Video: Blitz Author and 'Take No Prisoners' Founder Exposes 'Systemic Racism' as a Myth

“If the politics of the Democratic Party prevail, this nation will commit suicide.”

As calls to “defund the police” and dismantle “systemic racism” echo across the nation, conservative author David Horowitz, a longtime critic of America’s internal enemies is speaking out in a concise but effective five-minute video to expose the Left’s anti-white racism in order to silence their opponents and create a one-party state.

“Civilizations die when they cease to believe in themselves,” Horowitz comments in the video. “America is under attack at home and abroad by forces that are both secular and religious, and the chief weapon of the enemies of America is race – or rather their distorted picture of race relations in America.”

Horowitz is the author of the just-released book, Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, which documents the civil war Democrats have launched against a duly-elected president, and exposes the left’s abuse of racial issues as a weapon against America’s heritage of freedom and racial equality.

Take No Prisoners is a for-profit entity that enables David Horowitz to engage in the political arena and further his influence, particularly in the Republican Party and with conservative activists. TNP is leading the battle for our country's future by teaching conservatives to stop talking like accountants and administrators and to start fighting fire with fire in defending their country.

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