Biden Asks if He Looks Like a Radical Socialist

Meet the radical socialists’ patsy.

Joe Biden on Monday emerged from his basement dwelling to speak at a steel mill in Pittsburgh. He spoke to the cameras without any members of the public present. He asked, “do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” The truth is that we don’t know what beliefs Biden holds today. Neither does he, as he lets the political winds carry him along. And the winds are blowing Biden leftward. Radical anti-police leftists, including communists and socialists, are fully behind Biden, intent on pushing him in their direction. And Biden is obliging them. Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders proclaimed when he endorsed Biden’s candidacy, after dropping out of the race himself, “We need you in the White House.” Biden replied, “I’m going to need you. Not just to win the campaign, but to govern.”   

Even Barack Obama has admitted that "If you look at Joe Biden's goals and Bernie Sanders' goals, they're not that different, from a 40,000-foot level." This coalescence is evidenced in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force manifesto. Whether it is the crazy Green New Deal, giving away free health care to illegal aliens, or dispensing wads of tax-payer funded freebies to keep Americans dependent on an all-controlling government, Biden has allowed himself to be captured by the leftist progressive base of the party championed by Sanders.

The Caucus for Socialism and Democracy, which calls itself the DSA North Star, is comprised of members of Democratic Socialists of America. They love their hero Bernie Sanders. But now DSA North Star is urging their fellow Democratic Socialists to vote for Biden and to “work with the myriad of organizations that will seek to push Biden to the left, in terms of both his policies and his appointees.”  

The left wing Working Families Party supports defunding the police. They also support Joe Biden. Its national director Maurice Mitchell said, in explaining his party’s endorsement of Biden, “The ascendant left is making a truce with Joe Biden, so we can win .“ He added, “Electing Joe Biden is a door, not a destination.” Biden will enthusiastically open the door to their radical agenda. While parsing words in denying that he supports the defunding of the police, Biden said "Yes. Absolutely" when he was asked whether he agrees that we should redirect funding from the police. "And by the way, not just redirect, condition them," Biden said.

The Center for Popular Democracy proclaims on its website, “#BLACKLIVESMATTER #DEFUNDTHEPOLICE.” Its affiliate CPD Action has endorsed Joe Biden. CPD Action Executive Director Jennifer Epps-Addison, said, “By electing Joe Biden, we can move from defense to offense and fight for a transformational agenda that will allow everyone who calls this country home to thrive.” 

Biden is all in with the fight for a transformational agenda. Last July, for example, Biden tweeted, “we won't just rebuild this nation — we'll transform it.” 

Angela Davis, the Communist Party candidate for vice president under Gus Hall in 1980 and 1984, said “to vote for ourselves I think that means that we will have to campaign for and vote for Joe Biden.”  Speaking a day after Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate, Angela Davis reiterated her support for the Biden-led ticket. She said that “I'm very excited," adding “I think that it's really a question of who we will be able to pressure.”

Linda Sarsour, the rabid anti-Semitic, pro Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activist, endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket. She even spoke at a Democratic National Convention forum. Sarsour is a fan of Antifa. In August 2019, she tweeted: “I am not trying to be Captain Obvious here but.....Antifa = anti-fascist   Opposite of anti-fascist is fascist or pro-fascist. You are either anti-fascist or not. Simple as that.”

What’s even simpler to understand is that Antifa is a violent movement that uses fascist means to achieve its ends. And Biden has remained silent about Antifa and the violent tactics it uses against property and against persons with whom Antifa does not agree.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) was founded by “trained Marxists” in the words of one of its co-founders Patrisse Cullors. “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” Cullors said, referring to BLM co-founder Alicia Garza.

Who is Garza supporting for president this time around? “I’m voting Biden/Harris,” Garza tweeted. “And I’m going to keep pushing them.” 

This BLM co-founder who supports Biden isn’t concerned about the destruction of property. “We don’t have time to finger-wag at protesters about property,” Garza said, as quoted by the New Yorker last May. “That can be rebuilt.” Why hasn’t the Biden campaign rejected Garza's support if Biden is sincere in opposing looting and property destruction?

At least Garza is consistent. Garza deplored the presence of the National Guard to restore law and order amid the Baltimore rioting that occurred in 2015, during the second term of the Obama-Biden administration. “[The National Guard] are standing between Black people and access to resources, they are protecting property rather than protecting the very people that make this city beautiful,” Garza said at the time. “That is why this is a Black Spring because, quite frankly, communities who have been under the boot of occupying forces like the military and the local police force are rising up and saying ‘we’ve had enough.'”  

Biden has not said that he would deploy the National Guard to quell riots in locations where state and local law enforcement officers have been unable to do so. Don’t bet on Biden calling out the National Guard if he makes it to the White House. Garza and her BLM and Antifa allies will make sure to “keep pushing” Biden away from giving any serious consideration to such deployment.

Norman Solomon, co-founder and national coordinator of, wrote that “Biden is moveable. We’ve already shown that with mass pressure, we can push him to support more progressive policies. With a Biden presidency, a disciplined and mobilized left could extract significant victories.”

Other far left luminaries encouraging a vote for the Biden-Harris ticket include long-time radical leftists Frances Fox Piven and Noam Chomsky, according to the socialist publication People’s World

Frances Fox Piven has defended the use of violence to bring about social change. Piven said that “a lot of the sort of quasi-religious regrets about violence ignore the fact that most of what people decry as violence is property destruction, not violence against persons. That distinction has to be made.” Piven added in justification of violent protests that “people often have to threaten or exercise violence in order to defend their ability to disrupt social and economic relations by refusing to do what they’re supposed to do…the violent capacity of the crowd is an important way of defending its ability to exercise disruptive power.” She is looking for a “revolutionary transformation in the United States.” 

Why hasn’t the Biden campaign rejected Piven’s support if Biden is sincere in his scripted condemnation of violence.

Noam Chomsky said, “We have to get rid of Trump, keep pressure on Biden, just as Sanders and associates have been doing.”  Chomsky’s hatred for the president has consumed him. “Trump is the worst criminal in history, undeniably,” Chomsky said. Hitler and Stalin were petty offenders by comparison in Chomsky’s deranged mind. As for Biden, Chomsky said, his “program…has been pressed well to the left. Not by the Democratic National Committee or the donor class. Rather by direct engagement of Sanders and his associates, and most important, by the constant activism of the groups that the Sanders campaign brought together and inspired.” 

Joe Biden may not look like a radical socialist himself. He doesn’t have to. The radical leftists supporting Joe Biden are vowing to keep the pressure on Biden to enact their socialist agenda if the weak irresolute Democratic nominee for president wins this November with the leftists’ help. As President Trump and Vice President Pence have warned, Biden will be the radical left’s Trojan Horse.   

Photo: USA Today


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