A Letter to Michelle Malkin

I urge you to rethink your defense of a Jew-hater and Holocaust-denier.

Dear Michelle,

Suffice it to say that I am a long-time admirer of your work.  So, when I learned that you were being tarred with the slanderous accusation of Holocaust-denial and or antisemitism because of your endorsement and defense of Nick Fuentes and his organization, America First, I immediately felt compelled to defend you. 

Everyone and his uncle is being accused of antisemitism as a way to harm Trump.  Even justified criticism of the committed anti-Jew, George Soros, is considered antisemitic.  On the other hand, antisemites wrongly label him as a Zionist—a word used by antisemites as an epithet.  In fact, the word Zionist denotes support for the state of Israel.  Soros is clearly an anti-Zionist.  He despises Israel and contributes billions of dollars annually to organizations that defame Israel and work for its destruction.  So it is absurd to accuse those who criticize him of antisemitism. 

These types of attacks tend to come from the neo-Marxist Left; but, unfounded accusations can also come from the Right, from which some of the attacks against you appear to originate.  Regardless of the source, no way was I willing to buy into the calumny; no way was I going to remain silent as I watched your ability to speak at conservative fora be restricted or curtailed. 

When I learned that you had been dismissed as a speaker for the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), and without delving deeper, my first thought was: Lies turn people against others; they awaken latent resentments or gestate new ones.  This cannot happen to Michelle Malkin!  You are too valuable a voice to lose. So I knew I had to do something.

However, to my embarrassment, I jumped to your defense without first having learned anything about Nick Fuentes.  So I thought it absurd to accuse you of antisemitism or Holocaust denial.  But it was only later that I encountered Fuentes’ so-called “tongue in cheek” discourse on Jews as “cookies”.  It was only later that I realized that he and his many allies include ardent, self-identified Holocaust “revisionists” who preach an alternative history about World War II that is totally at odds with reality.

It is my understanding that this whole dispute about you and Fuentes began with a statement made at two venues by Charlie Kirk, director of Turning Point USA (TPUSA).  He proposed that foreign students at American universities should have Green Cards stapled to their diplomas to which you responded:

“I was flabergasted to hear…Charlie Kirk telling students at a university campus lecture…that ‘We should staple a green card behind your diploma.'  He repeated this nonsense at Ohio State University during a ‘Culture War’ tour stop this week, asserting that any foreign national who graduates from any ‘four-year college’ should get a green card if any ‘American employer needs to fill a job.'  So much for [Trump’s] America First.  Kirk’s proposal is even more extreme than Silicon Valley tech lobbyists’ pet project because [Kirk] doesn’t just want to inundate the IT job market with low-wage Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Sudanese, ‘or whatever.’  He wants to open the floodgates in all labor markets, whether or not there is a purported labor shortage.”

Kirk’s retraction and apology were swift.  He admitted that he was wrong and that should have been the end of it.  But now he and his organization are “in the midst of a complex fragmentation war within the MAGA community as many young conservatives view TPUSA as social liberals using Trump branding to secure power and influence.”

Nick Fuentes and his America First are at the center of this conflict.  Their hard line position on immigration and social issues presents a mighty challenge to Kirk and TPUSAAmerica First is gathering steam fast, and, according to Fuentes, many TPUSA members are crossing over.  America First refers to TPUSA as “Conservative Inc.”

Unfortunately, you find yourself caught in the middle—at least, that is how I hope you find yourself.  After all, it is easier to find your way out of this quagmire from the middle rather than from a co-dependency on Fuentes.  That is, if you have not already whole heartedly aligned yourself with the rabid, Jew-hating, ignorant, jeering and heckling mob that is Nick Fuentes’ America First.  Or does his hard line position on immigration justify your alignment with Jew haters?  And they are Jew-haters in the extreme. 

They are young, idealistic, justifiably opposed to globalism, advocating for American sovereignty and identity, secure borders, Trump supporters--nothing wrong there.  But what do the Jews have to do with any of that?  Some Jews agree with their agenda, some disagree, just as the votaries of any other ethnicity agree and disagree.

Well, it all comes down to this: There are just too many (damn) Jews manipulating the  government and that includes Israel!  So are they talking about ZOG?  Surely they are not the first to claim that America languishes in the grip of Zionist Occupied Government, and will not be the last.  Some put it more politely: Jews have too much influence.  Unfortunately, the libel is as enduring as Hitler’s legacy which Fuentes and fans, evidently, seek to propel into the next generation.  So, I should not have been shocked to discover an article written by a Fuentes fan entitled, America First vs. Holocaustian Mind-Control.

America First has acquired a large following on college campuses.  Fuentes calls his followers Groypers.  They have developed the habit of heckling and otherwise disrupting the speeches of Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro and other conservatives who deviate from their America First catechism which, in addition to a hard line on immigration, is anti-gay, anti-Israel, anti-Jew, and probably anti-many other things of which I am not aware. 

In a video that went viral, Fuentes compared the 6 million plus Jews murdered in the Holocaust to cookies baking in an oven.  He was skeptical of the logistics and launched into a long rant ridiculing the ovens, the smoke stacks, and the people, concluding that…no…6 million?  No way!  At most, 250,000!

“…if I take one hour to cook a batch of cookies and Cookiemonster has 15 ovens working 24 hours a day, every day for five years, how long does it take Cookiemonster to make six-million batches of cookies?  I don’t know.  That’s a good question.  That doesn’t sound really correct to me.  Wait a second.  It takes one hour to build a batch of cookies, and you have 15 ovens—probably in four different kitchens, right?—doing 24 hours a day every day for five years.  How long would it take you to make six-million?  Hm.  I don’t know.  It certainly wouldn’t be five years, right?  The math doesn’t seem to add up there.  The math doesn’t quite seem to add up there.  I don’t think you’d result in six-million.  Maybe 200 to 300 thousand cookies?   And I think the Red Cookie Association said something like that, probably like 200-300 thousand cookies baked, probably.  And in addition, you know, in this hypothetical I imagine that if you took aerial photographs over the kitchens, you would need to see certain smokestacks to release the smoke from baking the cookies, and the smokestacks would project certain shadows—but I guess they’re not visible in the aerial photographs taken over the kitchens.  Moreover if you look at the soil texture, it’s really not deep enough for mass cookie-storage underground.”

But assuming the reasonableness of Fuentes’ erudite substitution of cookies for Jews, and the legitimacy of his doubt about 6 million of them fitting into an oven, did you care to notice the prolonged viciousness, cruelty, and callousness of his discourse?  I already confessed to you that I came to your defense before watching his viral “cookie” video.  But after seeing it, I wondered how you could have tolerated it any more than I?  I can only suppose that you never saw it and defended him blindly, as I was inclined to defend you. 

He has subsequently made other videos, equally vicious, equally disrespectful of the humanity of Jews, and the veracity of their tragic history, to wide acclaim and approbation.  Should we be surprised?  Not really.  Jew-hatred always finds a generous audience, and Fuentes’ popularity is growing.  His hatred of Jews does not seem to have hurt him.  Nor has he demonstrated any inclination to moderate his rhetoric.  Why should he?  There has been no price for him to pay.

In response to criticism of your support for Nick Fuentes, you stated that you did not agree with him and that, to the contrary, you believe the Holocaust did occur.  Although you deserve some credit for disagreeing, is it really a matter of opinion?

Consider: Wouldn’t you be the object of vicious, condescending mirth, for your Candide-like naiveté, if you said, in all sincerity, that you really do believe that World War II occurred?  Or the Civil War?  Or slavery in America?  Or the volcanic explosion in Pompeii?  Or the 1979 earthquake in California?  Or the assassination of JFK?  Or the moon landing?  These things all occurred.  What does your belief have to do with anything unless you can shed doubt on their occurrence?  Stating a truism in terms of sincere belief only transforms it into the subject of doubt…and/or leading to justified ridicule of the person who stated it.

When confronted with a Nick Fuentes and his many minions, one can see how easy it is to move the needle from the recognition of an immutable fact, to a belief, to doubt, to compromise and, finally, to negation.  He is an influencer.  No question that he has convinced youth, who never in their lives even heard of the Holocaust, to believe that it never happened.  Imagine his impact on young people who have already been programmed to hate Jews even before he got to them!

Consider:  What is the goal of Holocaust denial?  Why should anyone want to deny it?  I’ll tell you.  If Hitler did not kill 6 million “cookies” and the Jews are lying about it, the Jews are the perpetrators of World War II, because the accusation of the 6 million “baked” was a pretext for….Fill in the blanks: the establishment of the state of Israel, war and profit, world domination, Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG), the banks, the house of Rothschild, and on and on.  The possibilities are endless.

I personally have encountered people (Jew-haters among them, but not all) who sincerely, but mistakenly, believe that the US entered the war to save the Jews from Hitler.  So, if the Holocaust is a Jewish lie, doesn’t that mean that the Jews tricked the United States into entering the war?  And look how much power they have!  They really do control the government—and not just our government!  And now maybe Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all.  In fact, maybe he was not the victimizer that history portrays him to have been, but a victim himself.  Maybe Hitler was one of the many victims of the “Jews and their Lies”.  Have you ever seen that as a headline?   I have.

The Jews and their Lies” was a pamphlet written by Martin Luther.  He was a rabid, foaming at the mouth Jew-hater.  Just like Nick Fuentes.  But, that did not hurt Luther at all.  He led a mass movement.  An entire religion is named in his honor.  I have no doubt that Fuentes intends to lead a mass movement as well.  But, despite his pro-American rhetoric, he will shred the Constitution.  Clearly he does not believe that “all men are created equal.”  No one who leaves Jews out of the equation can possibly believe it.

So is he really on your side, Michelle?  Clearly he intends to weaken, cripple, and fracture whatever solidarity constitutional conservatives in the freedom movement, such as yourself, share?  Of them, many are Jews.

Michelle, you attacked Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA on the immigration issue because he advocated automatic Green Cards for foreign students in American universities.   You made no allowance for him even though you probably “agree with him on some things and disagree on others”—no different than the justification of your defense of Fuentes.  Why does Charlie get no credit—especially since he apologized for the opinion you denounced?  And why does Nick Fuentes get a pass despite his vile opinions about the Jews for which he will never apologize, and cannot, without turning on his base?   I urge you to consider whether you were a bit harsh with Charlie and more than a bit lenient with Nick.  I certainly wonder about it.

A hallmark of demagoguery is the demand for total thought conformity.  Could it be that you are supporting a demagogue who harbors the latent tendencies of a tyrant?  With his huge following, he certainly has the potential to become a tyrant.  I cited above an article by one of Fuente’s fans attributing mind control powers to the Holocaust—or to those who affirm that it occurred?  Not clear on that one.  But, it’s really the other way around.  Nick’s followers have been mind-controlled to believe lies—lies about the Jews, lies about many things—not least of which is the lie that it is pro-American to behave like a sneering, jeering savage when someone disagrees with you; not least of which is to prevent others from hearing the speaker they showed up to hear.

How is his movement different from Antifa?  Indeed, whether coordinated or not, the two movements support one another against TPUSA which is defending itself from both.  With Antifa from the Left, America First from the Right, TPUSA is caught in a pincer formation.  If Fuentes cares so much about America, wouldn’t it have been wiser to align with TPUSA against Antifa?  Yes, I am questioning Nick’s motives.

He brags about chasing Charlie Kirk off campus.  The goal is to prevent him from speaking…anywhere.  Witness the title of this article.  Groyper War:  Charlie Kirk Gets Squashed Like an Insect in Houston!   Is that what you stand for?   I don’t think so.

Michelle, I see you as proud, pugnacious, unambiguous, and brave—qualities notably missing in action in your response to Fuentes.  Instead, you stand up to his detractors as though they were the vicious haters.  Jews certainly ought to question your defense of him and his attacks on them.

It is true that Leftist Jews jump to vilify any conservative. Incomprehensibly, their abortion rights pre-empt their right to stay alive.  Maybe Nick thinks all Jews side with the neo-Marxist Left.  Maybe he thinks all Arabs love peace and hate bloodshed.  Maybe he thinks Jews control the UN, the media, the banks, and everything he covets.  I don’t know his mind.   But, I have to believe my eyes and ears.   I know what I saw and heard.  If you can stand up to Charlie Kirk on immigration policy you don’t agree with, I submit that you can stand up to Nick Fuentes.  Or, do you know something about him that I don’t? 

Nothing in the world is easier than to trash the Jews.  Look how Fuentes captured the Jew-hating imagination of his followers, or inspired it where it was absent before.  The Jews suffer from a paucity of defenders.  You will always find more people who hate them than people who like them—the result of many centuries of defamation and slander.  So courage comes into this equation—the courage to stand with the Jews because of the overwhelming hatred heaped upon them by people like Nick Fuentes and his growing movement.

Your stated belief that the Holocaust occurred earns you no medal of valor—except from Jew haters and Holocaust deniers who praise you for defending Nick Fuentes. Your belief simply reflects a truism that Nick Fuentes denies.

But the attack on Truth overpowers the denial--a denial that is weak and ineffective, certainly by the standards of Nick's followers who shamelessly cheer him on.  In this case, the lies, eventually, will prevail, and, thanks to this perpetual process of attack and denial, the Holocaust will, in time, be relegated to the memory hole with all other discarded beliefs. That is the aim of all Holocaust denial.  It is information warfare against the Jews.  I beg you not to be part of it.

Just as this process is in play to destroy the Jews in America, it is, likewise, equally in play to destroy America itself, but on innumerable fronts.  I urge you to reject the false presumptions imposed on you, no matter the domain.  A stern rebuke of the foolish, young, and dangerous Jew-hater with a large contingent of like-minded, malleable, and manipulatable fans would surely make you deserving of that medal of valor, and a world of respect from the many Jews among your admirers.


Vanessa Jones


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