In Defense of Charlie Kirk

Alt-Right Never Trumpers target a heroic conservative leader. This is the moment to stand behind him.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Conservative students and speakers have had a tough time at UCLA. And when Donald Trump Jr. came out to speak about his new book, Triggered, at a Turning Point USA event, everyone knew there would be trouble. President Trump’s son had appeared at multiple campuses with TPUSA with no problems.

But UCLA had a bad reputation to live up to. And it lived up to it.

Except instead of the expected alt-left Never Trumpers, alt-right Never Trumpers shut down the event.

While alt-lefties waved orange signs reading “Trump/Pence Out”, their Trump-hating counterparts had infiltrated the Triggered event. And what the Commies outside couldn’t do, the Nazis on the inside did.

Loud boos met the president’s son. As Donald Trump Jr. tried to speak, a small group of haters repeatedly interrupted his remarks. Planting hecklers at conservative events who use rolling disruptions to shut down a speaker was a familiar lefty tactic. But it was coming from an unexpected direction.

"You have people spreading nonsense, you have people spreading hate to try to take over that room,” a frustrated Donald Trump Jr. said.

The hate was being spread by the ‘Groypers’, one of a number of feuding alt-right splinter groups, who had realized that they could make headlines and gain influence by disrupting conservative student events. And when the Triggered event was shut down early, the Groypers celebrated their big win.

"Trump Jr. became increasingly agitated as well. He must have expected something, but not the thundering of a groyper legion. Despite the title of his book, Triggered, he was hardly unflappable. In fact, he was as triggered as any purple-haired, misgendered thot,” one of the Groyper hecklers wrote

“What a HUGE victory today,” Nick Fuentes, the Groyper leader, later claimed. “Cannot be understated what an incredible win we saw at UCLA.”

The “huge victory” was shutting down the biggest conservative campus event at UCLA.

The Groyper trolls sometimes claim that they’re America First activists who support President Trump. And how better to support Trump than a “victory” shutting down Donald Trump Jr.

It wasn’t the first Groyper attack on conservative events on campus.

The Groypers had previously tried to disrupt campus speeches by Rep. Dan Crenshaw against socialism by hijacking them with rants  attacking Israel and in support of BDS.

At Arizona State University, Rep. Crenshaw challenged the Groypers, “Are you going to denounce President Trump’s policies on Israel?”

“Yes,” they howled.

 “I’ve seen the alt-right and far-left team up to claim that BDS is not blatant anti-Semitism,” Crenshaw later tweeted.

While the Groypers claim to be patriots who hate the Left, this new breed of Never Trumpers spend most of their time attacking the Right. The Groypers have tried to rebrand themselves as ‘America First’, but after the haters targeted Rep. Crenshaw, the Groyper leader made it clear what he meant by that.

“People are finally waking up to the despicable, unAmerican Israel-First agenda pushed by conservative inc!” Nick Fuentes tweeted.

Groypers and their supporters claim that they represent true nationalism and patriotism, while the campus conservatives they try to silence are part of a “Conservative Inc” cabal run by the Jews, but who funds the hecklers who go from campus to campus shutting down conservatives?

“We’re going to see a lot more restrictions where only students can ask a question,” Fuentes complained after his UCLA victory. “You have to have a student ID.”

Conservative students would already have student IDs. Those would only be a problem for off-campus activists shutting down conservative student events on campuses. And bringing in activists from off-campus to shut down conservative and pro-Israel events has been a traditional leftist tactic.

Who would really want to shut down a Donald Trump Jr. event at UCLA? Who really benefits when a campus event opposing socialism is hijacked with anti-Semitic rants?  

Long before meme wars and trolling tactics entered the dictionary, there were agent provocateurs.

The most widely shared video of the Groyper attempts to disrupt Rep. Crenshaw’s ASU speech came from Baked Alaska. Alaska’s real name is Tim Gionet. He was a former Black Lives Matter supporter who used to work for BuzzFeed, who turned up at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and tweeted a meme of Laura Loomer in a gas chamber with President Trump in a Nazi uniform. Then he reinvented himself as an Andrew Yang supporter warning about the dangers of the ‘Right’. Before rejoining them.

The illusion of a “war” between Turning Point USA, a conservative organization with a presence on over 400 campuses, and the Groypers, a bunch of internet trolls, is a false flag narrative operation.

After conservative legal challenges made it much harder for campuses to shut down conservative events, this new trojan horse alt-right campaign was launched to shut down conservative events.

Turning Point USA has shot from an organization founded by an 18-year-old to a mass movement.

In 7 years, Charlie Kirk has built something so big that it not only has a presence on campuses across the country, but its activists have a huge footprint in popular culture. When President Trump appeared at Turning Point USA and threw his support behind campus conservatives, a turning point was reached.

The media tried to find legal pretexts for going after TPUSA. And those went nowhere.

In March, President Trump debuted an executive order defending campus speech. "If a college or university does not allow you to speak, we will not give them money. It's that simple," he announced.

That fall, a new strategy emerged. And it’s no surprise that Trump’s son was one of its targets.

Why did all the lefty activists protest Donald Trump Jr. outside while the alt-righters did their dirty work inside? The obvious answer is because underneath the false flags, they’re all the same movement.

The alt-right, like its white supremacist predecessors, is a collection of agent provocateurs and dupes. It doesn’t take much digging to turn up former Antifa members and constant doxing of rivals in its ranks.

The alt-right didn’t fail because of a Jewish or Conservative Inc, conspiracy, but because its people keep doxing each other. And the doxing usually reveals the false fronts behind Provocateur Inc.

Take Mike Enoch, the Neo-Nazi leader responsible for alt-right phenomena like The Right Stuff and the Daily Shoah, who celebrated Trump's win with a Sieg Heil salute and originated the triple parentheses meme used to mark Jewish people. Doxing revealed that Enoch's wife was Jewish. And so was their wedding. But by then Enoch had already falsely associated Trump with Nazis.

Small wonder that Enoch is now touting the Groypers.

Those in Conservative Inc. who tout the alt-right, ought to know that these agent provocateurs will do to our movement what they did to their own.

Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA have become enormously successful. Stopping them from the left didn’t work. Accusing them of racism didn’t work. Legal bids to die them up in court didn’t work. The most successful movement since the Tea Party was transforming campuses across America.

Enter the Groypers.

The Groypers and their allies in Conservative Inc. argue that they’re attacking Turning Point USA from the right. They claim that they’re really concerned that TPUSA isn’t hard enough on illegal migration. And so that’s why a movement led by a guy named Fuentes, who claims 25% Mexican ancestry, asserts that he wants to save the “white race”, and who argued that, “the easiest way for Mexicans to not get shot in Wal-Mart is to not f____ be here”, shut down an event featuring President Trump’s son.

If you really care about fighting immigration and migration, that’s the last thing you would do.

Forget the claims and counterclaims, the gaslighting, the pretense by some in Conservative Inc. that a bunch of off-campus trolls who shut down events by conservative students are victims of censorship, or that not letting hecklers shut down your speech means that they won a debate that never happened.

To understand the truth, forget the arguments, and look at the results.

No one who is actually America First would have shut down a Donald Trump Jr. event.

That’s not America First. It’s America Last.

The Groypers have their allies in Conservative Inc. who seem to spend 90% of their time directing their fire at other conservatives and trying to tear down the movement. TPUSA has become a victim of its own success. It’s big enough that there’s money to be made attacking it.

Conservatives don’t win by shooting each other in the back. We don’t win by embracing Neo-Nazi Never Trumpers. Or by pretending that adults who visit a campus and shout down conservatives are victims because Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, or somebody else said something mean to them.

“You operate exactly like the far left,” Crenshaw told them at ASU. “You engage in victim identity politics. It’s pathetic.”

He was right.

The Groypers are a carbon copy of the Left. They’re a leftist’s idea of the Right. And, like the rest of the alt-right, the only thing they ever accomplish is undermining President Trump and conservatives.

Alt-righters often demand to know what conservatives have conserved. But what has the alt-right accomplished? They won a great “victory” by preventing Donald Trump Jr from speaking at UCLA.

At UCLA, the Nazis on the inside did what the Commies on the outside couldn’t. There’s a lesson there.

In the words of a song, President Trump often quoted on the campaign trail, “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”


Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.


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