Leftist Masquerade

How the Democrats manipulate a pandemic for power and self-preservation.

When future historians analyze The Great Covid-19 Virus Pandemic of 2020, they might find it to be the most cynically-manipulated episode in American political history.

Despite a recent increase in cases, the death toll declined for nine successive weeks as of June 27. On July 3, the Centers for Disease Control announced it would stop classifying the outbreak as an epidemic if the death toll continues decreasing.

Nevertheless, the Democrats demand that every American wear a mask to decrease the risk of transmission. Governors, mostly Democrats, are mandating masks in public. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the party's Presidential nominee, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, advocate making masks mandatory nationwide.

But medical experts not only believe masks are ineffective in containing the virus. They also assert that masks create worse problems in the long run.

In April, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a study showing that neither cloth nor medical masks can stop Covid-19 transmission. The virus is smaller than the particles that the masks can block. The editors demanded and received a retraction from the researchers but one commenter on the journal's website expressed skepticism:

"In your retraction statement, (the researchers) said, 'We proposed correcting the reported data with new experimental data from additional patients, but the editors requested retraction.' This is concerning. The scientific and medical community should welcome corrected reporting and new data. That's how we learn and grow and come closer to the truth. There is no downside to allowing you to public and updated/corrected study. This makes no sense and raises concerns about the motivations of the editors."

In 2015, researchers published the first randomized control study about the effects of cloth masks on health-care workers as opposed to medical masks. That study in the British Medical Journal reported that workers wearing cloth masks were 13 times more likely to contract the flu than those wearing medical masks. Cloth masks allowed 97 percent of viruses to penetrate while medical masks allowed 44 percent.

"It's basically like mosquitos going through a chain-link wire fence," said Shiva Ayyadurai, who holds a doctorate in biological engineering from MIT.

The January edition of Respiratory Care included a study on N95 masks, reserved for medical workers, that determined the following:

-- N95 masks, if worn for longer than one hour, increase the risk of headaches in people prone to headaches.

-- N95 masks increase shortness of breath or other breathing discomfort in people with COPD

-- N95 masks, after one hour, impede oxygen intake by an average of 37 percent in the elderly, pregnant women and people with breathing disorders or chronic lung disease.

In 2011, The Annals of Occupational Hygiene published a study showing that wearing masks adversely affects the body's ability to control its own temperature by inhibiting respiration and the work of the skin's thermal receptors. "Modifications in (face mask) structure, components and materials might allow for improved heat dissipation and enhanced compliance with use," stated the abstract.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, admitted early in the pandemic that masks have extremely limited utility. "The masks are important for someone who's infected to prevent them from infecting someone else," Fauci said in March. "When you are in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel better, and it might even block a droplet. But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. Right now, in the United States people should not be walking around with masks."

If that was true in March, why is it no longer true in July?

The Democrats' fastidiousness concerning Covid-19 contrasts sharply with their apathy toward the potential for worse diseases coming from the large homeless population in cities, many of which Democrats govern. Rev. Andy Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission on Los Angeles' Skid Row, lost his lower left leg to a flesh-eating disease after stepping in human excrement while distributing bottled water.

"There's a special type of (tuberculosis) found only in Skid Row and it's a strong, powerful strain," Bales said. "There's the flesh-eating disease, like I had, which consists of E-Coli, strep and staph. I've seen it in other people on the streets. I've seen people with a black thumb, losing a leg. When it happened to me, people made a big deal. But it was happening to others long before my situation brought it to light.

"There's also Hepatitis A. All my co-workers have to get vaccinated. It's quite risky to work where we work. There's typhus, which is carried by fleas on rats. Then the police at the station one block from us got typhoid fever. I've only seen that once in Haiti -- a little boy in a makeshift house."

California has the largest homeless population of any state. More homeless live in the city and county of Los Angeles than any other metropolitan area except New York. Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city attorney, controller and 14 of the 15 City Council members are Democrats.

So if masks are effectively useless against Covid-19, why do Democrats insist on them? Because they believe exaggerating the danger will provide political benefits.

First, the Democrats are using the pandemic to promote mail-in voting, which can invite fraud, as a study prepared by Caltech and MIT warned in 2001. Most of the figures involved in major recent electoral scandals are Democrats.

On Sept. 23, Sherikia Hawkins, the city clerk of Southfield, Mich., was charged with six felony counts associated with election fraud. Hawkins is accused of altering 193 absentee ballots during the 2018 midterm elections. Hawkins allegedly committed fraud by changing 193 voter files to show either invalid signatures or return dates and dumping the legitimate records in the trash.

Ironically, Hawkins received the Michigan Democratic Party's highest award four months earlier.

In March, Domenick DeMuro, a former election judge in Philadelphia, pled guilty to multiple counts of election fraud in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Democratic primaries. A political consultant bribed DeMuro to increase the vote totals for certain candidates.

"DeMuro fraudulently stuffed the ballot box over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear," said United States Attorney William B. McSwain, who announced the conviction May 21. DeMuro issued his plea in a sealed procedure.

On June 25, four men were indicted for election fraud during a special election May 12 in Paterson, N.J., the state's third largest city. Two belong to the City Council: Michael Jackson, the Council's vice-president, and Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez. A third, Shelim Khalique, was running for a Council seat.

All four were charged with a combined 16 counts related to collecting mail-in ballots improperly through ballot harvesting. The charges included submitting fraudulently marked and improperly sealed ballots, possessing improperly obtained ballots and falsifying the identities of intermediaries who gave the ballots to the election board. Nearly 19 percent of all ballots had to be disqualified.

What happened to the legitimate ballots? Members of the United States Postal Inspection Service found hundreds of them in mailboxes in Paterson and a nearby borough.

As a result, the election remains contested. Paterson's NAACP chapter wants the election invalidated.

Significantly, officials mandated mail-in voting for the special election because of the pandemic. The state also encouraged citizens to vote by mail for the July 7 primary.“These kinds of acts make people not want to vote anymore,” the Rev. Kenneth Clayton of Paterson’s NAACP chapter said about election fraud. “They feel disenfranchised, disconnected, that their votes don’t count, and that is not fair to people.”

Attorney General William Barr agreed. "When state governments start adopting these practices like mail-in ballots that open the floodgates of potential fraud, then people's confidence in the outcome of the election is going to be undermined,” Barr said “That could take the country to a very dark place if we lose confidence in the outcomes of our elections."

The Democrats also could use the pandemic as an excuse to impede John Durham's criminal investigation into potential misconduct by the FBI and the Justice Department under President Barack Obama. Durham's investigation concerns possible illegal surveillance of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Covid-19 has hindered Durham's work.

"There has been a delay because of the pandemic, yes," Barr said. "It has been a fact that there have not been grand juries in virtually all districts for a long period of time. Also, people have been reluctant to travel for interviews. It has slowed things down. But he's been working where he can on other matters that aren't affected by the pandemic."

Finally, and most importantly, the Democrats are conditioning Americans to accept authoritarianism blindly.

"Mandatory masks are a critical predicate conditioning us to accept abuses of our liberty," said Molly McCann, who joined Sidney Powell in getting Gen. Michael Flynn's perjury case dismissed. "Mandatory masking provides the foundation on which governments continue to justify emergency measures and rule by executive fiat, and it creates a national mood of consent that America will accept indefinite government expansion because we face a 'new normal.' "

Given their current behavior, the Democrats apparently want that "new normal" to be a one-party state that they and their left-wing allies control.

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