British Stasi Rising

New laws for coronavirus usher in the brave new world.

Neighbors spying on neighbors, people encouraged to report each other, curtains twitching as you walk by. Sound familiar?

The tactics used by the Stasi in East Germany in 1950, creating a secret police organization through a vast network of informants, are now being encouraged by British police in the UK in 2020. And the Chinese Virus was all it took for people to willingly comply.

Humberside Police (in the east midlands of England) has created an online portal where people can report those they suspect of not following social distancing rules, such as exercising only once a day or leaving the house only to buy food or for medical emergencies.

They say:

‘Reports will be assessed based on the information provided and we would ask people to please consider the circumstance before making their report.’

Another force – Derbyshire Police (central midlands) – sent drones to a remote walking spot in the Peak District, an area known for its beautiful views, and captured actual footage of … dog walkers. There is something very disconcerting about police filming innocent people without their permission.

‘Walking your dog in the Peak District. Not essential.

Going for a walk miles from home. Not essential.

Going out of your way for an Instagram snap. Not essential.’

Each statement was overlaid on actual footage of real people quietly taking their exercise in solitude miles from anywhere and anyone. This is the British police acting as the New Puritans, placing dog walkers in metaphorical stocks to be publicly shamed.

It’s enough to make Lady Liberty shudder. These dog walkers, socially isolating in the hills, are about as much of a transmission risk as my mother, 72, currently in lockdown in her tiny bungalow in the countryside.

And yet the police appear to be enjoying humiliating decent people in this way. You can almost see them salivating over the opportunity to spy on the public, just as you can see some members of the public fizzing at the thought of reporting neighbors who are not following the rules.

Of course, the decent Brits trying to get on with their lives are the easiest police target. Why get out on the streets and confront knife crime or raid mosques (where mullahs refer to the coronavirus as a solider of Allah), when you can sit in a comfortable vehicle and practice flying an expensive new gadget over peaceable dog walkers?

And sadly certain groups are using the virus as a weapon. A group of young black men were intimidating an elderly couple by spitting and coughing on them. In Birmingham, majority Pakistani Muslim men continue about their daily lives as normal, untroubled by British laws which they feel do not apply to them. These groups are the untouchables.

A retired police officer got in touch with me to confirm my thoughts: ‘Katie, I’m an ex cop, you are so right. It’s embarrassing how they are behaving. The thing is white, middle class types don’t argue back”

Greater Manchester Police Denton (@GMPDenton) went a step further and published this tweet on their official Twitter account:

This is utterly untrue. This is not government advice. It is made up. It is a fabrication and an abuse of power by British police.

We are one goose-step away from a time we would all rather forget. By 1989 the Stasi in East Germany maintained files on around six million East German citizens, with information gleaned from up to two million informants and employees.

How quickly we forget.

Clearly the Chinese Virus demands our utmost attention. We all need to take personal responsibility and obey the government health warnings to the letter.

But there is a difference between taking personal responsibility and being asked to snitch on others. We should not have to take inflated police egos implementing fabricated laws.

As our attention is monopolized by the immediate issues of infection and deaths rates, I fear we are being distracted from the real threat to society which is far greater than the virus in the longer term: a power-grab on our freedoms.

New laws are being passed at breakneck speed. In the UK the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 hurtled through Parliament like a runaway train – and are in place for six months. The headline is that ‘no one may leave the place they are living without reasonable excuse’.

Now the police have the power to fine you if you disobey the Government’s restrictions on your freedoms. Or if they feel your excuse is not ‘reasonable’ enough.

Hidden inside these new laws are other state powers that would cause many to flinch if they read them. Hotels, B&Bs and similar businesses may be requisitioned by the Secretary of State. How would you feel if this new law applied to an Airbnb room inside your home?

There is also a jarring shift in the way many see the world, a turning away from personal responsibility towards the state. Feeling helpless against an invisible killer, many have laid down their own sense of self and are looking to the government for everything –  money, health advice, even permission.

I have watched it happen in my own social circle, surprised by the speed at which formerly self-sufficient individuals have clamored for help from the state.

As our brilliant new chancellor rushed through a relief package to support businesses and their employees, self-employed friends of mine, usually endlessly resourceful and too proud to claim benefits, hesitated to seek new jobs in case the state chose to offer them compensation for their lost work instead.

The change is palpable. On 12 December 2019, the last General Election in the UK, British people did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn or a Labour government, but it certainly feels as if much of what Labour would have implemented is now being enforced by the Conservatives we did vote for. While we worried about our health and the safety of our elderly, the socialists have stolen a march on us.

Once we have created a nation of dependents, how many of them will un-suckle from the teat when this is over? Power is so easily given away to the state and its associated authorities, but it is very, very hard to retrieve afterwards.

I implore the USA to observe the example being played out in the UK. We are operating around two weeks ahead of you in terms of the virus and response. As you catch up, I am fearful for the power grab the Democrats will make on your constitutional rights.

Having watched the Democrats stuffing the financial stimulus package with $12 billion in spending for their own pet projects with tenuous or disputed connection to the emergency, it is clear not even the suffering of ordinary Americans will deter them from their socialist agenda.

Over $10 million for International Development, $350 million for refugee resettlement, $75 million for the National Foundation on Arts and Humanities and $25 million for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and tells us they will stop at nothing to get their way.

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

The British people gave up any real notion of liberty a long time ago. We do not have a second amendment, let alone a first. In the UK we have a police task force dedicated to policing speech online. New laws mean we are now policed for our excuses to leave our homes.

America needs to brace itself for something far more powerful than the Chinese Virus: the power grab on your freedoms by the State. Democrats are preparing the ground for 2024.


Credit: Cavendish Press.


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