Your Black Muslim Bakery Tried to Steal $22 Million, But Isn’t Killing People Anymore

No thanks to Kamala Harris.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

Most bakeries kill people with fattening sugary sweets. Your Black Muslim Bakery was a health food bakery with no sugar, fats or food coloring according to the guidance of the Koran.

It had other ways of killing people.

Since Your Black Muslim Bakery opened in the sixties it has not only racked up a bigger body count than most bakeries, but could give a decent Mexican cartel a run for its money. When its members weren’t assaulting black restaurant owners for serving pork or black storekeepers for selling liquor, they were torturing, killing, raping, and politicking their way across Oakland.

Your Black Muslim Bakery is an Oakland institution. Or a crime ring with Democrat ties.

On the one hand there are the rapes, kidnappings, frauds, and murders. On the other are Senator Kamala Harris, Rep. Barbara Lee, and other pillars of the Democrat establishment.

Unlike most bakeries, Your Black Muslim Bakery isn’t boring. It’s a soap opera of crime.

A decade ago, the body of Waajid Aliawaad Bey, the head of Your Black Muslim Bakery, was found buried under a tarp in the hills. His decomposing corpse had been there for months. While some proposed that the bakery boss had died of natural causes, the tape around his body indicated that he had met with the fate of so many of the bakery’s health food aficionados.

Every bakery can encounter a little bad luck, but then his successor, Antar Bey, was shot to death on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Bey was the son of Yusuf Bey, Your Black Muslim Bakery's founder, who died after being busted for raping one of his foster daughters, in keeping with the teachings of the Koran which forbid sweets, but legalize child abuse. Authorities first suspected something was wrong when the girl, at the age of thirteen, gave birth to another Yusuf baby.

But Bey, who had sired 42 children, could not afford to be picky about who he sired them with.

Antar Bey had been linked to the murder of Chauncey Bailey, a black Oakland Post reporter who had been writing about the less than sweet shenanigans at Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Bailey was murdered by Devaughndre Broussard, one of the few thugs and psychopaths associated with the bakery who hadn't taken the last name 'Bey', who had been paroled by Kamala Harris. Had Kamala done her job, Bailey might still be alive and doing his job.

But Kamala was hardly alone in catering to the homicidal bakery which doubled as a Democrat political organization. Your Black Muslim Bakery wasn’t just a bakery, it was also an Islamic cult. And it wasn’t just a bakery, a cult, and a crime ring: it was also a political movement.

Governor Jerry. Brown, a politician who knew the value of good health food, stopped by the bakery. It was only fair. He had spent plenty of time with Jim Jones and his murderous cult.

And when Yusuf Bey wasn’t fathering and raping children, he was running for public office.

Bey, whose Your Black Muslim Bakery was a splinter group of The Nation of Islam, kicked off his campaign by inviting Khalid Muhammad, who had been kicked out of the Nation of Islam for being too antisemitic, to call out, “We got to see some white folks die sometime.”

Obviously, the Islamic child rapist was running on a platform of racial healing.

In response to complaints from the Jews, Bey declared that  "they're not worthy of being hated."

That’s probably the nicest thing a black Muslim leader has ever said about the Jews.

But Bey wasn’t just a crank. As the East Bay Express noted, “members of the Bey family have cultivated connections in city government, the political establishment, and the press.”

When Your Black Muslim Bakery faced bankruptcy after a long string of crimes and the health department had shut down the non-sweet shop over rat droppings, California Democrats rushed to its defense.

Your Black Muslim Bakery  "has established itself as an integral part of the community, and its loss would be distressing to untold numbers of Oakland citizens" Mayor Ron Dellums wrote.

Rep. Barbara Lee wrote her own letter in support of the death bakery, which she later recanted.

“Congresswoman Lee considers the bakery to be an asset and an institution of the community and has offered her assistance in facilitating the resolution the issues with the Internal Revenue Service," a Your Black Muslim Bakery filing claimed.

Meanwhile, the Bey crime family was being kept afloat with government contracts and loans for everything from providing security to running fictional businesses and non-profit organizations.

All of that happened over a decade ago. Your Black Muslim Bakery went out of business, but its homicidal spirit lives on, and the crimes linked to the institution never actually stopped.

Two years ago, Faheem Bey was arrested for arson in Oakland. The construction worker had been promoting his work by boasting, "I'm just letting you know so you don't have to hire the Asian or the Mexican."

And when the Paycheck Protection Program, a giant wheelbarrow of money, rolled out, members of the infinite Bey clan, most of whom were not actually fathered by Yusuf, were on it.

Sharieff Dahood Bey has now been charged with trying to rip off the PPP program for $22 million. When the FBI came, Bey, an ex-con, tried to flush his records down the toilet.

“This is a no loss paper crime," Bey's lawyer argued.

That wouldn’t be much of a defense ordinarily, but for a Your Black Muslim Bakery leader, the abscence of child rape, torture, murder, and kidnapping makes it an almost philanthropic act.

Bey had founded a Your Black Muslim Bakery spinoff and served as its minister, while claiming to be a Harvard grad, an FBI agent, and demanding to be addressed as “Mr. Pasha.” All of that was less illegal than the millions in fraudulent government contracts that sent him to prison.

Even though he was sentenced to five years in prison in 2015, he got out, and was at it again.

While the $22 million fraud allegation sounds serious, Dahood Bey has reformed. If you take the long view. A decade ago, he had been put on trial for allegedly torturing a member of Your Black Muslim Bakery for disrespecting the memory of the hate bakery’s child raping founder.

Members of Your Black Muslim Bakery beat the man, then threatened to pull out his tongue and teeth with pliers. The jury however failed to reach a verdict. Meanwhile, as The Mercury News noted, “He has twice threatened to kill people, including the mother of one of his children.”

Violence involving the cult cum bakery cum crime ring has also continued more recently.

All of this barely scratches the surface of the frauds and crimes associated with the Nation of Islam spinoff group. The tale of front groups and assaults is all but endless. Its workers attacked police, its leaders spewed racist death threats, and terrorized the black community. There was torture with hot knives, women were kidnapped, and children were abused.

Meanwhile, Your Black Muslim Bakery was winning contracts to protect abused children.

And when foster children complained to social workers about being raped and abused, their complaints were buried by a Democrat establishment in bed with Your Black Muslim Bakery.

"The leadership you provide should be an inspiration to all concerned over the city's future," Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata wrote to Yusuf Bey.

The Democrats in the State Senate even honored Bey with his own resolution.

Some of the Democrats, like Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, who vouched for one of the Bey crime clan, are still in office. “Politicians were in bed with Mr. Bey and would do everything they could to garner his support,” one anonymous source claimed.

And so Your Black Muslim Bakery, like a crumb stuck between two teeth, never goes away.

There is always another generation of ‘Beys’, vicious thugs, charismatic leaders, ex-cons, who take on the name and the role, finding dumber thugs to serve them and women to abuse, preaching about racism, the evils of the white man, the original superiority of the black man, shaking hands with local politicians, scoring government contracts, and getting arrested.

But at least no one was killed, tortured, or raped in the alleged $22 million PPP fraud.


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