Defund the Media: A Poem

You are being conditioned, enticed, and deceived - you’re being controlled by the news you received.

Editor's note: The poem below is written by Elen Krut, an attorney, author and poetess. It is from her new recent collection of poems, Poems, Untold.


Defund the Media
The urgent press tune
Comes from news channel one
It shows and tells
How wrong things are done
The station is changed
To news channel two
Again and again
They’re targeting you
The channels compete
To deliver the best
They promise pure truth
But they are a pest
Polluting your mind,
Spreading fear and madness
Is what media does
With an utmost gladness
The channels then jump
To some more “breaking news”
They work overtime
Attracting the views
They keep you in fear
They scare to control
Completely forgetting
Their primary role
The new breaking news
Is the scare of today
What happened to the story
You told yesterday?
What happened to facts
And to research, lack of bias?
What happened to journalism
We used to admire?
With every new story
Our attention is grabbed
And it’s further consumed
By some farce and facade
And when our attention
Is consumed with deceit
We miss out on what matters
Our minds will never meet
It’s time to wake up
And notice a trend
To open your mind and understand
You are being conditioned,
Enticed, and deceived
You’re being controlled
By the news you received

And the urgent press tune
Comes from news channel three
It’s your common sense calling
To set you free 

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