A Biden Ally and J Street Vice Chair’s Company Offers Access to Senior Chinese Officials

And what it says about the Democrat Party.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

“Meet and build relationships with China’s senior governmental and private sector leaders in your chosen area of business,” the invitation on the site of Empire Global Ventures read. “Join us for elite curated experiences with the people who decide the future of China’s tech sector, craft and enforce its regulations, dominate its industries and chart its path forward.”

The only thing more intriguing than the invitation may be Empire Global Ventures whose CEO is also the Vice Chair of the board of J Street and a prominent Democrat donor and fundraiser.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo split up with his celebrity girlfriend after over a decade of shacking up together, media accounts made sure to mention the role of Alexandra Stanto in introducing the formerly happy couple.

As the CEO of Empire Global Ventures, Stanton has come a long way since then. But the name of her company closely echoes Empire State Development, an arm of the New York State government, where Stanton had served as chief of staff from 2006 through 2008.

Stanton had worked for David Patterson, back when he was in the State Senate. Then Eliot Spitzer, New York's megalomaniacal Attorney General picked Patterson, the black and partly blind Senate Majority Leader, as his running mate, to score with voters.

Patterson was never expected to actually take the governor's office, but then Spitzer imploded, after allegations of prostitution and thuggish behavior, and was forced to step down.

Stanton, who had been Patterson’s deputy campaign manager for policy, and Sam Natapoff, her husband, had scored six figure gigs with Empire State Development, with Sam earning the grand title of, “Senior Advisor to the Governor of New York State for International Commerce.” Today, Sam is the president of Empire Global Ventures and writes editorials attacking President Trump over his work to help Americans resist China’s abusive trade policies.

Stanton and her husband had been pumping sizable amounts of money into Paterson and Cuomo's war chests. Stanton alone had donated $10,000 to both Paterson and Cuomo. But Stanton’s fundraising soon went national with an Obama fundraiser running as much as $20,000 a ticket. And Obama named Stanton a general trustee of the Kennedy Center.

The money has kept on rolling out with Stanton donating thousands to Mayor Bill de Blasio and scoring an $8,000 per month consulting job for City Hall.

By then, Stanton had become the vice chair of J Street: a key anti-Israel lobby group.

Alexandra Stanton has spent the last 12 years serving as Vice Chair of the anti-Israel group originally funded by George Soros and has, in media accounts, been dubbed a “Jewish leader.”

Alexandra is the granddaughter of Hellenic Lines shipping tycoon Pericles Callimanopulos. The Greek tycoon’s funeral service was held at the Greek Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan.

Pericles' daughter and Alexandra's mother, Domna Stanton, a feminist academic who is a longtime board member of Human Rights Watch and had a prominent role at Planned Parenthood, was named by De Blasio as one of New York City’s human rights commissioners.

Domna and her husband Frank, a successful entrepreneur who had made his mark helping his brother Arthur import the Volkswagen Beetle to America and trying to launch an early VCR, showed up in Tom Wolfe's famously mocking profile of Leonard Bernstein's Black Panther party.

The Stanton family has connections by marriage to socialites from New York to D.C. and Domna’s Hamptons garden parties are required attendance for celebrities and the smart set.

Alexandra Stanton has kept up the tradition with cocktail parties attended by none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She was on the host committee for Hillary Clinton’s million dollar fundraiser for Bill de Blasio, and, more recently, she took part in a Joe Biden fundraiser.

When Pelosi spoke at the anti-Israel J Street’s gala, she thanked Stanton by name.

And when Obama descended into ugly antisemitic attacks against Jewish opponents of the Iran Deal, Alexandra Stanton was there to claim that he “has a right to combat what he thinks are campaigns against him laden with non-facts and offensive statements.”

But Alexandra has a lot of irons in the fire besides campaigning against the Jewish State.

These days, Stanton has also been marketing Little Lives PPE face shields for children, scoring a FOX profile, who described the politically connected Democrat, as a "mom". The Wall Street Journal mentioned Stanton's face shields for children in its article on reopening schools alongside a quote from Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers.

The American Federation of Teachers, the country's largest network of Democrat teachers' unions, had its PPE purchases facilitated by Stanton and Empire Global Ventures.

Randi Weingarten, the AFT's head, who recently faced criticism for claiming that it's not safe for teachers to go back to school even while attending Al Sharpton's 50,000 strong rally in D.C., was described as knowing "people at Empire Global Ventures, a business development firm with experience in China, where much of the world’s PPE is manufactured."

This wasn't the only strange intersection between Empire, Democrats, and the coronavirus.

The sister-in-law of Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor and Governor Cuomo's brother, works for Empire Global Ventures, and has been touting hypochlorous acid from Y2X Life Sciences as an answer to the coronavirus. Cuomo's sister-in-law claimed that spraying hypochlorous acid could keep businesses safe from the virus. Alexandra Stanton and her husband are listed as Y2X Life Sciences advisers, along with Matt Kennedy, RFK’s grandson and Joe Kennedy III’s brother, who sits on the boards of Kennedy institutions, and had held down various positions in the Obama administration, along with Dick Gephardt, the former Democrat House Majority Leader.

In July, a job posting for Empire Global Ventures described it as a medical products company.

What does Empire Global Ventures actually do and whom does it know in China?

An invitation on the company's site offers the opportunity to meet with "China’s senior governmental and private sector leaders" and "China’s key decision makers".

Who are these senior government officials and how does Empire have access to them?

These are all questions that the media might be asking considering Alexandra Stanton’s long history of access to top Democrat officials, including Obama and Biden, the large checks, and Stanton’s key role at J Street, a domestic group whose funding came from George Soros and, allegedly, Bill Benter, a gambler operating out of Hong Kong. They choose not to ask them.

Alexandra Stanton’s career shows why people join the Democrats, not because they want a fairer world, but because family and political connections pave the path to success, not for the poor, but for wealthy families that are already exceedingly well connected in that world.

The granddaughter of a Greek shipping tycoon became a Democrat operative and fundraiser (and Jewish leader), and while her company claims close access to the officials of a foreign government, she has a powerful position in a foreign policy lobby giving her access to Biden.

Considering Biden’s own longstanding and problematic connections to China, and the role that the Communist dictatorship is allegedly playing in boosting his campaign, this is troubling.

It’s a good thing that the media isn’t interested in asking any tough questions.


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