Super Bowl Sequels

Bush league half-time show and anti-Trump trolls target Nick Bosa.

In Sunday’s Super Bowl the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in a come-from-behind victory at Miami’s Hard Rock stadium. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush did not comment on the game but did say “Best Super Bowl half time show ever.”

The show headlined Colombian celebrity Shakira, age 43 and never much more than a swivel-hipped dancer. At her side was Puerto Rican chanteuse Jennifer Lopez, a full 50 years old and hardly the rage among millennials and such. These aging cougars basically replicated the bill of fare from any Miami strip club, with pole dancing, crotch shots, butt-shaking and such. Still, it wasn’t all about the benefit of hindsight.

Lopez draped herself in a Puerto Rican flag as she sang “Born in the USA” and the show featured children in cage-like structures to dramatize leftist charges that Trump cages up children at the border. As Joseph Curl of the Daily Wire put it, “maybe that’s why Jeb thought it was the ‘Best Super Bowl half time show ever,’” and that is doubtless the case.

Last year, Bush told Obama narrator David Axerod “I think someone should run,” in 2020, “just because Republicans ought to be given a choice.” Bush was touting Maryland’s Republican governor Larry Hogan but seemed to leave the door open for himself. “You never say never,” Bush told Axelrod. “Who knows what’s going to happen?”

“Low-Energy Jeb,” as candidate Trump dubbed him in 2016, expressed no complaints over President Trump’s economic policies. On the other hand, Bush is a fervent champion of illegal immigration.

“Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony,” Bush told CBS News back in 2014. “It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.” That was the year of the first “caravan” invasion, in which thousands of Mexican and Central American parents chose to put their own children in the hands of criminal smugglers. This massive act of child abuse and human trafficking drew little if any criticism from Jeb Bush, father of three children.

Bush’s diminutive wife Columba is a “Mexican-born immigrant” who has “steeped Jeb in Hispanic culture.” In reality, “Hispanic” is a linguistic term and there is no overarching Hispanic or “Latino” culture. It may be Columba who has steeped Jeb in support for illegal immigration, official policy of the Mexican government. Current president AMLO is on record that everybody has a right to live in the United States, from which in 2017 Mexicans sent back $33.48 billion, an amount impossible without vast input from American taxpayers.

While Bush watched Shakira and Lopez shake their butts, others focused on the game. In the early going, San Francisco defensive end Nick Bosa batted away a Patrick Mahomes pass and also strip-sacked the Kansas City star. In the end, the Chiefs prevailed and the loss left Bosa in tears. In a flash, the trolls were all over him.

“Nick Bosa probs still crying,” said one Tweet. “Mahomes killed man dream of meeting Trump.” Another said, “Nick Bosa when he realizes a black QB stopped him from meeting Trump.” This abuse hearkened back to last year’s NFL draft. After winning only four games and giving up more than 27 points a game, the 49ers had their eye on Bosa, a sack machine at Ohio State.

On the other hand, Bosa was a fan of Donald Trump, and had tweeted that Colin Kaepernick was a “clown” and registered “likes” that some found questionable. So Bosa was pressured into an apology for tweets past and the 49ers took him second overall. His stellar play helped the 49ers win 13 games and get to the Super Bowl.

After a narrow loss that was not Bosa’s fault, the trolls targeted him again. The Sacramento Bee even ran a post-Super Bowl story on Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers losing quarterback in Super Bowl XLVII in 2013.

After that game, an SBNation story headlined “Colin Kaepernick shines in losing effort” also noted that he “made a poor decision” on a throw that Ed Reed intercepted, and “misfired on two pivotal plays near the goal line.” Kaepernick also “overthrew Randy Mosson on a two-point conversion attempt that would have tied the game” and in the closing minutes Kaepernick “couldn’t hit a covered Crabtree on a flare to the outside of the end zone.”

Kaepernick was hailed as the 49ers wave of the future but it was not to be. In 2016, the 49ers won only one of the 11 games he started. That year Kaepernick gained fame with his kneeling antics. The next year he opted out of his contract but there were no takers in the free-agent market, and last year no takers after a staged workout for NFL teams.

Colin Kaepernick is out of football but the trolls target Nick Bosa, not for his play but because he is fan of President Trump, who says Bosa could be one of the best ever to play. For his part, Jeb Bush believes the raunchy half-time show was the “best ever.” That says a lot about Jeb Bush, who thinks some Republican should challenge Trump in 2020. If Jeb Bush runs, he shapes up as the Republicans’ first American-Mexican candidate.