Iran Builds Phony Model of American Aircraft Carrier

The staged attacks on it will be most impressive.

As tensions mount between Washington and Tehran, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, aided by its Chinese and Arab allies, staged a variety of imminent threats. In keeping with its failed policies of the past, Tehran has apparently constructed a phony model of an American aircraft carrier in an Iranian port in order to stage “attacks” on it:

The head of the Imam Reza Islamic Center in Berlin has declared in an interview with an Iranian state-controlled news outlet on June 3 that Tehran’s Islamic revolution has no borders.

The Middle East Media Research Institute first revealed the video of Sabaheddin Torkilmaz, the head of the Imam Reza Islamic Center, on its website

Torkilmaz stressed the anti-Western worldview of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stating: "The world needs to know that the system of the Rule of the Jurisprudent stands in opposition to the system of liberal democracy in the world and in opposition to the democracy in America."

"Since the Revolution [in 1979], Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine - and now Yemen and countries in Africa and in Latin America - have been inspired directly by Imam [Khomeini].” He added: "We need to examine what was the purpose of the Revolution."

Torkilmaz continued: "When we understand this, it becomes apparent that the Revolution has no borders. In the political dimension, when the monarchy was overthrown and the Islamic regime came to power, it was only in Iran. The message of the Revolution - and of exporting it - is something else: The struggle against arrogance and oppression.”

Such bald and assertive language is at odds with Iran’s dropping capacity to perform the evil acts that have long characterized their behavior in the region. The decisive event of late was the assassination of Qassem Soleimani six months ago, and his replacement with Esmail Qaani. Soleimani was the second most powerful man in the country, but Qaani does not measure up. Soleimani was a regional force; Qaani is a miniature version.

Meanwhile, President Trump assembled a global army to fight our enemies:

Senator Rick Scott calls for U.S.-Australia-UK alliance vs. China in the new Cold War.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald from Washington on June 9, Scott said America, Australia, and their allies must unite against communist China’s goal of world domination.

“We ought to do this together. All democracies are going to have to say to themselves: are they going to continue to appease the Communist Party of China, which is clearly focused on world domination and has taken jobs from democracies all over the world and stolen technologies from all over the world?” said Scott.

Scott remarked that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not believe in human rights or free and fair trade:

“They don’t want to be a caring world citizen. They’re willing to take away people’s rights. I’m disgusted with how they treated Uighurs and how they treated Hong Kong citizens,” said Scott.

Scott joined a growing international chorus, which accompanied China’s domestic travails. During the pandemic, the Chinese economy was shut down. The big organizations were silenced, and smaller, more flexible street vendors were enabled. Overseas orders plummeted, which seriously affected small and medium-sized companies and employment of ordinary people.

In March, the Chengdu City Management Committee issued new regulations that removed five restrictions for small vendors. Roadside stalls were allowed in residential areas, shop owners were allowed to sell their goods outside of their stores, sidewalk sales were promoted in shopping malls, and mobile vendors were allowed to sell on the streets.

Since then, more street vendors have been given the green light to operate in Shanghai, Gansu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hebei and other cities. In Jiangxi province, the Nanchang municipal government issued a policy on May 26 to designate 100 streets to open as a night market.

Meanwhile, a new lawsuit was filed in New York City alleging that the government of Qatar had funded a series of attacks against Americans and Israelis. The Qatari regime is the primary source of money for Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is at the core of the lawsuit.

Multiple Qatari financial institutions, largely controlled by the country’s ruling monarch, provided millions of dollars to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), two U.S.-designated terrorist organizations that waged multiple successful attacks on American citizens, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. As part of this alleged funding scheme, Qatari charities allegedly used the U.S. banking system to illegally funnel these groups the money necessary to orchestrate and conduct the attacks.

Thus, China’s international network added a new country: Qatar. And President Trump found skilled private-sector allies in his global struggle against a would-be hegemon.


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