Cali Dems Double Down

Weaponizing a pandemic to crack down on Americans and hand out cash to illegals.

“The rapidly expanding COVID-19 pandemic threatens the lives and livelihoods of Californians,” notes veteran journalist Dan Walters of CalMatters, “but it also lays bare some multi-billion-dollar shortcomings in state government finances that have been ignored for decades, despite many warnings.”  The state’s $20 billion “rainy day fund,” for example, will soon be depleted and the state forced to borrow money to remain afloat.

Californians have lost jobs in six of the state’s industry sectors, with more than 500,000 job losses in the first three weeks of March. Unemployment may soon exceed 12.5 percent, worse than during the Great Recession.

“Until further notice,” Edward Ring of the California Globe explains, “California’s economy is in free fall.” Those realities have yet to register with Gov. Gavin Newsom (pictured above), who is handing out $125 million to foreign nationals illegally present in the United States. The illegals will get checks for $500 with a cap of $1,000 per household. As CNN notes, these are people “who’ve broken the law,” but there’s more to it.

People illegally present in the United States use false documents, so the governor and state officials have no idea who is getting the $125 million. It is certain that the false-documented recipients are foreign nationals, so the governor is giving away money with zero compensation from the illegals’ own governments, primarily Mexico. The same applies to the costs of educating and incarcerating the false-documented, and paying for the illegals’ health care.

When false-documented foreign nationals get drivers licenses, the DMV automatically registers them to vote. So the oncoming November election helps explain Newsom’s gift of $125 million to illegal aliens, a privileged class in California. The illegals get protection through state sanctuary laws, and in return serve as the Democrats’ imported electoral college.

As they hand out money to those who should not be in the country, Democrats target the jobs of legitimate citizens and legal immigrants. Before the coronavirus hit, Californians were already losing work under Assembly Bill 5, by San Diego Democrat Lorena Gonzalez.

The measure is a frontal attack on independent contractors in many professions and limits freelance writers to 35 submissions per publication, per year. The repressive measure is being challenged in court, and embattled Californians have asked Newsom to suspend it during the current crisis. The governor has declined to do so, and he orders Californians to stay at home from their jobs. Local officials are promoting a Stasi-like network of informers.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti will reward people to rat on their neighbors and businesses the state deems unessential. “You know the old expression about snitches,” Garcetti explained, “Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.”

As Californians might recall, Garcetti, Gov. Newsom and San Francisco mayor London breed never rewarded snitches for reporting people defecating on the street, breaking into cars, or violating parole. Oakland’s mayor Libby Schaff helped false-documented criminals flee from federal immigration authorities.

Gov. Newsom also seeks to release more than 3,000 criminals from prison, and in Riverside County, Sheriff Chad Bianco has warned residents that they could face fines or imprisonment for violating an order to cover their faces in public. Locals might wonder if Sheriff Bianco has his deputies ready to handle a terrorist attack like the one Islamic terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik pulled off in nearby San Bernardino in 2015, leaving 14 dead and more than 20 wounded. After all, terrorists and criminals do not follow social distancing orders.

Gavin Newsom may be the governor, but when he ordered Californians to stay at home he thanked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and proclaimed, “We are so blessed to have her leadership in California.” If Californian thought Nancy Pelosi was calling the shots it would be hard to blame them.

Nancy’s boy Newsom is putting together a “Governor's Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery,” headed by Tom Steyer, a failed presidential contender and sulfuric Trump hater. The task force includes former governor Jerry Brown, the three-time presidential contender who appointed Newsom’s father to a judgeship. So Newsom, a former mayor of San Francisco, is also a Jerry Brown protégé.

As a hereditary, recurring governor, Jerry Brown left California with the nation’s highest income and sales taxes, a bloated bureaucracy, and fathomless debt. These are the financial shortcomings the pandemic is now laying bare. Putting Jerry Brown on a recovery task force is like approaching a drowning man and throwing him an anvil.

Embattled Californians are taking to the streets with signs such as “My Constitutional Rights are Essential.” With the economy in freefall and a crucial election looming in November, Californians will surely be protesting in greater numbers, all across the Golden State. Look for Gov. Newsom and state Democrats to ratchet up the repressive measures already in place.

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Photo by Gage Skidmore


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