Trump is Churchill, Biden is Munich

What the Antifa/BLM riots tell us about our choice in November.

Now we know what Vice President Joe Biden was doing sequestered in his basement for the past three months. Instead of hair, he was sniffing glue.

​Biden has prepared an indictment of President Trump which would be laughable if it weren’t so offensive. He claims POTUS seeks to benefit politically from the urban anarchy which has plagued America since the death of George Floyd. That’s like saying FDR sought to benefit from the Great Depression in the 1932 election. 

By refusing to acknowledge ”racial disparity” (code for “institutional racism”) in America, Trump is ”throwing gas on” the fire, Biden blusters. Riots are a reflection of “Donald Trump’s America,” says the socialist Trojan Horse.

​Biden’s party has a prescription for ending the insurrection that’s rocking America: Do nothing – other than kowtowing furiously to Black Lives Matter, confessing the sins of white America, and attempting to reach an accommodation with forces which cannot be appeased.

​Donald Trump’s America? The worst of the rioting has happened in cities under the iron heel by the ultra-progressive wing of the Democratic Party – including Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland.

  • In Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan ceded control of an historic section of the city to Jacobins for the month of June. Initially, she had said the occupation could be the beginning of the Summer of Love. (And 9-11 was Woodstock.) When murder and mayhem spiraled out of control, she finally acted. The city’s black, female chief of police resigned in disgust.
  • Portland is now going into its fourth month of violence. Mayor Ted Wheeler has a brilliant strategy – hope the riots will burn themselves out – while refusing all offers of assistance from Washington.
  • At one time, Chicago Mayor Lorie Lightweight had 140 police assigned to guarding her home, while crime rates soared and ordinary citizens saw their businesses looted and children shot in the streets.
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s idea of law and order is slashing police funding by $1 billion and personally painting a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower. (Our hero!) Biden says he does not want to defund the police, just to “reallocate” resources – weasel words for defunding the police by degree.

Said municipalities aren’t exactly Republican strongholds. In 2016, POTUS got 4% of the vote in DC, 8% in Seattle and 10% in the Big Apple. Antifa and Black Lives Matter chose them as targets because, in each case, far-left mayors agreed with their goals and lacked the courage to counter their tactics.

​After finally getting the green light, Trump sent 1,000 National Guards to Kenosha, Wisconsin and the rioting stopped. From Portland to New York, it could have been solved just as easily, given the political will.

​Trump says that if Joe Biden is elected, the violence will never end, and Antifa and BLM will operate out of the White House. And?

​The Democrats, who had great success negotiating with Iran and China under Obama/Biden, think they can work with totalitarians. Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Germany, etc. could tell them otherwise, if they were open to argument.

​How can you appease those who refuse to be appeased? 

Democratic mayors have allowed them to burn down business districts. And that hasn’t stopped them. Members of Biden’s staff have contributed to a bail fund for rioters. Democratic prosecutors have refused to indict them. The California State Assembly, a subsidiary of the Democrat Party, has set up a commission to get the ball rolling on reparations. If that injustice is enacted, that won’t stop them.

​What Biden and his pathetic party refuse to understand is that incidents of police misconduct (real or imaginary) aren’t grievances, but excuses to riot, loot, burn, assault and kill. 

The goal is revolution. Leaders of the mob see themselves as the Bolsheviks of 2020. It will stop when America wins or the bullet-ridden corpse of constitutional government is lying dead in a cold cellar.

​Trump may be the master of the art of the deal. But he knows there can be no deal with these enemies of our way of life.

​In this election, the choice could not be more stark: Trump is Churchill. Biden is Munich.


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