Video: Islam, Israel, and 'Golden Age' Myths

An interview with Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim.

The Elder of Ziyon recently interviewed Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Elder’s description of the talk and the interview itself follow:

I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s EoZTV interview with historian and scholar Raymond Ibrahim, whose provocative views on Islam have gotten him labeled a “white supremacist” by CAIR – even though his family is Egyptian Copt.

We spoke about the Muslim view of Jerusalem, why Muslims are more upset over Jews controlling land in Israel than Christians having regained Spain, the violent spread of Islam through North Africa and Europe through its early centuries , Muslim “unity,” whether there is any real Muslim legacy in philosophy, arts and science, and most provocatively whether Islam’s violent mindset as prescribed in the later teachings of the Quran can be changed.

Check it out!


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