Clues to the Coup Clan

FBI Ruby Ridge siege leaves lessons for Deep State deployment against Donald Trump.

How the current impeachment “trial” turns out is anybody’s guess but hardly the only unknown in theongoing coup against President Trump. As many believe, if nobody in the FBI or DOJ winds up doing prison time, the Deep State wins and future presidents will face similar coup attempts. Some clues on what might or might not happen to FBI bosses emerged Sunday in “Government on Trial,” a Fox News documentary on the FBI siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992.

That operation targeted the family of Randy Weaver, whom the establishment media relentlessly smeared as a “white separatist” and “white supremacist” with possible links to the Aryan Nations. As the FBI knew, Weaver was not a member of the group, and as Weaver testified to the Senate in 1995,  “I don’t hate people because of being a different race. I don’t hate anybody. I believe there are good and bad in every race, and I have always taught that.”

On the other hand, Weaver could be accurately described as a biblical survivalist. He moved his family from Iowa to northern Idaho to prepare for bad times and the possible breakdown of society. Such survivalism had been on the rise since the latter days of the Carter administration, when the end did seem to be at hand.

Like many in rural Idaho, Weaver and his family were fully armed. On the other hand, they lived peacefully and perpetrated no attacks against neighbors. The ATF tried to entrap Weaver on a gun charge and an exchange of fire claimed the lives of a U.S. Marshall and Weaver’s 14-year-old son, Samuel. That brought in the FBI, which deployed 400 heavily armed agents, helicopters, armored personnel carriers, and trained snipers all against a single family.

The FBI’s rules of engagement allowed agents to shoot on sight. The agency believed that Randy’s wife Vicki was the “brains of the outfit” and FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot the unarmed woman in the head as she held her infant daughter. Snipers are trained to “acquire” their targets, so not likely the killing was accidental.

Weaver and his friend Kevin Harris were also wounded, and Harris was near death when the siege ended. In the ensuing trial, Randy Weaver was acquitted on everything but failing to appear in court, and his original tangle with the ATF was ruled as entrapment. The family received a settlement of more than $3 million but questions remained.

As the Fox documentary showed, it remains unknown to this day which FBI boss ordered the shoot-on-sight rules, and the mystery could be part of a cover-up. Michael Kahoe of the FBI’s violent crime division destroyed a key report on Ruby Ridge to prevent the U.S. attorney from turning it over to Weaver’s attorneys. Kahoe would up serving 18 months in prison, for actions in a case that rendered three people dead. 

The campaign against candidate Trump, and the coup attempt against President Trump, has yet to claim any lives, but it has certainly ruined a few. As the Federalist reveals, James Comey and Andrew McCabe signed off on FISA warrants that were false, which is a federal crime. These were part of more than a dozen cases in which the FBI violated FISA laws.

FBI lawyer Kevin Klinesmith altered a key document on Carter Page and the phones of FBI players Strzok and Page were wiped clean of incriminating texts. U.S. attorney John Durham is running a criminal investigation, but so far no FBI or DOJ player has been officially charged, tried and sent to prison. A low-level fall guy the style of Kahoe would hardly match the magnitude of the crimes and essentially authorize future coup attempts by the deep state. That’s the lesson of Ruby Ridge.

FBI big shots emerged unscathed and the FBI went on to deploy massive military force at Waco, Texas, which claimed 75 lives including 25 children. If Comey and McCabe don’t serve serious time, the Deep State is sure to deploy against a future president and his supporters. The Ruby
Ridge siege, meanwhile, also calls attention to double standards in the U.S. Senate.

The leadership of the openly racist, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam has admitted complicity in the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965. The assassin was sentenced to prison but the Senate Judiciary Committee has never held hearings specifically on the Nation of Islam, as it did for Ruby Ridge.

In similar style, the Black Panther Party gunned down police officers and murdered their own members along with innocent employees such as Betty Van Patter. There is no statute of limitations on murder, but the DOJ seems uninterested in the cases. The Senate Judiciary Committee has never held hearing specifically on the Black Panther Party, as it did for the Ruby Ridge siege.

The Senate is currently hosting the impeachment trial of president Trump, and how that will turn out is an open question. The players include fence sitters like legacy Senator Lisa Murkowski and anti-Trumpers like Mitt Romney, the 2012 presidential loser who in 2016 called Donald Trump “a phony and a fraud.”

Overseeing the Senate proceedings is Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, certifier of Obamacare, who has clearly been emanating in the penumbras. As President Trump likes to say, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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