When Lisa Met Barry

Page and Obama explain it all for you.

“If President Trump doesn’t become president, the national-security risk, if there is somebody in his campaign associated with Russia, plummets. You’re not so worried about what Russia’s doing vis-à-vis a member of his campaign if he’s not president because you’re not going to have access to classified information, you’re not going to have access to sources and methods in our national-security apparatus. So, the ‘insurance policy’ was an analogy. It’s like an insurance policy when you’re 40. You don’t expect to die when you’re 40, yet you still have an insurance policy.”

That was former FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Tuesday with Rachel Maddow, the first television appearance for the girlfriend of former FBI counterintelligence boss Peter Strzok. Maddow asked about his text saying “we won't allow” the election of Trump. Page said that it was the “collective we,” meaning “like-minded, thoughtful, sensible people who were not going to vote this person into office.”

So it wasn’t a cabal of DOJ and FBI bosses, just everyday people. Still, Page was down with the operation from the start.

“There is no one on this set of facts who has any experience in counterintelligence who would not have made the exact same decision,” Page explained. “This is a question about whether Russia is working with a United States person to interfere in our election. We were obligated to figure out whether that was true or not and to figure out who might be in a position to provide that assistance.”

Coming after the IG report of FISA abuse, testimony by Michael Horowitz, and now pushback from the FISA court itself, Page rendered quite a performance. One could say she was channeling former boss James Comey, except that Comey said “I was wrong.” Words to that effect were not part of Page’s script, and Maddow failed to flag key episodes.

In a September, 2016, text to Page, Strzok wrote that President Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.” So it wasn’t just ordinary thoughtful people concerned about the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president. It was the 44th president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world. In the midst of the Democrats’ impeachment madness, the former Barry Soetoro comes out as a ladies’ man.

“If you look at the world and look at the problems, it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way,” POTUS 44 said on Monday during a speech in Singapore. Women are “not perfect,” but “indisputably better” than men. As the former president put it, “I’m absolutely confident that, for two years, if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything — living standards and outcomes.”

That view was little in evidence back in 2008, when the Illinois Senator was contending with former First Lady Hillary Clinton for the nomination. It was her campaign that launched the “birther” rumors that he might not be qualified, but the Illinois Senator prevailed. As president, he deployed women to do his dirty work.

After the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012, National Security Advisor Susan Rice told the world it was all about some video. As the intrepid John Solomon has pointed out, Obama’s UN ambassador Samantha Power exploited her diplomatic authority “to unmask hundreds of Americans’ names in secret intelligence reports during the 2016 election.”

When President Trump signaled a new direction for the UN, Powers said in an email “This reflects the lack of understanding of history.” Powers also coordinated anti-Trump propaganda with Iran Deal promoter Ben Rhodes and Univision mouthpiece Jorge Ramos. So for Solomon, Powers shares an unflattering stage with Peter Strzok and his “Donald Trump-hating paramour from the bureau,” the one and only Lisa Page.

Their actions were part of the transformation of the USA into a nation where the president picks his successor and deploys the Deep State to make it happen. If his candidate fails, the president deploys Deep State troops to topple the winner. That hasn’t worked so far but as Democrats vape impeachment, POTUS 44 says the problem is old men “not getting out of the way” in favor of “indisputably better” women.

That might be a signal to Hillary Clinton, who claims she defeated Donald Trump in 2016. Or maybe the ex-president sides with Elizabeth Warren. The real mystery of POTUS 44 is why anybody should heed anything the serial prevaricator says, especially after the official biography.

In the 2017 Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, Pulitzer Prize Winner David Garrow exposes Dreams from My Father as a novel, not a memoir or autobiography, and calls the author a “composite character.” On page 1049, an unidentified reporter explains: “the whole Obama narrative is built around this narrative that Obama and David Axelrod built, and, like all stories, it’s not entirely true.”

The composite character rode that narrative into the White House and on the way out he wanted to know everything Strzok and Page were doing. Now he wants the next occupant to be a women, “indisputably better” than those old men who need to get out of the way. As the embattled President Trump says, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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