Slasher City: New Yorkers Go Under the Knife

A Black Lives Matter hero slashing a gay man created a conflict for Democrats.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Roland Pacheco made a homemade spear by taping a knife to a broomstick and rode his bicycle shirtless to Times Square. He slashed a teenage boy, who was sightseeing with his family, leaving, in the words of one eyewitness who tried to help, “a lot of blood, everywhere."

Pacheo had previously beaten a man with a bag full of steel lug nuts and after two years that case was still pending. The Democrat authorities had thoughtfully not confined Pacheo, leaving him free to make his own spear and slash up the city’s biggest tourist attraction.

The previous day, two women had been slashed in front of the New York Public Library, a few blocks away. Like Times Square, the area around the library is both iconic and notorious. In the bad old Democrat days when junkies and muggers ruled the street, Bryant Park, the area behind the library, was known as Needle Park for its popularity with addicts shooting up heroin.

The brutal attacks in both locations a day apart show just how far down New York City has gone. Random slashings, once a fever dream of the mad days of a darker city, are back.

Khalief Young had slashed a French tourist's neck open from his ear to his throat leaving him with a tube in his neck. Young was not in prison despite punching and kicking a woman 4 months earlier and slashing a pharmacist on the neck 4 months before that. After his previous assault, he had been released on his own recognizance while the DA refused to press charges.

“If the law did what they should have done a year ago and they would have handed him the punishment he deserved maybe he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do it again," the African-American pharmacist he had previously stabbed told the media.

A Black Lives Matter hero slashing a gay man created a difficult conflict for Democrats.

Ricky Bellevue was put in a chokehold after threatening police officers and Democrats rushed to make him a hero. Officer David Afanador, who had restrained Bellevue, was charged under the terms of the Democrats’ pro-crime Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act, and faces 7 years in prison.

A month later, Bellevue was arrested for slashing a man's face and both his hands, after shouting anti-gay slurs and trying to rob him.

Bellevue had been previously arrested three dozen times.

Three people were also slashed at the Queer Liberation March near the the Stonewall Inn. Black Lives Matter and the Human Rights Campaign could not be reached for comment.

But this is what life is like in a city where the worst monsters have been unleashed.

Anthony Gonzalez was arrested after slashing a 2-year-old boy sitting in his stroller near Central Park. Gonzalez had been arrested over a dozen times for everything from harassment, to stalking, to a violent robbery. He was out on parole when he attacked the little boy.

Slashers are usually repeat offenders freed by a permissive pro-crime system.

A thug who had been released last year slashed a 65-year-old store worker across the neck in the Bronx. But there’s no age too young or too old for the thugs who have the run of the city.

“I saw a lot of blood,”  Felix Tejada Cruz, an 81-year-old Bronx resident said, after being slashed in the face by thugs who then robbed him of the money he earned collecting cans.

The veteran said that even paramedics were afraid of how much blood there was. But, Cruz, who has a rifle and a hatchet hanging on the wall, vowed to catch them himself.

“We’re going to get them. I’m not scared, at all. I was in the military. I’m a strong man.”

The subway system is still the likeliest place in the city to get slashed. A woman on the Upper West Side was stabbed from behind while buying a MetroCard. A man was slashed across the chest while waiting for the Q train in the same area.

Democrat support for Black Lives Matter and their refusal to arrest criminals and stop crime has been dangerous for women, the elderly, and anyone less able to defend themselves.

Two elderly men in their seventies were slashed on a Queens train by an attacker wielding a knife and a pair of scissors. The violent thug stabbed one of the men in the chest. The 71-year-old man lost two liters of blood. When the police came, they found the bloody knife in the attacker's pocket and the scissors lying on the floor in a pool of the elderly man’s blood.

One thug slashed a woman’s face in downtown Manhattan after she refused to talk to him. Another woman was slashed on a crowded train in Queens while passengers did nothing.

Nobody wanted to be accused of being a “Karen”.

Especially now that pro-BLM Democrats are rushing to pass laws criminalizing 911 calls.

Governor Cuomo signed Senate Bill S8492 which makes 911 callers liable for calling the police on a member of a minority group if it can be argued that there wasn’t a good reason.

A more honest name for Senate Bill S8492 would be the Let Kitty Genovese Die Again bill.

And the slashers, who know that no one can touch them, are roaming New York City, and violently lashing out at anyone within reach of their knives, scissors, razors, and box cutters.

Not even celebrities are safe from the new wave of slashings. Kelsey Grammer’s daughter, Spencer, was slashed at a trendy East Village restaurant that serves $24 rabbit enchiladas.

What keeps the slashings coming?

A homeless man slashed two people in Manhattan. A jogger was slashed on the right side of her face and a man walking down the street was sliced across his face. Khari Walker, the alleged slasher, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.

"Why was the accused slasher only charged w/harassment & possession of a weapon?" the General Counsel's Office of the Police Benevolent Association tweeted.

But Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan DA, has other priorities, targeting President Trump, while freeing Black Lives Matter looters and rioters, prosecuting targets of BLM viral videos, like Amy Cooper, while shrugging at the slashings, shootings, and robberies plaguing Manhattan.

The shocking brutality of the random slashing in Times Square or near Central Park, of toddlers or the elderly, of female joggers and tourists, is the successful result of Black Lives Matter. Criminals know that they have nothing to fear from the criminal justice system in a city where a monster who is accused of slashing two people is charged with little more than harassment.

The criminals have the run of the city and everyone else is running for their lives.


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