The Woke Supremacy

Evan Sayet’s new book explains it all for you.

If you are familiar with the wit and wisdom of conservative philosopher and comedian Evan Sayet from his first book, KinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks, or his lecture to the Heritage Foundation on the same topic – the most-viewed lecture in Heritage history, which the late Andrew Breitbart called “one of the five most important conservative speeches ever given” – or his illustrated faux children’s tale about climate change, Apocali Now, or his standup performances, then you know what an incisive and entertaining perspective Sayet brings to our national political conversation.

Now Sayet has authored a brand new, must-read book about the current political landscape: The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto, available now. FrontPage Mag is proud to publish the following exclusive excerpt. Check it out below, and get your copy of Evan Sayet’s The Woke Supremacy:

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Not all Globalists are Socialists but all Socialists are Globalists. In fact, Globalism is one of the defining traits of Socialism and is codified in the Socialists’ founding document. This is why Marx made his ultimate call-to-action for the workers not just of Russia but of the entire world to “unite” in what he intended to be a global revolution.   

While this “taking over the world” stuff might sound like the dreams of only madmen, sociopaths and megalomaniacs, and not at all what today’s Socialists in America would want to do, it is, in fact, the endgame of every Socialist whether he screeches it with vicious vitriol like Hitler, delivers it in market-tested soundbites like Elizabeth Warren, or sets it to a happy tune like John Lennon.

In his song “Imagine”, Lennon offers the three requisites for paradise common to every Socialist movement. They are that there be no personal possessions, no countries, and no religions.

The elimination of the individual’s right to the fruits of their own labor is, in fact, the very centerpiece of the Socialists’ cultural and economic model. The eradication of international boundaries is, of course, the essence of Globalism, while a bitter antipathy towards religion has been, and remains, a hallmark of the Socialists’ efforts in every one of its ideological incarnations up to and including the Democratic Socialists of today.

According to the Socialist, these are the three basic requirements for the perfect society. Just what that perfect society would look like and what kind of people would populate it differs depending on ideology, but every socialist from Marx to Hitler to Lennon and those who sing his song today promised to create the perfect world of their imagination once these three preconditions had been met.

The problem is that the three requirements for the perfect world they each imagine are also the three requisites for the hellish world the Socialist system has, in reality, never yet failed to bring.

This is because, without possessions, the individual does not have the resources to stand up to a tyrannical government. Without nations, there are no other governments strong enough to challenge the Globalist rulers’ every mandate while, without religion, there is no higher moral authority to countermand the rulers’ every dictate, no matter how egregious and immoral those dictates might be.

How the Socialist intends to use this power differs – and can differ greatly – depending on the socialist’s ideology but, to this point at least, there still remains no difference whatsoever between the system embraced by today’s Democratic Socialists and the system employed by those who committed the greatest atrocities the world has ever known.


Putting aside for the moment whether any one-world, godless society where food and clothing, houses and cars, iPhones and laptops, parts for machinery and the power to run them and all other essential means of production, distribution and storage is controlled by the government is even viable (spoiler alert: it’s not), there remains the sticky business of how to first bring such a world about.

The reason Lennon’s three-minute ditty remains so attractive to so many good people is that, because it is only a three-minute ditty, Lennon chose not to provide the specifics as to how he intended to bring his vision of heaven to earth. As always, the devil is in the details. 

But, while we don’t yet know how the Democratic Socialists intend to rid the world of its literally billions of people who believe in the right to the fruits of their own labor, the protections afforded them by national sovereignties and the moral codes that various religions bring, what we do know is that, in order to create the paradise they imagine, the Democratic Socialists will have to find some way to eliminate them. Put simply, in order for all the people to “live as one,” all of the Others need to in some way be dealt with.


While the exact methods the Democratic Socialists intend to employ are not much discussed either in song, stump speech, or college lecture (such things are typically not much discussed until after the revolution has been won anyway) what we do know is how those who embraced the Socialist system have sought to accomplish it in the past.

The Russian Socialists chose gulags and work camps, permanent confinement to mental institutions, and exile to frozen tundra. The German Socialists opted for the more efficient and effective gas chambers and ovens, while the Chinese Socialists, seeking to save on infrastructure and material costs, went with mass starvation and other low-tech means.

While these kinds of atrocities are typically blamed on the ideologies of these various Socialist entities – giving comfort to some that “this time,” with today’s Socialists embracing a different ideology, things will somehow be different – the fact is that gulags, death camps, and killing fields are not ideologically-driven. Who is sent to them is.

Gulags, killing fields, and death camps aren’t ends; they are the means to an end. And, as hard as it may be to believe, they are, in their essence, the same end Gal Gadot and all of those other lovely folks from TV and movies sang about: the creation of the perfect world of their imaginations.

Hitler didn’t imagine a world of gas chambers and ovens; he imagined a world after the gas chambers and ovens had accomplished their purpose. Stalin didn’t imagine a world of permanent exile and imprisonment; he imagined a “workers’ paradise” once the Others had been effectively silenced. Mao didn’t imagine a world with hundreds of millions of dead bodies littering the land; he imagined the perfect world that would come once the killing fields had done their job. If Stalin could have just blinked his eyes, if Mao could have just waved a wand, or if Hitler could have just snapped his fingers and accomplished the same ends, surely, they would have.

While today’s socialists still can’t just blink their eyes, wave a wand or snap their fingers, what they can do – and what they, in fact, do – is just flip a switch or write a couple of lines of code and thereby accomplish the same ends their Socialist predecessors sought to accomplish: the silencing of all the Others.

There’s no doubt that the means the earlier Socialists used were infinitely more ghastly, but their purpose was one and the same. The gulags, killing fields, and gas chambers were simply the more technologically primitive tools of what today we call a “cancel culture.”

This, in fact, is exactly what George Orwell was warning about in his book, 1984.  The genius of Orwell isn’t found in his understanding of Socialism’s inherent traits of authoritarianism and totalitarianism – these things were well known and well understood by everyone right from the start. In fact, Marx even wrote them into the theory of the perfect Socialist society. The founder of the system embraced by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler – and which the Left wishes to bring to America today – knew that, before the utopian world of the Socialists’ imagination could be tested, there would first need to be a vicious “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” to take care of the dirty work of cancelling all of the Others.

Just who those Others have been over the years has changed with each new ideology (and is different yet again today), but even in theory, Marx understood what had to be done before the utopia Socialism promises in one or another guise can first even then be put to the test.

Orwell’s genius is found, instead, in his prescience in foreseeing how technology would become the new gulags and gas chambers; a less bloody but far faster, cheaper and more effective way for the next generation of Socialists to silence and disempower all Others in order to create whatever version of the perfect world was next time imagined.

Orwell wasn’t warning about totalitarianism and authoritarianism in general, or even the specific ideologies of Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, or Hitlerism – all of which happened during his lifetime and offered him ample opportunity to tell their distressingly similar tales. Orwell was warning about the system of Socialism, no matter what ideology next came along to embrace it.

-- from The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto by Evan Sayet


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