California Dem-olition Drive

Democrat legislation represses independent Californians and imperils the coronavirus response.

California Assembly Bill 5, by San Diego Democrat Lorena Gonzalez, limits freelance writers, photographers and videographers to 35 submissions, per publication, per year. The openly repressive measure, signed last year by Gov. Gavin Newsom, also targets independent contractors, even those in the medical field, and that is challenging efforts to fight the coronavirus suffering in the Golden State.

“Those challenges are particularly acute in rural California, where hospitals and clinics don’t have sufficient patient loads to support full time positions in a number of physician and nursing specialties,” former California congressman Doug Ose told the California Globe. “In the past, such needs have been met by contracting with independent contractors to provide services.  That approach is problematic now that AB 5 has become law.”

Rural Californians, notes Globe editor Katy Grimes, are “particularly vulnerable to the impacts of AB 5 during the coronavirus scare, largely because they already do not have enough doctors, nurses or even hospitals.”

Ose wrote to Newsom urging the governor to “immediately waive the application of AB5 at rural hospitals and medical clinics using your emergency powers. This will allow administrators to provide medical care with trained personnel who are independent contractors, just as they were previously able to do prior to the adoption and implementation of AB 5.” If AB 5 was not suspended, “then the consequences of the coronavirus collapse will be magnified,” and the measure was already causing damage in other areas.

“At a time when most Californians can’t work outside the home, AB 5 is stopping many of them from working inside the home,” California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley told the Globe. Suspending AB 5 is “one easy thing” the governor could do to “make a big difference.”

According to California’s Legislative Analyst, AB 5 has already affected more than 1 million independent contractor and freelance working Californians, and the list of industries impacted by the law has surged past 300. As Doug Ose explained, suspending the measure is “the right thing to do,” but at this writing the Democrat governor has made no move to restrict AB 5  in any way.

Assembly Republicans recently advanced a measure to suspend AB 5 while corrective legislation is under consideration. Assembly Democrats killed it, which gives little hope for Kiley’s Assembly Bill 1928, an urgency measure to repeal AB 5.

As he announced restrictive measures on 40 million Californians, Gov. Newsom touted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who turned 80 on Thursday, proclaiming, “we are so blessed to have her leadership in California.” Pelosi’s district includes San Francisco, where indigents, junkies and such deposit tons of excrement on the streets, a major health hazard. As the World Health Organization notes, human excreta has been implicated in the transmission of “many infectious diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, ascariasis, and schistosomiasis.”

San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin, child of Weather Underground terrorists, declines to prosecute “quality of life” crimes such as public defecation. Gov. Newsom, a former San Francisco mayor, has been uncritical of Boudin, even as a pandemic imperils public health. As Newsom ignores Boudin and AB 5, other Democrats target President Trump and his handling of the crisis.

Consider “Will Californians let coronavirus kill their grandparents to please Wall Street? Hell no,” in the March 24 Sacramento Bee, flagship of the bankrupt McClatchy newspaper chain and for decades a virtual Democrat propaganda organ. As this editorial contends, “Trump now appears to be on the side of the virus,” which he initially downplayed as a “hoax.” 

The president is now, “floating the idea of letting COVID-19 kill more Americans in an effort to boost the stock market” and “acting against the advice of experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci.” And so on, and as Howard Beal said in Network, none of it is true.

This screed is the work of Bee editorial director Gil Duran, a former press secretary for Jerry Brown, the hereditary, recurring California governor who appointed William Newsom, Gavin’s father, as a judge in Placer County, and later to the state court of appeals. Duran was also communications director for California Senator Dianne Feinstein, one of the first to cry “racism” over the Wuhan virus, also known as the Chinese virus.

China received favored trade status largely due to Feinstein, who played down the regime’s human rights record by comparing Tiananmen Square with Kent State. Feinstein maintained a Chinese Communist spy on her staff for almost 20 years, through three election cycles, but never faced charges of channeling foreign influence in American elections. 

Sen. Feinstein has kept rather quiet about the democratic protesters in Hong Kong. After a briefing on the coronavirus, Feinstein was one of three Senators to sell off stock, prompting calls for an investigation of insider trading.

Gov. Newsom, meanwhile, hails the blessed leadership of Nancy Pelosi, who greenlighted the impeachment crusade against Trump and floated a 1,200-page leftist wish list as an alternative to the Senate coronavirus response package. Nancy’s boy Newsom, doubtless being groomed as a 2024 presidential contender, declines to suspend legislation that represses independent California workers and harms the effort to fight the coronavirus.

If 40 million Californians believe that Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein were more concerned about fighting Trump than the coronavirus it would be hard to blame them.


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