David Horowitz to Newsmax TV: Dems, Harris Scaring People About Vaccines

The corruption and lies the Dems are banking on to win.

[David Horowitz is the founder of the Freedom Center and author of the new New York Times bestseller BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win. Order your copy here.]

Former liberal-turned-conservative author David Horowitz excoriated Democrats on Monday for trying to scare Americans into not taking a vaccine for COVID-19, if available, insinuating the Trump administration is rushing the approval process and making any inoculation not trustworthy. (Watch video below).

Horowitz on Newsmax TV's "The Chris Salcedo Show" singled out Democratic nominee for vice president Kamala Harris, who said Sunday she would not trust President Donald Trump's "word for it."

"They're too busy scaring people to not taking vaccines if they're recommended by our government, which is the most reckless thing you can imagine," Horowitz said. "Just think of all the people who might be dead, we don't know, if they listen to Kamala Harris and don't take a vaccine when its available."

Three major drug manufacturers are in various stages of clinical trials with Pfizer saying its vaccine might be ready for regulatory review by October and AstraZeneca saying its inoculation has begun a large-scale Phase 3 trial. Russia already has announced it has approved a vaccine, China has three vaccines in Stage 3 trials, and other manufacturers in other countries are in various approval stages of approval.

Horowitz, whose book, "Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win," released in June has been listed on the bestsellers list of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, said it was ludicrous to think Trump could single-handedly rush a vaccine into use.

"It's all based on this Democrat sleight-of-hand that Trump controls everything," Horowitz added. "He doesn't control a single healthcare system in this country. It's all under the control of the states and the governors. He doesn't make the vaccines. They come from a scientific process, and if there is rigging of the process, you can be sure there will be whistleblowers.

"So what Kamala Harris is doing is counting on the fact that our media is so corrupt, it doesn't report 90% of the truth, and that's what the Democrats are banking on to win. And that's why the subtitle of my book says, Trump will actually smash the left and win that election in November."


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