The Corona Walkers of Mask Nation -- and their Motivation

Deciphering what we're up against.

In a recent essay, I shared with readers the findings of the research of world renowned medical specialists from several continents that expose the propagandist and demagogic character of the COVID-19 Scare for what it has always been.

Both intellectually and morally, then, those of us who refuse to succumb to the pathological fear-mongering that has visited immeasurable suffering upon well over a billion human beings worldwide have the high ground.

Political elites—elected politicians and such unelected Deep State actors like veteran bureaucrat Anthony Fauci—and their collaborators in the establishment media know as well as most of the readers of this column that, while there really is a virus to which some have died, the latter has been exploited and blown wildly out of proportion in order to advance the material ends, i.e. the economic, electoral, and ideological interests of those who labor tirelessly to convince the rest of us that it is the Black Plague 2.0.

Fake News and Fake Science have conspired to fulfill the Democrats’ Wish of all wishes, the one that several of the more visible members of the Party of the Jack Ass openly expressed on more than one occasion before anyone ever heard of “The Virus.”  

This is the wish for a recession.  It is the wish that the roaring economy whose motor President Trump did much to fuel would stall so that he would spend no more than a single term in the White House (here, here, here, here, and here).

Whether they were explicitly and repeatedly hoping aloud for economic misery for most of their fellow 330 million or so Americans, like Bill Maher never tired of doing, or just as chronically marginalizing the gains made by Americans under Trump by referring to them as “crumbs,” as Nancy Pelosi characterized them, or continually forecasting a Stock Market crash, as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was fond of doing, it was self-evident to all that Democrats had become the Party of Recession.  Had it not been this obvious, such high-profile Democrats as presidential contender John Delaney wouldn’t have thought to publically castigate his fellow partisans for “cheering a recession” just in order to “stick it to Trump.”

In light of this recent history, it should come as no surprise that it is mostly Blue state governors who, under the pretext of combatting COVID-19, have been most eager to intern the residents of their states and least eager to restore their economic, social, and psychological well-being.  They know that, for however irrational, arbitrary, and, thus, draconian their orders and decrees are from the standpoint of waging “war” against a virus with a lethality rate of .1%, from the standpoint of bringing to fruition their longing for economic disaster such measures and the fear-mongering propaganda that facilitate them are all too rational. 

But while we know why self-interested, opportunistic politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, commentators, and other celebrities have toed their party’s line and labored inexhaustibly to wreak havoc among America, it is undoubtedly the case that the legions of everyday citizens who have reduced themselves to Corona Walkers—the citizens of Mask Nation—are sincerely, genuinely consumed by fear that they will die from The Virus.  There are two points, though, that their apparent sincerity can’t be permitted to obscure:

First, precisely because of the profound irrationality of their fear, a fear that they could, if only they would choose to do so, surmount by acquainting themselves with the facts, they too must shoulder some responsibility for the pain, suffering, and, yes, death that have resulted from the Virus lies and the Internment of the country into the service of which these lies were enlisted. None of this would have worked had the Corona Walkers resisted the Government-Media-Complex’s efforts to transform them into the zombies, the “walking dead,” that are now a daily presence in America.

But this point I made in my last article.

There is a second that we haven’t yet touched upon, but which readers have probably sensed for themselves during their own interactions with the Corona Walkers:

Usually, when someone, on the basis of a select piece of information, harbors fears for their own safety and that of their family members, particularly their children, it’s not uncommon for such a person to welcome efforts made by others to either expose that information as false or lend to it the context that would mitigate his or her fears. 

For example, suppose that I was terribly frightened, as frightened as your average Corona Walker would have us believe he is of The Virus, over the prospect that either I or my child will die in a car accident.  Anyone who has ever had to reckon with anxiety can attest to how reassuring it is to have another person offer perspective, for fear, especially when it is chronic, is debilitating. 

Now, even if, as could very well happen given the considerable power of fear, I ultimately ignored the reminder offered to me by others that in a country of close to 330 million people, approximately 35,000—far less than one-percent—of them die in car accidents, I can’t imagine myself getting as angry with these well-meaning individuals as Corona Walkers get with those who attempt to disabuse them of their fear of contracting COVID by pointing out that far less than one-percent of human beings are likely to die from it.

Much less can I envision my anger being such that it would lead me to demonize, shame, stigmatize, and encourage the arrest of those who not only do not share my fear, but who have sought to help me overcome it within myself.

Yet this, or some variation of it, is what those of who dare to tell the truth about this political power play tend to encounter when engaging the Corona Walkers.


That COVID-19 is a political virus is clear.  Political lines started drawing around this thing from early on. They have since become cemented.  Only fools and liars will deny that the reason that those who have seized upon every opportunity to blast President Trump for as long as he has been a politician are one and the same as those who are the most militant of Corona Walkers is a white-hot animus toward the President.  They, no less than the leaders of their (Democratic) party and their apologists in the Fake News industry, are hoping, even when they deny it, and perhaps deny it to themselves, that the worse people are made to believe The Virus is, the slimmer become Trump’s chances of reelection.

There is, however, something else at work.  We may call it a political-psychology.

Just as it’s no coincidence that Corona Walkers tend to be anti-Trump, and the more viscerally anti-Trump a person is the more zealous of a Corona Walker he or she tends to be, so neither is it coincidental that, to a person, those who spare no occasion to signal their virtue by, say, hanging a “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE” sign on their front lawn, are also the most likely to engage in “mask-shaming” and the like.

And these are the same people who, without exception, hate Donald Trump.  

Yet the COVID Scare has supplied your typical leftist moral exhibitionist with a rare opportunity, an opportunity to signal not just her virtue, but her victimhood. 

Given the ubiquity of The Virus Con, with its Orwellian subversion of daily language and the revocation of American liberties that it has entailed, those who would have otherwise been just virtue signalers can now be “virtuous victim” signalers.

Inasmuch as the Corona Walkers can don their masks and castigate others for not doing the same, they can at once showcase their commitment to (allegedly) safeguarding the well-being of others while styling themselves victims who are being jeopardized by those selfish, scientifically illiterate Deplorables!*  

The psychic benefits that accrue to the average Corona Walker are as great, if not greater, than the economic and political benefits that accrue to her counterparts in Big Media and Big Government, respectively.

We must know with whom we are dealing when dealing with the citizens of Mask Nation.

*Virtuous victim-signaling is the subject of a paper recently published by the American Psychological Association and authored by four researchers from the University of British Columbia.   Interestingly, and while, for the time being, we can leave this aside for our purposes, the authors are primarily interested in establishing that those with the “Dark Triad” traits of “Machiavellianism,” “Narcissism,” and “Psychopathy” are disproportionately represented among virtuous victim signalers.

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