CBN News Video: Raymond Ibrahim Exposes Turkey’s Role in Slaughter of Nigerian Christians

And the Nigerian government responds.

Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, was recently interviewed by CBN News concerning his article, “Turkey: Arming Genocide of Christians in Nigeria?” Soon after the publication of this article, a number of well-known Nigerian media reported that the government was investigating its claims (here and here for example). The brief CBN News video, and CBN’s official description of it, follow:

Egyptian TV News Report Alleges Turkey Supplying Weapons to Nigeria’s Boko Haram,” by Steve Warren:

Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow in Journalism at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and an expert on the Middle East and Islam, appeared on Thursday’s afternoon’s edition of CBN’s Newswatch to talk more about Turkey’s alleged ties to Islamic terrorism. 

Turkey is clearly a terrorist state with a broad reach, according to an Egyptian television news program. reports Turkey is supplying weapons to Boko Haram in Nigeria. host Nasha’t al-Deyhi reported on a leak confirming an intercepted phone call from a few years back – confirming the action.

He reported in part: “Today’s leak confirms without a doubt that Erdogan, his state, his government, and his party are transferring weapons from Turkey to – this is a shock, to where you may ask – to Nigeria; and to whom? – to the Boko Haram organization.”

Raymond Ibrahim is the Shillman Fellow in Journalism at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an expert on the Middle East and Islam. During an interview Thursday on CBN‘s Newswatch, Ibrahim said he’s not surprised by the report.

“The tape was made in 2014 or 15 and it was reported widely in certain areas, in the US and the west not so much and not much came out of it,” Ibrahim said. “The reason I think is that (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) Erdogan didn’t have his fingers so much in Islamist politics outside of his own nation.”

“But now that we’ve seen Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS Islamic state caliph that was killed recently, and he was found just three miles from the Turkish border, which is, in fact, the last bastion of jihadi-so-called ‘freedom fighters’ attacking the Syrian government,” he told CBN News.

“It has brought it up again, he (Erdogan) is supporting ISIS,” Ibrahim noted. “Now we’re remembering and that was I think the point of the Egyptian show, we’re bringing back to see that there’s some continuity here. He’s involved with some of the worst Islamic terror groups. If you remember, Boko Haram, whose name loosely means ‘western education is forbidden’, (Haram) was basically doing what ISIS was doing and is notorious for – years before ISIS was doing it.

“One of the things international observers have been noticing, especially increasingly, is that their armaments, their weapons are very sophisticated,” he continued. “It’s even spilled into the Fulani tribesmen in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. For example, in Burkina Faso, also in western Africa the attacks on Christians have become horrific in just the last few months.”

As CBN News reported, a senior State Department official said last week that Turkey is backing forces in Syria who have the same radical ideology as ISIS…. Keep reading


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