White Coats, Brown Shirts

Psychiatric bigots shrink-wrap hatred for the people.

Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx have become familiar features on television, and behind the scenes the CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier refers reporters to the World Health Organization for information on China. Long before the coronavirus arrived from Wuhan, the American whitecoats were deploying on another front.

“Trump’s manifest grandiosity and disregard for facts, beginning with failure to accept clear evidence about the size of the crowd attending his inauguration, has put mental health professionals in the spotlight from Day One of his presidency,” charges Psychology Today.

“Psychologists and commentators from all ideological camps early converged on a label of narcissistic personality disorder as the condition that ‘explains’ Trump’s behavior.”

Among those making this assertion are “more than 70,000 mental health professionals who signed a petition warning of Trump's potential dangerousness, despite longstanding professional injunctions against ‘diagnosing’ public figures whom experts have not personally examined.” In December 2019, the whitecoats were mounting a surge.

“A group of 350 psychiatrists and other mental-health professionals are set to submit a petition to Congress on Thursday claiming that President Donald Trump’s mental health is rapidly deteriorating amid the impeachment inquiry,” reported Tom Porter in Business Insider, citing psychiatrists Brandy Lee of Yale, former “CIA profiler” Jerrold Post, and psychiatrist John Zinner of George Washington University. The trio was speaking out because “as the time of possible impeachment approaches, Donald Trump has the real potential to become ever more dangerous, a threat to the safety of our nation.”

Back in 2017, Zinner told Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, “Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder,” was “deluded and compulsive,” and this was an “existential issue.” Jerrold Post cited “serious questions” about Trump’s “temperament and suitability,” and Dr. Brandy Lee took it to another level.

“I think we can now accept how deadly his symptoms are, and that mental pathology is different from health,” Lee told Salon. “We are facing a democide of genocidal proportions, because we have handed power to someone who is anti-human in psychology.” Yale students should know that Dr. Lee is hardly the first to deploy psychiatry against people she doesn’t like.

“The activities my dad engaged in could land a Soviet citizen in the gulag or a psychiatric hospital for decades,” writes Jamie Glazov, in a tribute to his father, Yuri Glazov. He was a scholar at the Soviet Academy of Sciences and a professor at Moscow State University, specializing in Oriental languages and cultures. When Yuri Glazov began attending human rights demonstrations, the Communist regime targeted him.

“In Soviet society, it was a given that you’d have to be mentally ill to oppose socialism,” Stella Morabito noted last year in the Federalist. So psychiatry, “quite easily became molded into total subjugation to the needs of the existing political order.” The regime locked up Vladimir Bukovsky on grounds of “sluggish schizophrenia,” a bogus diagnosis applied to all dissidents.

Under threat of expulsion for such abuses, the Soviet Union resigned from the World Psychiatric Association in 1983. For further reference, see Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union, congressional hearings from the same year.

The largest-scale offender these days, Morabito explains, is the Communist regime in Beijing. The political abuse of psychiatry in China has “deep roots in the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong, with the official view that politically deviant thoughts cause mental illness.” Doctors Lee, Post, Zinner et al may lack the power to imprison, but they quite easily turn on President Trump and those who support him.

“The leader is the creation of his followers,” explains Jerrold Post. Trump’s followers suffer from the “mirror-hungry personality,” which “comes from a wounded self.” They all “feel incomplete without a great inspirational leader to attach themselves to, someone to venerate.” And so on, a veritable basket of deplorables with all their various “phobias.” Dr. Post thus validates the hatred typical of the drunk at the end of the bar. As it happens, this brand of white coat supremacy is not a new development in America.

Shortly before the 1964 election, Fact magazine asked psychiatrists if Barry Goldwater was psychologically unfit for the presidency. More than 2,000 psychiatrists responded, even though they had not examined the candidate. Goldwater sued the magazine for libel and won. As the 2020 election approaches, the whitecoats ramp up a virulent hatred for President Trump and the people who support him.

This surge is a belch from Soviet psychiatry and an echo of what the Chinese Communists are doing now. If American shrinks are so skewed on politics, the deplorables might wonder, why listen to them on anything else? The profession does owe a great deal to a Viennese coke head, but there’s more to it.

“Sadly, psychiatry has a capacity for abuse that’s basically built in,” Stella Morabito explains. “According to the late psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, the whole field is so susceptible to being used as a means of social control that it does people far more harm than good.”


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