A Biden Donor Will Produce a Chinese Propaganda Movie About the Wuhan Virus

Hollywood and Biden are Made in China.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Hollywood is Made in China.

The same movie stars who eagerly condemn America have remained silent about the Chinese Communist abuses in Hong Kong. Hollywood studios bring their scripts to Communist Party censors for approval and add on scenes glorifying the PRC regime that Americans never see.

But now Hollywood is hitting a new low.

Charles Randolph, the Hollywood hack responsible for leftist shlock like The Big Short and Bombshell, will write and direct a movie filmed in China about the Wuhan Virus. The Oscar winner’s movie will focus on China's "heroic medical community" confronting a "mysterious virus".

The Communist regime would not allow a movie to be filmed inside its borders that did not wholly reflect its political agenda. Hollywood has to run scripts by its censors for movies that are made outside China. A movie made inside China would be straightforward regime propaganda.

SK Global, the producers of the Wuhan flick, are backed by the China Cultural and Entertainment Fund. Yang Liu, the head of CCEF, is one of the country’s most powerful women, and had come out of the CITIC Group, a state-owned company. She had previously been an investor in,The Founding of an Army, a Communist propaganda flick celebrating the Chinese Communist military that had been solicited by the regime.

The People’s Republic’s complicity in covering up and spreading the Wuhan Virus has made for bad publicity and worse relations with the rest of the world. The Communist dictatorship is on the verge of war with India, facing trade wars with the United States and Australia, and on bad terms with half of Europe. Not only did the PRC regime spread the virus around the world, but its profiteering from the sale of PPEs, many of which were defective, made matters worse.

The PRC would understandably like to reset the narrative from the very beginning, back when it was covering up the spread of the virus by going after the doctors who were getting the word out. And Hollywood appears to be offering the PRC a propaganda film that would revise the record while carrying the name of an industry figure with a shiny golden Oscar to his name.

Randolph has just come off the failure of Bombshell, one of two Hollywood projects targeting FOX News. While the industry has yet to make a single movie about monsters like Harvey Weinstein or Leslie Moonves, it rushed out two movies about Roger Ailes, one of them, The Loudest Voice, shamelessly released by a subsidiary of Moonves’ CBS, and the other, Bombshell, by Lionsgate: which had its own #MeToo scandal that it wouldn’t touch.

Bombshell failed miserably for the same reason that The Founding of an Army did. Shameless propaganda is boring. But now Randolph, a veteran of leftist shlock like The Big Short and Bombshell, gets to write and direct for the big leagues, not of Hollywood, but leftism.

The leftist leagues don’t get any bigger than the Communist Party thugs ruling China.

The SK in SK Global stands for Sidney Kimmel. The entertainment industry and fashion billionaire is a Biden backer and is considered a major donor to lefty causes. He is the 32nd biggest donor to Biden’s Unite the Country PAC. And that may not be a coincidence. Biden is notorious for having helped broker the adulterous wedding of Hollywood and Communist China.

The Biden connection raises yet more questions about his ties to Communist China.

Biden helped get Hollywood movies released in China and industry cash poured into his campaign. Hollywood traded the influx of Communist money for whatever integrity it had left.

Hollywood went from making movies critical of China to spewing regime propaganda on cue.

But delivering a revisionist history of the Wuhan Virus for the brutal Communist regime is another low even for an industry which had in the past pandered to Hitler and Stalin.

The tragedy is that there is an important story to tell about the origins of the pandemic. And there were heroic doctors who grappled with the onset of the Wuhan Virus. But their stories would never be told by the regime. Worse still, projects like these usurp those stories and transform their lives and deaths of brave men and women into propaganda for their killers.

Yet the same industry that can produce and release a project like Chernobyl, which grappled with the complicity of Russia’s Communist elite in the nuclear disaster, won’t touch their story.

Whatever garbage Randolph shoves out won’t hold a candle to the real filmmakers, the courageous amateurs and professionals who documented life in Wuhan under lockdown. They told the story to the world without the budget that Randolph will have at his command, and without much of the expensive equipment and professional actors, but they told the truth.

They risked their lives to tell the truth that Randolph and a Biden donor are trying to erase.

The film industry’s power as an instrument of mass propaganda has fallen a long way since the glory days of Leni Riefenstahl and Sergei Eisenstein, or even Michael Moore and Oliver Stone. The power of the moving image to influence has shifted from the big screen to the small screen and then to the smallest screens with viral videos able to define and transform our politics.

A propaganda film about the Wuhan Virus is going to be as outdated as posting handbills.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take action against the growing collaboration of the entertainment industry with an enemy regime by, among other things, reviewing the sweetheart deals that allow big industry companies to enjoy privileged tax breaks and other arrangements.

Disney, for example, has repeatedly lobbied to extend copyright terms in order to keep the rights to Mickey Mouse and all his friends. The company’s rights to Mickey should have expired in the 70s. Instead Congress repeatedly extended it until it’s now set to expire in 2023. As the date draws closer, Disney, which has been reinvented a leftist propaganda mill that panders aggressively to Communist China, will begin lobbying Congress for yet another extension.

Republican voters should make it clear to their representatives that Disney shouldn’t get it.

Like an unfaithful starlet, Hollywood has spent more time cheating on the nation it grew out of than keeping faith with it. Generations have listened to leftist sermons from an industry that is thoroughly corrupt in its values and has collaborated with Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Islamist regimes, and now, Communist China. It’s time to hold Hollywood accountable.

Hollywood churning out anti-American propaganda while glorifying Communist China is bad enough. But producing a revisionist history about the virus that has killed so many people on behalf of the Communist regime responsible for their deaths, should be a burning red line.

The Wuhan Virus movie is a red line that stretches directly to Joe Biden.

Biden should be challenged to return the $100K from the profiteers of Communist China’s revisionist history of the virus and make a full reckoning of his collaboration with the PRC.


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