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2020: The Year of Fear.

Description: 2020 has seen the greatest collapse of courage in world history. Atheism and secularism has taken God out of the town square. As a consequence, people no longer have a connection to the past or future, only the present. Without God, fear takes over, because only our lives matter. They are no longer part of something bigger. We have seen this in the year 2020 in an extreme way: the reaction to the Covid crisis, and the subsequent response to the nationwide riots. Both are unprecedented in history. Why?

Barak Lurie is the managing partner of the firm Lurie & Seltzer in Los Angeles. Barak obtained his BA with honors at Stanford University and his JD and MBA at the UCLA School of Law and Anderson School of Business. He is the host of the popular Barak Lurie Show, Sunday mornings on AM870 (KRLA) in Los Angeles. Barak authored Atheism KIlls, an instant #1 best-seller about the dangers of godlessness. His second book, "Rise of the Sex Machines," about how godlessness is destroying relationships, also became a #1 bestseller. He has since become the "go-to" speaker about the dangers of a world without God. His new book, second his Atheism Kills series, is Atheism Destroys, coming out in October, 2020. It focuses on how godlessness destroys the pillars of civilization, such as justice, country, marriage, and family.

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