Crazy Corona Committee

TDS-infected Dems work to sabotage president during a national emergency.

In breaking news, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will form a House Select Committee to oversee the Trump Administration's response to the coronavirus.

The Democrats can't stand that the president is getting high marks for how he is handling the coronavirus. Therefore, Pelosi decided to create a committee purportedly to weed out “waste, fraud and abuse” and provide “transparency and accountability.” Though it is technically bipartisan, like all committees, make no mistake about it: the purpose of the committee is to criticize the Trump administration for political purposes prior to the upcoming election.

Pelosi and her cohorts didn’t seem the least bit concerned about waste, fraud and abuse or transparency and accountability when holding up the stimulus bill to push for her pet projects including solar energy tax credits, funding for the arts, same-day voter registration, and money for NPR.  Her proposals delayed passage of the bill and prioritized her policy preferences over obtaining ventilators for hospitals and paychecks for those who have lost their jobs.

The notion that the committee will review how the Democrats have responded during this crisis is incredulous.  Will the committee examine why Democrats were wasting taxpayer resources trying to impeach the president while Trump was using his time creating a coronavirus taskforce? Will the committee question why Democrats urged the president not to close the borders to China early on, painting him as a "xenophobe" and a "racist"? Will they inquire why the Center for Disease Control under President Obama was focused on gun control instead of combating potential epidemics? How about the way Governor Cuomo failed to purchase more ventilators years ago after the last epidemic, when he knew there was potential for a future pandemic? Is the new committee going to delve into that? Of course not.

Pelosi, trying to turn all things Trump into Watergate, asserted that the new select committee is designed to find out, “what did the president know and when did he know it?” Yet, evidence exists that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had early notice that the coronavirus had manifested in China and was likely to spread worldwide, when her husband decided to sell millions of dollars’ worth of their stock at an incredible profit shortly before the market plummeted. Is the committee going to investigate that? Of course not.

The mainstream media is all corona all the time. But the Democrats in Congress are about all power all the time. Especially Nancy Pelosi and good 'ol Adam Schiftless. Instead of rallying around our president and working to unite our country during what is in effect a war, the Democrats have decided to use this disaster as an opportunity to undermine the president, even in the midst of a crisis, and one that affects YOUR health, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR pocketbook. But to heck with you! The Democrats don't care. They care only about themselves and they are pissed off that they are stymied from exercising unconstitutional powers to undermine our democracy (lower case "d" for those of you who don't make distinctions).

The Democrats wish they were in control of the Executive Branch so they could use and abuse the Defense Production Act, and have the federal government order the production of all kinds of personal protection gear, even when the exercise of this power is unnecessary because the private sector is stepping up to the plate. They want to nationalize entire industries and they want to put government officials on the boards of companies. Just the other day, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said he thinks the president should appoint a "czar" to distribute personal protections equipment. There is little question that once the Democrats would get their hands on this power, individual liberties would not come back after the coronavirus passes. Our country would be forever changed.

Separately from this, the Democrats are working on legislation to additionally create a corona commission, modeled after the 9/11 commission, except created to examine how it was handled--before the fact instead of afterwards. Not surprisingly, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), who led the impeachment investigation against the president, is drafting this bill. Instead of creating all these commissions and committees to undermine the president, perhaps Pelosi and gang should try doing something to actually help the country get back on its feet by providing information to constituents, asking the president how they can help, ensuring that people are getting their stimulus check, etc. Nah, that would be too logical, and too patriotic.

Power creates an amazing high and the Democrats want their drug. And, like all drug addicts, come hell or high water, they will do what they must to get their fix.


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