The Elements of Revolution Are All in Place

Including an election from which there could be no turning back.

In a recent poll, 61 % of Americans said we’re on the verge of civil war. What’s coming is cataclysmic, but there are better ways to describe it. Instead of civil war, think revolution.

Some believed the proletarian revolution was coming in the 1930s, during the Great Depression – others, during the rise of the New Left in the 1960s.

But they were only sparks that never ignited.

What was kindled decades ago, now has burst into flames.

The pieces are all in place: rioting without end, war on the police, government complicity with anarchy, one party firmly in the grasp of revolutionaries, ongoing efforts to erase our history, radicals with a death-grip on the culture and an election from which there could be no turning back. To view any of these elements in isolation would be a tragic mistake.

The riots following the death of George Floyd have been anything but spontaneous. They were planned and organized by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and others. The founders of BLM describe themselves as “trained Marxists.”

Every time there are charges of police brutality (given the sort of characters the police are forced to deal with on a daily basis, these are inevitable), the switch is thrown: first come the useful idiots with their signs and slogans, then the outside agitators (with U-Hauls disgorging riot gear), then the looting and burning, then the assaults on police, then the calls to defund the police and on and on.

The goal is chaos, leading to uncertainty, apprehension and politicians willing to give the terrorists whatever they want to buy peace. What they want is to raze this country and build something resembling Cuba or Venezuela on the ruins. That’s how the Biden camp intends to Build Back Better.

The police have taken the brunt of this. According to a story in the September 26th New York Post, in New York City alone, 472 officers have been injured in rioting -- 319 seriously enough to be hospitalized. Across the country, cops have been shot, stabbed, burned and run over with cars.

Police retirements have reached a record high. Police chiefs have resigned and ordinary crime has soared. Calls to defund the police grow. Biden wants to put shrinks in squad cars to help the police deal with domestic violence.

Cops are our first line of defense against the jungle. Joseph Wambaugh called them The New Centurions in his 1971 novel of the same title. Crippling law enforcement is an all-important step on the road to revolution.

Democratic mayors and governors are complicit. In September, the Department of Justice designated New York City, Seattle and Portland jurisdictions where “local governments … are permitting anarchy, violence and destruction.”

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler refused to allow police to use tear gas to dispel rioters. (The city’s chief of police rhetorically asked, “How much violence is enough?”) The mayor of Seattle allowed Antifa to occupy an historic area of the city for a month.

In the first Presidential Debate, Joe Biden declared, “I am the Democratic Party right now.” When queried if he’d asked Democratic mayors to address the rioting more forcefully, he responded, in effect: What can I do. I’m a private citizen? That’s how much the Biden Party wants urban anarchy to end.

Prosecutors elected by George Soros’ PACs refuse to prosecute rioters, who are often back on the streets in a matter of hours. St Louis City Attorney Kimberly Gardner was elected with $190,00 of Soros money and reelected with $119,000. A police official described his department’s relationship with her as “abysmal.” Gardner is prosecuting a couple for defending their home with guns, while refusing to charge the trespassers who were menacing them.

Kamala Harris tweeted out a link to a group raising bail money for Minnesota rioters. Biden campaign workers contributed themselves. Biden described Antifa as “an idea.” Try to imagine Churchill calling the brown shirts “an idea.”

Biden’s condemnation of the war on civilization is worse than nothing at all.

After avoiding the matter for months, at last, when the polls turned against him on the issue, he disavowed “all forms of violence,” while refusing to condemn Black Lives Matter or Antifa (which is a fantasy, after all). He equated isolated instances of police misconduct (“police violence”) and mythical “right-wing militia groups” with the Marxists and anarchists who have set our cities ablaze. How can you spot the white supremacist at a race riot? He’s the one on the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds.

Public schools and higher education are the breeding grounds for the next generation of incendiaries. As the president said in his July 4 Mt. Rushmore speech: “Against every law of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but were villains.”

When they’re not distorting history, our schools simply refuse to teach it. In one survey, only 27% of those under 45 years of age had a basic understanding of U.S. history. Only one in three could correctly identify the three branches of government.

Indoctrination (like the 1619 project) is complimented by the steady stream of anti-American, anti-Caucasian propaganda from Hollywood, and the wealth of Fortune 500 firms poured into Black Lives Matter. They’re marching through the institutions -- from the classroom to the newsroom, to the screening room to the boardroom.

Against this backdrop we face the most consequential election of our lifetime, now less than 30 days away.

The Democratic Party is ruled by the revolutionary left. Vice President Biden is its Marshal Petain – the smiling, doddering old fool. Sanders, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talaib, Schumer and Pelosi will pull the strings behind the scene.

If they win, Antifa and BLM will be used to attack and intimidate opponents of the regime -- morphing from storm troopers to S.S. Resistance will be labeled racism.

With statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico (and who knows where else), court-packing and ending the filibuster, our system of government will be permanently altered to assure that this election will be the last real election.

Like France in 1789, Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1932, we stand at the brink. Thank God Trump is no Louis XVI.

Don’t think civil war. Think firing squads, gulags and death camps. Think the Black Lives Matter flag flying over the White House and Capitol.  


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