'Biden Team' Bags $35 Million for California Election Ads

Secretary of state Alex Padilla, who could replace Kamala Harris in the Senate, keeps deal secret from state officials and taxpayers.

Joe Biden for President,” reads the banner beside a photo of the former vice president. “SKDK is proud to be part of the Biden team.” The firm’s latest deal will be of interest to election officials, journalists, and voters nationwide.

California secretary of state Alex Padilla (pictured above) “gave SKD Knickerbocker, a well-known Democratic firm, a taxpayer funded contract to conduct a statewide advertising campaign to educate voters about the safety and security of mail-in voting,” according to a September 30 Sacramento Bee editorial. The deal is possibly unlawful and “Padilla’s office is hiding the contract from public view.”

The State Controller’s Office and Department of Finance, which must approve payments, have not seen the contract. Neither have supervisors in California’s 58 counties, and Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters “I just don’t know the details.” Even so, the Bee notes, “ads produced by SKD are already on the air.”

The senior strategist on the campaign is SKD managing director Anita Dunn, a former “White House communications director and senior adviser to President Obama’s presidential campaigns.” Dunn also worked as a senior adviser to Joe Biden, CNN reported, and in February the former vice president gave Dunn “final decision-making authority on his campaign.”

SKD also employs Hilary Rosen, former chief of staff for Sen. Dianne Feinstein. As the Washington Post reported, SKD “has done work for Obama’s campaign in the past” and Rosen “has visited the White House multiple times.” Rosen and Dunn’s pro-Biden SKD is a perfect fit for the $35 million California deal, which also makes sense for the secretive Alex Padilla.

After the 2016 election, Padilla refused to cooperate with a federal probe of voter fraud, surging in recent years through the state’s imported electorate. When illegal aliens get driver’s licenses, the California Department of Motor Vehicles automatically registers them to vote. By 2018, the “motor voter” program added one million “new” voters, but Padilla isn’t saying how many actually voted. One million is a ballpark figure for 2018, with many more illegals set to vote in November.

In May, Newsom issued an executive order to “send vote-by-mail ballots for the November 3, 2020 General Election to all registered voters.” Those will include all the illegals automatically registered to vote by the DMV, and those who voted illegally long before. As a State Department investigation confirms, false-documented illegals have been voting in local, state and federal elections for decades.

As the November 3 election approaches, Padilla gives $35 million to a proud member of the Biden team to produce ads about mail-in voting. Republican Reps James Comer, Rodney Davis and Jody Hice wonder if SKD will have access to sensitive voter information and seek all documentation on the contract. One of the loudest voices against the deal is the Sacramento Bee, a virtual Democrat newsletter whose opinion editor Gil Duran was a press secretary for Gov. Jerry Brown and communications director for Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

“By using an expedited process to hand a $35 voter education contract to a Biden-linked firm – and trying to keep the details secret,” the Bee editorial explains, “the secretary of state has done a great disservice to California voters.” As the editorial also reveals, the secretary of state has a personal stake in the outcome.

Padilla “is clearly salivating over the possibility of taking Kamala Harris’ place in the Senate if she becomes vice president.” Harris, a fierce critic of Biden during the primaries, has been touting a “Harris administration.” The California Democrat is already the beneficiary of poontronage from Democrat queenmaker Willie Brown, and ballot fraud in her 2010 race for California  attorney general.

Harris was such a lightweight that the Bee endorsed Republican Steve Cooley. He was the clear winner on election night but the Service Employees International Union, which worked on the Harris campaign, controlled the counting of “provisional” ballots. Three weeks later, they gathered enough to make Harris the winner by 0.8 percent. This is the same process Democrats are deploying in 2020.

They expect Trump to win on election night but 2016 loser Hillary Clinton tells Biden not to concede “under any circumstances,” as Democrat operatives count the mail ballots and toss those cast for Trump. That is already going on, and in California, the most populous state, a proud member of the “Biden Team” is getting $35 million to education voters about mail-in voting. The taxpayer funded SKD ads are already on the air, and even partisan Democrats know it’s not right.

California secretary of state Alex Padilla, salivating to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate, “has allowed this partisan-tinged scandal to tarnish our election system,” the Sacramento Bee editorializes. “To restore voter trust, California must scrap this secretive and illegitimate contract.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a protégé of Nancy Pelosi, claims, “I just don’t know the details.” Attorney general Xavier Becerra, once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate, has yet to weigh in. Voters might think someone at the federal level should look into this massive fraud. What takes place on November 3 is a presidential election, not a Democrat primary. As President Trump says, we’ll have to see what happens.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore


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