Candace Owens Video: I DO NOT Support George Floyd and I Refuse to See Him as a Martyr

Floyd's family deserves justice, but turning him into a saint is a destructive mistake.

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In this explosive new video, Candace Owens explains why she does not support George Floyd and refuses to see him as a secular saint. She takes this stand while making it clear that it is obviously wrong how Floyd was killed by the police and that she hopes that Officer Derek Chauvin gets the justice he deserves -- just as she hopes Floyd's family gets the justice they deserve through Chauvin's punishment.

Above all, Candace issues a robust and stirring warning to her fellow black Americans about the grave mistake of turning Floyd into a shining martyr. In her profound remarks, Candace dares to break numerous taboos and tell piercing truths that the leftist guardians of acceptable opinion don’t want told.

Candace’s bold stance in these contentious times distinguishes her as one of the most courageous truth-tellers -- and freedom fighters -- of our time. Frontpage commends her for that.


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