How Democrats Recreated the Middle Ages in America’s Cities

And they want you to pay for it.

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When it comes to federal aid, all Democratic mayors (backed by Democrat governors) are saying is: Don’t ask questions. Don’t expect accountability, or concern for public safety or the national interest. Just keep the money flowing.

The happy combination of ideology and gross incompetence which characterizes the administrations of most Blue cities has led to the current crisis.  

The president has asked Attorney General William Barr to see if some federal funding can be withheld from cities that have allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to run rampant while crime rates soar.

The howls of outrage were deafening. Sounding like a mafia don (his alter ego), New York Gov. Dumbo said Trump would need an army to walk the streets of his hometown. He later walked that back, realizing that it sounded like he was channeling his inner Lee Harvey Oswald.

Having just emerged from the lab where his bolts were tightened, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said reducing federal funding for his city is “racist” (now that’s novel) -- unlike removing police protection from high-crime neighborhoods, which is a boon to minorities.

Mayors who’ve run their cities into the ground demand that the hard-working taxpayers of Indiana, Alabama and South Dakota bail them out.

According to the municipal watchdog Truth in Accounting, in 2019 (well before COVID-19), the unfunded debt of America’s 75 largest cities was $330 billion. Of these cities, 63 were insolvent.

The municipal response to the urban insurrection that threatens to destroy America is beyond disgraceful. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (who agrees with the mob on almost every point and fought to keep federal agents from his fair city) was forced to flee his $840,000 condo when peaceful protestors tried to burn it to the ground.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is a social justice warrior nonpareil. Her Facilities and Commemorative Expressions Committee is working on recommendations to remove statues and rename public buildings to stop honoring those who participated in “slavery, systematic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities” – in other words, those like Christopher Columbus, Andy Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Francis Scott Key who offended the gods of political correctness.

Bowser has her priorities straight. Forget the violence of anarchist mobs and everyday crime that plagues our nation’s capital, including the cowardly assault on Senator Rand Paul and his wife leaving the White House. Bowser thinks the average DC resident doesn’t care if his kid is shot dead on the playground, as long as all “public assets” reflect her ideology.     

They may be losing businesses at record rates, but crime is booming. Even before the George Floyd riots, mayors like de Blasio and Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot decided that police budgets should be sacrificed to social spending. The latest madness is defunding the police.

The results have been painfully predictable. According to the Wall Street Journal, in the first half of this year, America’s 50 largest cities saw a 24% increase in homicides over the same period in 2019. Robberies, rapes and other violent crimes are also surging.

Homelessness is another municipal growth industry. No matter how much money cities throw at it, things keep getting worse.

San Francisco is the public poop capital of the U.S. Due to the rise of homelessness and the city allowing vagrants to treat public places like toilets, reported cases of human feces on the streets almost tripled between 2011 ad 2017. Public safety and sanitation, two of the pillars of civilization, have fallen together.

As the middle class flees California, illegal aliens and the homeless have made it their domain. Almost half of the nation’s unsheltered homeless call California home.

Los Angeles is becoming notorious for its homeless encampments -- distinguished by discarded needles, crime and disease. For some strange reason, crazies and addicts don’t make model citizens.

Statewide, reported cases of Typhus increased from 13 to 167 between 2008 and 2018. Tuberculous, Hepatitis A and Staph infections are, according to one account, “spreading aggressively in San Francisco and other California cities.”

Exotic diseases bred in Third World conditions are making a comeback. Public health experts warn of a resurgence of bubonic plague. Leave it to Democrats to recreate the Middle Ages in America’s cities.

The Medieval Party has finally taken notice of growing public disgust which will impact on the election.

A Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll shows 77% of Americans are extremely or very concerned about the crime wave engulfing our cities, while a majority lay the blame on local officials (who belong to the party of catch and release) for not arresting and vigorously prosecuting the perps.

It doesn’t matter how much money Washington shovels at Democratic cities, nothing will change – except the taxpayers will be poorer and middle-class flight will accelerate.

Once again, the president considers a common-sense approach, and Democrats meet it with cries of “racism,” “political pandering” and illegality.

Cuomo says Trump has it in for Gotham, because “New York City rejected him always.” But not the New York City Police Benevolent Association, which just endorsed the president’s bid for re-election.

Fancy that.  


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