One of the Biggest Dangers to the Free World

The dire dangers of delusions.

Reprinted from Israel National News.

In the age of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies, too many people are oblivious to the reality that surrounds them. In many cases, the fact that their personal well-being, may be negatively affected by the on-going trends, did not trigger their conscious perception of reality.

Wishful thinking was for a long time a serious motivation to make irrational decisions. The classical example was the “Peace for our times” Chamberlain's interpretation of Hitler’s letter promising peace and tranquility in Europe before the Second World War.

Another delusional action was related to the infamous “Iran Deal” which looked promising on paper but very rapidly, it became evident that there were many problems with the deal which gave the radical Iranian leadership a clear pass to possess atomic weapons after several years. During this period of time, they could cheat the observers, continue producing nuclear material, improve on their delivery systems, expand their efforts to destabilize their target countries and establish a terror infrastructure that will support their long-term goals of international domination. Interestingly, in the near future, elections for national leadership are looming in Israel and in the USA. In both countries important decisions will have to be made, which will determine the future of both countries. For some reason people like to make the differences between the two major opposing parties as a quarrel between Left and Right. In reality the decision relates to choices which will have significant effects on national security and on economic stability. People must understand that there is no real “free” government awarded “free stuff”! There is always somebody who will have to pay for it. Margaret Thatcher used to say that “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money!”

Look what happened in Cuba, Venezuela, or Russia. A similar consideration should be given when we have to address safety and security. Having neighbors who are determined to eliminate you from the face of the world and who educate their children to do the same, will never provide you with safety nor with security even if you will provide them with a flourishing economy and with enhanced political recognition. Providing these powers to terror entities will only make them a better financed and a more effective terrorist. Once they establish their distorted ideology throughout their educational systems and their public domains, they will not care about losing their economical achievement as their priorities will be to advance their wicked ideology. Osama Bin Laden, Mahmoud Abbas or the Supreme leaders of Iran, were and are wealthy people who were and are willing to risk everything in order to try and save their hold on power or to promote their distorted ideology. The well-being of their people was never a factor in their decision-making processes.

In these days the state of Israel is facing two major events which may have significant historical consequences. The newly proposed Trump peace plan and the third attempt to go for elections in Israel in order to create a stable Israeli government. It seems that both events are somewhat interdependent.

The Palestinian Authority rejected the Trump peace plan even before they looked at it and the Israeli center left leaning Blue and White Party is not willing to commit to it, as they will not be able to address it responsibly, due to the fact that most probably, they will need to have the agreement of the Israeli Arab party to any action that they will take in the future, should they be the party that will be in charge to form the new Israeli government.

As it stands today, unfortunately, most of the leaders of the Arab party are not willing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

The peace proposal is only a proposal, but it considers the true historical facts and the current situation on the ground, which is not palatable to the Arab Palestinian Authority.

They are still promoting their distorted version of history which contradicts all the historical, archaeological and Biblical evidences, hoping to create a brand new Arab Palestinian state from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea, which will totally marginalize or eliminate the Jewish population.

Some of the other problems with electing a left leaning government will include undermining the thriving economy, limiting the business and technological development, compromising the international relationships, and losing effective control over the sovereign borders, etc. Empty promises cannot be an alternative to a proven successful on-going improvement in the success of the citizens and the solidification of the stability of the country.

The risk of regression in multiple areas, is a serious consideration against changing the current government into a new team of inexperienced politicians.

Any objective observer will see through a variety of legal claims which were peddled against the current Israeli prime minister, which could be easily claimed to be related to political motivations. At the same time, many legal claims of impropriety have surfaced also against people associated with the leaders of the opposition party. No final decisions should be taken about any of the leaders of both parties until the completion of a thorough investigation and the completion of the legal proceedings.

All citizens should be considered to be innocent until their final judgement and adjudication.

Therefore, in the upcoming Israeli election, the citizens should cast their votes in favor of those parties that proved their successful accomplishments and showed their serious intentions to continue caring for the Israeli people, improve their well-being, and stand up bravely against the terror and deception which is perpetrated by the enemies of the state.

Dr. Shmuel Katz was born in Hungary, raised in Israel. served as an officer in the 6 Day War, gained extensive trauma experience during the Yom Kippur War, is double-boarded in Surgery, a Fellow of the Israeli Surgical Society and of the American College of Surgeons and other medical societies. He is on the board of many pro-Israel organizations.


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