UK: Illegal Migrants are the Medicine Being Imported Into a Sickly Country

All while Brits remain in strict caronavirus lockdown.

You might think Britain has enough problems right now.

Cowering in our homes like sewer rats smelling disinfectant, unemployment quietly sneaking to 20% under cover of the government’s furlough scheme and Boris apparently absent without leave under the spell of Wilfred, his newborn child.

But you would be mistaken.

According to the government and the usual suspects, what Britain needs right now as our economy collapses and our health service runs out of cash is to import a few more problems for the country to deal with. Illegal immigrants are the medicine being imported into this sickly nation.

I watched in disbelief as 50 illegals from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia were flown into my country this week from crowded migrant camps in Greece.

We were told these were desperate people, ‘refugees’, the ‘most vulnerable’ with severe health conditions, looking to join family member in the UK. But they looked remarkably chipper as they sprang up the steps to board the plane, smiling and waving for the cameras with their new trainers and $250 Apple AirPods in their ears.

Do these look like desperate people to you? These women remind me of the ones I see at Selfridges on Oxford Street, battling burkas for who can be first through the door.

Photo of those among 50 illegal immigrants flown into the UK from migrant camps in Greece to join family members

The fact the press and cameras were allowed to film tells you much more than you know. I have witnessed first hand the PR disaster of relocating migrants from Calais to the UK in 2015. We were fed the usual sob story of unaccompanied children, orphaned and alone. When they got off their transport with beards, bulging jeans and missing or aged teeth, even the hug-a-migrant brigade realised they were being made to look like fools.

When the next bus arrived, screens were erected so the cameras could not see these fully grown men masquerading as ‘little children’ coming to claim my country as their own.

These 50 migrants flown in from Greece were a hand-picked group featuring women, a few children and younger-looking lads. The ones that follow will not look like this. They will be fighting-age men with the cunning, guile and aggression it takes to knife and claw their way to the front of a violent queue.

This is just the start.

Greece eventually hopes to relocate 1,600 from its migrant camps. Luxembourg has taken 21, Germany nearly 50 and Finland plans to take 100 later this month. As I documented from Oulu in 2019, Finland already has a huge problem with migrant rape gangs preying on young Finnish girls. Adding to their numbers compounds the problem.

As usual, a female is somewhere in this mix, pimping these men into our countries knowing our white girls pay the price. Her name is Beth Gardiner-Smith, the CEO of the refugee charity Safe Passage International.

Beth Gardiner-Smith
I always want to ask women like this about the sexual assault of young white nationals by Muslim migrants. I want her to look me, a mother, in the eye and explain what makes the rights of illegals so much greater than the rights of our own children. I have done this in person in Sweden, in Finland, in Calais, and many other countries. Women like this never have an answer.

She has Establishment back-up from two aged men in the House of Lords: Lord Dubs and the Earl of Dundee, a Conservative with responsibility for child refugees at the Council of Europe. Privileged men who live in splendid isolation from the masses, who will never have to rub shoulders with those they foist on our towns and communities.

The people who create the pathways for the Muslim hordes, to applause from their globalist allies, are not the ones competing for a school place or trying to get an same day appointment for their sick child at a doctors’ surgery. When it comes to public services in the UK, British nationals are at the back of the queue.

British parents in the city of Middlesborough received letters in June 2019 informing them that there were NO secondary school places left for their children. Migrants had been squashed into cheap housing in their catchment area and monopolised the school spaces, so there were none remaining for the British children of British taxpayers.
And of course, it is not as if the tap is turned off once we take our first quota. Removing migrants from Greece simply creates space and demand for more to arrive. Human traffickers use these arrival pictures into the UK as marketing material to promote their business; the charities trafficking this human flesh receive more funding, and the profit margin per head increases, just as it does in on the Southern border of Texas with the church-based charities there.

The corona crisis has provided a real opportunity to increase the flow of illegals into our country as normal processes and procedures are thrown out of the window – because this is a time of crisis.

Residents in one small Norfolk town awoke to find, without notice or warning, a new intake of illegals in their village, happily playing football on the lawn outside the old officers’ mess in accommodation reserved for vulnerable or homeless locals during COVID-19.

Instead, the Home Office had purchased accommodation for 94 illegal migrants. This letter below (sent to me by an anxious local) goes on to say that this was due to a suspension of the normal system for processing illegals AND an increase in the number of illegals arriving, something Nigel Farage and I have been trying to draw attention to over the last few weeks.
In the final paragraph of the letter you might just be able to make out the council confirming: ‘Due to the emergency, any form of consultation by the Home Office has not been undertaken.’ Local police and the district council were apparently given ‘no advance notification of this facility being established’.

The open-borders brigade never let a good crisis go to waste. In the UK they have thrown the rules out of the window, dumped illegals in tiny villages without warning or process, and left the little people to deal with the inevitable fall out. One well-meaning villager has already been the target of a physical assault; a laughing migrant grabbed and licked her.

And still the brainwashed British people stand on their doorstep and clap at the sky on command, obsessively asking questions about who they can meet, how far apart they have to stand, or whether they have to cover their face. As if the minutiae of their lives will protect them from the far greater threat we face. Coronavirus has nothing on globalists and their agenda.

Some days I feel like running naked through the streets yelling WAKE UP like a crazy lady, just to try to get people to look up from gazing at their navel.

The corona crisis is providing a perfect distraction from the flood of illegals into our country. Processes are put to one side, lazy media spits out Press Association briefings without question, and those profiting get quietly richer. The do-gooders facilitating the path of illegal migrants will never share in the pain of their arrival.

When the naval-gazers do look up, white nationals will be a minority in Britain. They already are in London, Luton, Leicester…this list goes on. Those complicit in our demise will deserve the horrors that brings.


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