'We Hope They Die!'

Black Lives Matter mob blocks emergency room for L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies gunned down Saturday night.

On Saturday night, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies stationed their patrol car near the Willowbrook Metro station in Compton. At approximately 7 p.m., a masked gunman appeared to walk past the vehicle then turned and fired multiple shots, hitting both deputies.

Fox News Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin obtain video of the shooting and confirmed a “100 percent ambush. A man slowly creeps up to the vehicle like he’s stalking it, fires shots through the window.” The Sheriff’s department posted the video and Sheriff Alex Villanueva held a press conference wearing a bullet-proof vest.

The ambushed deputies were a 24-year-old male and a mother of 31, both recent additions to the department.  “I want everyone to have a prayer for them for their recovery at this time,” the sheriff told reporters. “This was a cowardly act,” Villanueva said, and “words have consequences,” a reference to anti-police rhetoric now raging in Los Angeles and across the country.

As Villanueva wrapped up, a mob confronted sheriff's deputies, with one member shouting “It’s a celebration! It’s a celebration!” Others taunted deputies and took videos with their phones. As this played out, the ambush victims encountered other conflict at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood.

A Black Lives Matter mob assembled outside the hospital chanting “Death to police!” The mob blocked entrance to the hospital emergency room, where family members of the wounded officers were present. “I hope they fucking die,” one man yelled, with another adding “Y’all gonna die one by one. This ain’t gonna stop.”

As police struggled to disperse the mob, a woman ignored commands to stay back and interfered with an arrest. Unidentified in some reports, she turned out to be Jodie Huang a reporter for KPCC radio. Huang attended the sheriff’s press conference and did not identify herself as a reporter on arriving at the hospital.

KPCC is part of Southern California Public Radio, which proclaims, “as an organization we condemn systemic racism — and racism of any kind — and remain committed to reflecting the diverse communities we serve. With that in mind, we say the statement “Black Lives Matter” reinforces our commitment.”

In July, Huang tweeted, “Black Lives Matter is a spiritual movement,” and authored a report on a BLM action at the Federal Building in Los Angeles, in solidarity with rioters in Portland.

“Longtime activist Akili had this message for federal authorities,” Huang wrote, “Do not come to L.A.!” Black Lives Matter also used the event, “to remind protesters what they were fighting for in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by a police officer in Minneapolis, and to urge unity against President Trump, as well as fascism and capitalism.” Black Lives Matter activist Janaya Future Khan told followers, “See yourselves as the movement, not adjacent to it. You are the revolution.”

President Trump, in Nevada for a campaign event Saturday, retweeted the video of the ambush, adding that those who perpetrate such attacks are “Animals that must be hit hard!” California assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a Democrat and African American, told  reporters, “this was an unprovoked, cowardly act. This individual will be caught.” Nick Hanna, U.S. Attorney for the California’s Central District, called the ambush “a cowardly and despicable act.”

Murdering police officers is standard practice for black radicals such as Joanne Chesimard of the Black Liberation Army. Now a fugitive in Cuba, Chesimard is known as Assata Shakur. As Black Lives Matter of Los Angeles proclaimed last year, “Assata’s words and living example serve as an inspiration to Black Lives Matter and ground us in our collective purpose, to fight for freedom and win.”

The shooting of the two deputies maintained the targeting of police, but the attempt to block the emergency room could mark an escalation to terrorist practices.  In December 2015, for example, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik murdered 14 people in San Bernardino and rigged bombs to take out the first responders.  In similar style, blocking wounded victims from an emergency room strengthens the case that Black Lives Matter, like Antifa, is a domestic terrorist group.

The shooting of the deputies, followed by mobs at the press conference and hospital, suggests a coordinated action. Jody Huang, arrested in the BLM action at the hospital, also writes for LAist, which is part of KPCC and Southern California Public Radio. A publicly funded entity thus engages in open promotion of Black Lives Matter.

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted that if the deputies die, “fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!” Joe Biden tweeted “This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice.” Kamala Harris, formerly attorney general of California, told reporters “the perpetrator must be brought to justice.”

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti wrote, “we strongly condemn this cowardly ambush & stand prepared to offer aid.” Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday denounced the “cowardly, horrific act” and called for the perpetrator to be “quickly brought to justice.”

At 7 a.m. Sunday, NBC News reported, both deputies were still alive and out of surgery. The Sheriff’s department announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter, described as a 28- to 30-year-old black man wearing dark clothing.


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