Violence in Academia

College campuses now dangerous places for conservative students.

The college campus, which has historically represented the pinnacle of civilization, has become a violent place.

All too frequently, so-called student “activists” are increasingly becoming student-thugs

To be sure, it is one thing to demonstrate, legally and civilly. It is quite another thing altogether to scream, insult, intimidate, threaten, suppress, and resort to physical violence.

Student-thugs, it should go without saying, are guilty of the latter.

For far too long, those students, faculty, and guest speakers whom these self-appointed gate-keepers deem insufficiently “progressive” or “woke” have been treated as non-persons -- as they were subjected to intimidation and overt violence.

Recently, at the State University of New York at Binghamton, a joint tabling event by the College Republicans and Turning Point USA was crashed by leftist thugs who surrounded the conservative students, vandalized their displays, got in their faces and hurled obscenities and threats while ordering them to leave the campus. The College Fix, a campus watchdog and student-based publication, described the “frenzied attack” as “one of the more extreme examples in recent time” of the “pushback on campuses” suffered regularly by conservative students.

Five campus police officers had to attend to the scene to protect the conservatives. Yet when they arrived, the student-thugs (quite predictably) turned on the police. In a rage, they chanted such beauties as, “No justice, no peace, no racist police,” “F**k Trump,” and “Suck my d**k!”

The thugs also chanted loudly for the conservative students to “pack it up, pack it up!”

At least one black student and one Asian student are captured on video while making racially derogatory comments toward the white conservatives. The Asian student accused the police of protecting only people—white people—like themselves. When a conservative student expressed indignation in response, the Asian screamed back: “You’re white!”

Reportedly, the student-thugs will not face any disciplinary measures. The conservative students who were accosted by the mob of thugs, however, may. According to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Brian Rose, the conservatives hadn’t sought permission to set up their tables. Moreover, the materials that they showcased were designed to be “provocative.”

Rose’s remarks are leftist boilerplate. It is crucial that all remotely reasonable and decent human beings be mindful of this line of thought that leftists everywhere have been advancing for far too long, but particularly during the era of Donald Trump: when conservatives, Trump-supporters, and, in some instances, those on the left whom their comrades have determined are insufficiently committed to the Cause, are insulted, berated, bullied, and, yes, beaten, the perpetrators’ apologists in politics, academia, the entertainment industry, and, of course, the news media attempt to justify the savagery and violence by blaming the victims.

The reasoning (and I use this term loosely) is quite simple: by expressing views that “anti-fascists” and other “Social Justice Warriors” find offensive, those who hold these views intend to be “provocative” and, hence, deserve to be attacked and pummeled by those whom they “trigger.”

So if, for example, you wear a MAGA hat on campus, the person or persons who decide to shed your blood for doing so, if they aren’t exculpated entirely, are at least not nearly as culpable as they would be had their victim been a member of Respectable Society.

This is the place at which we’ve arrived. Students, particularly those who have conservative leanings, have ample reason to fear for their physical safety given that hyper-sensitive student-thugs could decide without a moment’s notice to target them.

At College of the Holy Cross, thug-protestors obstructed those who were interested from attending a speech by Heather Mac Donald, a scholar of the right-leaning Manhattan Institute. Evidently, according to The College Fix, they arranged to get in line early for the event so that when the doors to it opened, they could fill the auditorium beyond capacity and prevent others from attending. Once inside, they spent the next ten minutes chanting such pearls of wisdom as, “My oppression is not a delusion!” “Your sexism is not welcome!” “Your racism is not welcome!” “Your homophobia is not welcome!” “YOU are not welcome!” 

Public safety officers eventually had to arrive and shut the doors to anyone else trying to enter, for the number of people who crashed the room where the event was held posed a fire hazard.

At UC Berkeley last week, 2,000 student-thugs—including such fanatical leftist groups as Refuse Fascism, Antifa, and By Any Means Necessary—descended upon an Ann Coulter event. They formed a human wall while they “harassed people trying to enter the building [where Coulter was scheduled to speak], yelling at them and pushing them,” according to the Associated Press.

The students chanted, “Berkeley is a sanctuary, no Coulter, no ICE,” “Go home,” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police.”

Some of the student-thugs admitted that they were there to obstruct people from showing their support for Coulter while resisting DACA and “white supremacy.”

The Berkeley College Republicans, in response to the event, tweeted: “We would like to thank all our attendees, especially those who got punched and kicked while waiting outside. Your contribution to protecting free speech on campus is invaluable.”

Andy Ngo, a gay Asian journalist who himself has been assaulted by leftist mobs, tweeted out a video of the event that clearly shows a young woman being surrounded by throngs of student-thugs who shout at her, “Get the f—out of here, bitch!” 

Rally attendees, to escape to safety, had to jump a police barricade, and at least one attendee had to go to the hospital after a physical altercation with a student-thug. 

At Chico State University, a conservative student had his “All Lives Matter” sign torn from his hands and was struck in the face. The incident was caught on camera.

The aforementioned events all occurred within just the last two weeks at the most. These are not exceptional instances, but of a piece with a persistent pattern.

It’s time for the public, including conservative critics of the contemporary state of affairs in Higher Education, to call the beleaguered plight of conservative students for what it is. It is no longer just that they face “bias” during their time in school. 

The truth is more troubling than this.

The truth is that college campuses have become dangerous places for conservative students.


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