster – you, you and me.  We suddenly reminded them that no, we're going to do our own thing, we are not going to do what you expect us to do now, and that suddenly is the threat.  So, in the sense of why all of this matters in what's happening is that we are looking at this now appropriately as the reformation, that this is not just one president and we won an election and we're going to go to the next cycle and win the mid-terms or not. 

This is about the country, the future, your children's future, your grandchildren's future, what this country will look like in 50 to 100 years and hopefully beyond.  We are looking for the long game.  For conservatives, that has been unusual, and I'll get into that in a minute; but we recognize this as a reformation, and let me tell you right now, so does the left.  So does the establishment. 

This is why 2016 was so shocking.  It's not because Donald Trump was going to tweet bad things sometimes, it was because you said no, and so the messaging that has, he's being used and he understands this.  He is of course the front, and the attacks on him, because they don't really want to directly say that at you because they still need you to vote for them, but he understands, and I want you to understand, that the attacks on him are an effort to make sure that, and of course it's not like they haven't attacked Trump-supporters. 

We've seen the messaging, we've heard the insults, and Hillary started it during the campaign itself, but it is a message to you and an attempt to destroy the confidence we have as voters and the willingness to do it again.  We are being punished for having said no, and it's a message to any other individual and Trump is in a unique position because of his money.  Normally the establishment would be able to control someone based on what they wanted their next job to be, right?  Or yes, whether or not how the media would view them, because in Washington and in New York and the coast, how you're viewed in the media is everything because it can translate to how well your work is or if you get hired again. 

Donald Trump, and I was speaking with David and I spoke about this just before I came up here – the shock that it was the right person at the right time who could withstand this kind of activity, there's only one and it was Donald Trump.  Shockingly, him making the decision, the shock of him, you know he toyed with it before, we can see in the years past, he's always talked about politics, talked about his interest in making a difference, but he did it at the right time for the right reasons, and I would also contend, and I did not take him seriously at first.  I thought, oh, he's doing this just because it's fun or because he's bored, and boy, did I learn a lesson. 

But I think that what we saw the impact on him was, I think he fell in love with the country during the campaign.  I think he started with absolutely the right intention of wanting to make a difference, knowing as we did, that things were going wrong, and with the rally's and with the need that the American people have had for someone to stand up for them, I think that changed him, and I think he understood at this point that this was something larger than something that he'd want to do as Donald Trump, that this was a much larger mission with a much larger and impactful goal, and this is, I think, the man that you see today, the kind of person who understands what the attacks are and what's at stake and why he does not back down.  You had the pleasure of hearing from Donald Trump Junior also this morning.  Amazingly, his family understands it too.  So, he has a family that backs him in support, but I do think that the rally's and your support make a difference, that it reminds him why he's doing this.  So, in the long run for the left, their goal – of course, they always are thinking the long game, and I believe that they understand now that they are not going to win next year, that's clear, but they're not really thinking about 2020. 

They're thinking about destroying the sensibility in us that did this in the first place.  They want people to give up, and I think Nancy Pelosi said this just before the mid-term, something like that if you want all of this to stop, everything will be good again and calm again, if you just vote the right way.  Alright, it's like being held hostage.  They're holding us hostage, believing that if they continue to make, if they think they're making us miserable every day, we will simply say never mind, that we surrender. 

They clearly have forgotten the nature of the American sensibility.  They've forgotten the nature of who we are as American citizens, that we don't surrender, that some of the, obviously, if we're not going to surrender to the British when we have no shoes on and the French have to teach us how to fight, we're not going to surrender now either. 

So, in the long game, they've got two things they need to do.  They need to punish you and every other American who thinks, "Boy, this was a mistake electing Trump".  I think they're seeing the rally's and they're realizing no one is thinking that, that if they can punish you, they can depress you, that you will retreat from the choice you made and decide somehow that the status quo in fact is more comfortable and you know what, ignorance is bliss, isn't it?  I think that the effort to depress you and to depress the average American is failing. 

Clearly, they are also trying to threaten and depress and make afraid other Republicans.  What they don't want is to have this attitude that the president actually is an active individual, that the intelligence community and the foreign service are not running the country, that the president is in charge, that the American people are voting in someone who will act as our representative for the executive branch, and we expect that to be the case and that in fact, whatever it is that they have been desperate to hide, keep in mind this president, Donald Trump is now the keeper of the secrets, and that seems to be a very big issue, correct? 

With the FBI and the CIA and Hillary and everyone else who thought things would be going along as normal.  The fact is, everyday we're finding out exactly how serious the deep state, and I know it almost sounds like a cliché now, but my goodness, it actually exists.  It is an actual bureaucracy that believes it knows best, that you don't matter, and that your representatives don't, and that you just need to be slapped around a little bit to get back into the lane, and this brings us to impeachment; and I said this to the president briefly, I was able to briefly speak with him at one point and I wanted to make one point to him, which was that impeachment was inevitable and almost necessary if we were correct in 2-16. 

Our point in 2016 was that the government was not interested in us anymore, that they were only interested in themselves, that only they mattered, that they were arrogant and sloppy and they were bullies and they were ruining things and they only thought of themselves and only they mattered and they wanted what they wanted and we were the worker bees who were going to give it to them. 

Of course they would have to impeach the president, because that action, as it is being played out now, embodies all of those things.  This is who they are.  It is a natural, it won't be a last gasp, but when you look at this and you think oh my god every day it's like something else and it's insane and it's crazy.  It is, but this is why we're in this room.  It is why Donald Trump was elected.  Let me ask this room, how many of you, maybe you voted for him or not, are unsure about Donald Trump and his leadership?  Some people might still be unsure.  Alright, because he was like my fourth choice.  First, it was God help me, Scott Walker.  I mean, look, he did a great job, right, with the unions and everything and was constant, it was like, oh my gosh, he can face everyone down; and then he bankrupts his campaign like in a few weeks.  He hires 100 people.  I mean, this is why campaigns matter.  Alright, where did I go, now I'm even afraid, maybe I went to Ted Cruz, right, and then, and then, and then maybe Carley, who then hooks up with Ted Cruz – not hook up with obviously; but suddenly it's like the team and it was an interesting thing. 

Then as I'm watching the debates, it's like, wait a minute, this guy is unusual based on the environment we're used to, but he's serious, and this is the one guy who's not scrambling around, he's just being himself.  I like his ideas.  He has a history of accomplishment, and no one else on that stage really does.  You know, there have been politicians, and you know, Carley's got an interesting business background, and boy, did she do well in the debates, right?  She was like in the little kid debate, you remember that?  The second debates, and then she won those, and she was very, very good, but I realized, and he won me over. 

This is why I understand the nature of his impact now.  He won me over, which was, which took a few things, just by him being himself and being consistent and talking about the issues, and that is what we've all wanted, and I think now, I feel even more confirmed in the rightness of our choice, but as we watch the impeachment, and I want to give you a couple of examples.  You know, we know it's bad and it's a fraud but I'll give you a few examples, just within the last 48 hours, of how this is all confirmed for us. 

First of all, Alexandria Cortez, who I believe is called Sandy at the bar she worked at; so I call her Sandy.  Sandy, and look, I was her age when I became president of the Los Angeles Chapter of Now, and boy, I knew everything.  I was the smartest and the quickest and the most aware and all of those old-age people, you know, maybe 35 or 40, didn't know what they were doing, and I was the freaking cat's meow according to myself.  So, I know that young woman, I know that young woman Sandy.  What?  I know Sandy.  Well, I don't know her personally but I know who she is, and I see it, and the good news is that I was able to make my mistakes not in the public eye like this, and not with, you know, so many other lives at stake.  But she said just yesterday, and you can go actually to my Twitter feed, a lot of the things I'm going to tell you about, there are links.  I'm at "HeyTammyBruce" on Twitter.  How many of you are on social media?  Alright, we need to see a few more hands, alright, I know, you don't need to do it, but getting on it to watch.  It's an important artery to the conversations that are going on, and I'm on Twitter at "HeyTammyBruce", so you can get, you'll see this video as an example of Alexandria Corseo Cortez.  She said, when asked by CNN about the impeachment, she said well, this is unifying to democratic factions.  She said that, "This is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year." 

So, it's about stopping President Trump from being reelected.  Alright, this is the campaign.  It has nothing to do with high crimes and misdemeanors.  They're using the seriousness of impeachment to do this.  We've heard many Democrats admit this, leading up to it, before they've gotten into this point, that one of the congressmen said on MSNBC well, we've got to do this, or he literally said, "Or he's going to be reelected next year."  So, this is all they have. 

Also, I would bring your attention to the new charge of, it's bribery.  I know we've gone from with the Russia hoax, from collusion, to being a Russian toddy, to being a Russian poodle, to being, you know, Putin's poodle, to conspiracy, to being a Russian spy, to then we go to the impeachment of, I think he's calling us right now, it's either Putin or Trump, I don't know.  I'm sure the room is wired.  I'm sure the room is wired.  There have been so many accusations of who we are and what we're doing. 

You see, first it was conspiracy, then there was the cover-up, then there was, of course, quid pro quo, which the Democrats, because Americans are not responding well to impeachment, they've explained it as because you're all too dumb to understand the damn Latin.  You don't know the Latin, so forget the quid pro quo, because you know that really didn't happen, and now, of course, it's bribery.  Now, you're thinking, bribery?  Like somebody's being bribed.  Well, that is one of the two things mentioned in the constitution when it comes to impeachment, so now they're just getting right down to being simple.  But the Washington Post has a story that indicates that there have been focus groups. 

Yes, this has just been revealed that there have been focus groups on which words work better for impeachment.  Yes, and this is not only idiotic, it is dangerous and it is un-American to use the constitution and the impeachment process in this manner, because you have nothing to offer the American people the next year.  We need the impeachment process to be taken seriously, we need to be able to use it if we ever have to seriously.  This is, it's like burning down the village in order to save it.  So, they've literally focus grouped various words and the word that worked best was bribery, so now they're going to use that word in order to impeach the president, which means that this clearly, when we talk about admissions and when we talk about this as a fraud and it's a sham, these are the examples that are for you to know that it's not just our emotions speaking, it literally is a sham. 

It's a bad, un-American thing that is occurring just to use the system in this way affects the legit, how we view the government and its legitimacy.  This is why Trump was also elected.  The government has, especially in a republic, well less a democracy it's more difficult.  But it exist because we allow it to have power over us because we hold it legitimate and we trust it, right?  We believe that it's going to apply the power it has in our best interests, so we transfer legitimacy to it. 

That is the only reason why it's able to operate, and we were looking at a government where we were losing our trust in it, where we thought something was wrong but we couldn't even imagine how bad it might have been, and now we're getting a bit of an inkling of the nature of what has been going on in this government and we don't like it, and President Trump in this framework and through now with the impeachment process, you see it as well.

 How is it that a government can have any, we can hold any legitimacy with the government that holds a focus group on what word on which to impeach the president?  How can that be any legitimate exercise?  But it's not, it's not, and the good news is, is that President Trump, again, unlike anyone else, it makes his unhappiness well-known, and on Twitter, certainly at press conferences, and I think that that's an important thing when we talk about the damage that's being done.  Some Republicans have been talking about the damage that this process has done to the country, but as I have mentioned to you already, this is necessary because it is what they are.  We are now simply seeing it.  We could choose, as they hope we will, so say, "Okay, close the curtain again, I, we can't handle it because we're snowflakes, don't hurt us, don't do it anymore, don't do these horrible things." 

That's what they hope.  They want to operate behind the closed doors again.  They want their cocktail parties and their billions of dollars and their sons who makes billions of dollars on boards from different countries like it is their own private club.  As you wonder, it's like, how do you get super freaking rich in public service?  I know there are some members of Congress here.  I don't think you're necessarily billionaires unless I'm wrong; it would probably be good if you were and you could give David more money.  But the fact is, how is it that you can become worth tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars because you served in government?  That has been a question that many Americans have been asking for far too long, and now we know. 

So, for us, it is I think my main point to you today is, that impeachment is necessary because it's the nature of the beast.  It's the nature of why we elected Donald Trump.  He had to undergo this because it is why he is president.  Otherwise, we would have been wrong in 2016.  If everyone was complying, it would have been like, wait a minute, we were wrong in our assessment of what the government had become.  We are not wrong and we have to withstand this but we also have to overcome it. 

So, I think it's safe to say, with the historic fundraising the Republicans and the Trump campaign have had, that the Republicans in the senate will not impeach him.  They are also seeing what we are seeing.  We may even have some democrat defectors on the actual articles of impeachment.  We had two that didn't even vote to move to confirm the investigation.  More may in fact, defect, so you will continue to have a partisan effort, which will not persuade the American people.  Part of this process is supposed to persuade you that they're right.  That is clearly not happening.  So, we expect, I would say, expect him to be impeached.  I mean, they would impeach him for waking up in the morning, which is pretty much what they're doing now.  So, expect him to be impeached; and now, remember, the impeachment is like an indictment, and it's not that it's a crime or you've committed a crime, it's the House saying, "We don't like him and we want him gone."  It should be for some big reason, and then the Senate is the trial, alright? It would be like though, if you like Law and Order and the police go to the D. A. with their evidence when they've found a crime, and the D.A. normally would look at it and say, "Well, you've framed this guy, there's no evidence here, I'm not going to, we can't go to trial with what you presented to me here, which is, you know, he said, she said, I heard the phone call, but then he said the other thing and then someone gave their opinion about what this person did, and you want me to put them on trial for murder?"  So, normally the D. A. would say, and this is perhaps what we will see with the Senate, as the District Attorney will say, "Hmm, yeah, no, no, this doesn't look right." 

So, the Senate has a variety of options to proceed but I would suggest that this is the 2019 new version of the Cavanaugh debacle for the Democrats, alright?  It's the same template.  It's the same template, and the last example within that framework is Pelosi saying I think just yesterday that if the president has information that proves his innocence, he should send it up.  Did you hear this?  We would be happy to see it.  Suddenly there goes, just like with Cavanaugh, there's no the burden of proof is no longer on the accuser of the prosecution.  Suddenly, the burden is on you proving your innocence.  That is who the left is. 

That is who the Democrats have become, and now it's the same thing.  Well, you've got all these accusations from people who heard about a phone call as second hand but then you know, Mr. President, if you can prove your innocence, please come and tell us; and that is the anti-thesis of what the American people stand for, it's the antiphysis of which require constitutionally and within the American foundation of law, and yet now, that's where we're at, and it's not a mistake, this is what they believe.  This is what they're doing.  They will deem someone guilty.  You had better be able to prove yourself innocent.  These are the things the Republican Party as an opportunity here should be conveying and reminding the American people off.  This is why Republicans gained a few more seats in the Senate after Cavanaugh because the American people were shocked at what they saw.  Not so shocked though, that they didn't give the House to the Democrats. 

As Americans, you know, we like to be fair, God bless our hearts, we do; but I think that it's because we know 31 of those people who took red seats campaigned on the issues.  They campaigned on healthcare, right, and on jobs, and on wages, and on the economy, and yet they've done nothing on those issues.  They effectively lied to their constituency, so they got elected behaving like normal people talking about that we're going to work on all these issues and they haven't.  What have they done?  They've attempted to frame the president of the United States and they've done absolutely nothing in the meantime.  This is why we don't like that, you know, don't like to us, and so I think 2020 should be a very interesting picture.  I would also, I've got a column right now, and I just wanted to add one element of this other even that occurred via Nicki Hayley this last week regarding Rex Tillerson and John Kelly.  That's my column at the Washington Times this week and it's online.  I make a point that that should be investigated because, keep in mind, it's interesting how that just kind of went away, right?  And yet here you have an allegation of the Secretary of State and the Chief of Staff approaching another member of the cabinet of the UN ambassador, asking her to collude with them, to impede the work of the president of the United States. 

Now, that sounds very serious to me, does that not sound serious to you?  It's shockingly serious, to where you are trying to recruit people in the White House, I mean, she can't be the only one they went to with this, you know, it was cats who are going to start sleeping with dogs, the sky was going to fall, and people are going to die. 

Rex Tillerson said if we don't stop Trump, people are going to die, and you know, people have died.  Namely, Albag Dotty.  He died pretty badly.  His spokesperson who was going to be the second in command, he died, he died too.  It's weird how that happens, how people just die, and lots of ISIS fighters, you know, those terrorists, they died.  Yeah, so may they all rest in pieces, and they are all, yeah, good riddance. 

But yes, it's amazing how many people have died because of President Trump while; and I know there's been some arguments here, while though removing our troops who were sitting on their asses at the border of Syria and Turkey, maintaining a status quo in the country, Syria, where no one since all this, with all the gassing and everything that Assad was doing, no one in the world for some reason has had the courage to go kick his ass, and so there we are, you've got Assad, he still operates, still doing the gassing, using the chlorine instead, and we've got our troops sitting there.  Yes, the Kurds did a great job and we've had a lot of unfortunately, I don't know why they weren't dying on the battlefield but we captured a lot of ISIS and we're having them in prison and you know, the Kurds have been having a 200-year old fight with Turkey and it's a very complicated environment. 

However, I think what the president has shown is, with the withdrawal of our troops from that area who were not allowed to fight, did not have a, just like our troops in Afghanistan are not allowed to kill the enemy because you know, we are negotiating with the Taliban, you can't shoot them, is after we withdrawal, the president showed the world that you can actually kill the enemy and not have to have your son or your husband or your brother or your best friend on the border with their gun.  Now, sometimes we do; sometimes we do because I do want it, Israel matters to me.  Israel is the entity that matters, and all of, you talk about a dumpster fire, the president has clearly committed to Israel, but this is about, I would say, not being a military person, you have plenty of them here and speaking today and with experience, but from a layperson, the fact is, I do want the enemy to be killed, and I want it to be rapid and efficient, and I want it to happen all the time, and I don't want to be hearing about our loved ones being killed in the process without the having the kind of support and intention from our Commander-in-Chief and our military in order to do the job that they would need to do, because they can if they are allowed to do so.  So, this, I think, I part of the point.  Yes, of course we will kill, and this is the Albag Dotty and those strikes coming afterwards, reminding people that there is another way to do this, and that is what I want.  Like with the economy.  There was another way to do the economy.  There is another way to do the military.  There is another way to do well, such a strong economy, we can deal with our enemies with tariffs and with sanctions because we can withstand the disruption that that brings because of the economy and its strength that he has created.  There are many different things to do and different ways to do it. 

So, for Rex Tillerson, and I'll close with this, telling Nikki Haley, according to her new book, that people would die if Trump wasn't undermined; but it wasn't subordination because they had the country's best interests in mind.  So, in other words, their ideas, their opinions were what mattered.  Not your vote; and this is the infection that I have been talking to you about.  An infection of arrogance and a belief that only they matter; every element you see that we're dealing with – that is the common thread. 

Whether it's Kelly and Tillerson going to Nikki Haley saying help us, and she said, "You know, guys this is offensive but I'm not going to be doing this.  You should go tell the president and then quit if this is your problem."  But no, no, because I'm sure they like being in the White House.  They like their job, and they would also, I think, would know, that the American people wouldn't have appreciated that, because it's not like you don't know Donald Trump.  If there's anybody you know well, it's Donald Trump, whether we like it or not.  But instead of that, and we don't know how long that they were undermining his orders, they were not implementing his orders.  At one point, Nikki writes about how it was about aid to the so-called Palestinians that we were stopping.  Tillerson, I believe it was Tillerson, I'd have to check, one of them told her to simply not implement that order.  There was something she needed to do at the UN that they told her not to do it.  She remarks, and this is in a lot of the coverage, that she was shocked at that, but I believe that's the kind of thing that they were discussing about undermining the president's work. 

So, we don't know, and I asked in my column, who else did they try to recruit.  Who recruited them?  What else did they stop?  What else did they do that perhaps has undermined American security?  What are they doing now because you've noticed, they were fired, but they seem to be quiet now despite the fact that they think Donald Trump, you know is Mithra or Godzilla, and he is in the White House, and yet there is like, zippo.  If he's so dangerous, where the hell are they now?  So, when we think about, and there must be an investigation into who else remains involved, and McMaster was fired the same month that Tillerson was fired, by the way, and then John Kelly was fired 9 months later. 

It wasn't the election year; it was last year.  I'm curious, why McMaster and why the same time?  And then why 9 months later was Kelly allowed to still remain in the White House?  And who else, again, is involved?  We don't have these answers yet, and Nikki Haley said she did tell the president, obviously, but we don't know exactly when, and finding out what damage was done, I think would be of interest to the American people.  I bring this up because it is a story that has disappeared in a way and yet represents a shocking event of direct undermining of the president by people who could have made a difference if they were genuinely concerned and didn't, and I think preferred to simply have their, and this is partly, perhaps, is part of the insurance policy that the establishment has expected. 

So, as we look at this, and we talked a lot about the left, but the establishment is key too.  As we Republicans seems to be behaving themselves, but we don't know about Mr. Romney.  We don't know about certain others, but the fact is, there has been this understood, maybe a gentleman's and not gentlewoman's agreement about how the government is run.  Those days are over, and they think though that it can be stopped.  It cannot be.  They are now thinking about 2024 and 25.  They're not thinking about 2020 and their mission now is to continue to degrade the nature of what Trump has accomplished and will accomplish, and I don't know, maybe they expect President Chelsea Clinton in 2025.  Hey, the thing I can tell you about the left is, they never stop.  David can attest to this. 

They never stop.  They're always looking forward.  Nothing makes them feel ashamed, as you have seen.  They are capable of doing anything.  The one greatest strength and weakness of conservatives is that the conservative ideal is the natural state for humanity.  The desire for freedom, work, dealing with your family, living a good life, whatever that might mean to you.  America provides that ideal.  So, our daily life is the natural, the conservative ideal is the American ideal.  It's the natural state.  It's like, a couple years ago, I had my gallbladder out; my first surgery ever.  I've been living, if we have our health, it is the natural state we're in.  You don't walk around thinking, oh boy, you know this is great that I have my health.  It's natural; only do you notice that there's a problem when you've become ill, and then we go into overdrive to solve the problem.  The left is always ill.  It is the unnatural state.  It is politically the unnatural state to be in.  So, they are in a constant war footing, constant organizing, constant challenging, attacking, bullying, impeaching, fake dossiers; they have to be because they're not the natural state and they cannot win the body over. 

For those of you who have health issues, you know you don't sit back and think, oh I'll just deal with you know cancer, we'll just see what happens.  No, no, you don't, you get into a war footing constantly.  Your desire is to get back to the natural state.  This is the fight.  But the problem is, as we are in a comfortable natural state to some degree, despite seeing, you know, the problems surrounding us.  There is less of an inclination; certainly much less than the left to fight, to move forward, to make the commitment, and it's like, I gave money to like a gallbladder group that like does research and stuff.  I never cared before.  Who's going to care, what is that?  A friend of mine had a bad mammogram and she's fine, thank goodness, but then I gave money to Susan Komen. 

You know, I mean, when it comes up, we can't allow that to continue.  We must be able to recognize maybe we do it in prayer, at church, in meditation, of recognizing the beauty of the natural state and to be grateful for what we have now, and the fact that that should inspire us to act and to push back the enemy before it grasps us to a point of no return.  Again, it's not like the frame of mind, or weakness, or being lazy; it's natural – and yet the wolves are at the door.  They are there and we must act as though we are in trouble, because we see that we are, Trump is great, he will be gone.  He will be gone in 2024, and then what?  What are the, I don't know, what are the Republicans saying?  President Romney?  Is that what, and did Paul Patrick announce that he is running? 

The Democrats are thinking 2024.  They are positioning themselves to build themselves over the 4 years.  They're thinking of their candidate.  So is the Republican party.  President Donald Trump and his team must be also thinking who will carry on the reformation?  Otherwise, and you know, God rest him, George H. Bush, undid the Reagan revolution.  There was a dismantling. 

We can see what has happened, and I think that that's what they imagine.  We'll put up with 8 years of Trump, and then we will dismantle.  We can't let that happen again; I see that he's actually crawling up the stairs.  He was standing over there a little while.  That is my message to you.  it is a good message.  It is a message that we are in the right place but it is also that we are on the boats right at the beaches of Normandy, and we could stay in the boat.  Somebody's telling you right now through like, Nancy Pelosi's telling you, "Don't get out of the boat.  It's dangerous out there.  There's going to be problems and it is hell.  It is hell.  We get out of the freaking boat anyway, don't we?  Thank you, everyone. 

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