Barry Nussbaum Webinar Tonight: Trump’s Path to Re-Election is Still Viable

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Trump’s Path to Re-Election is Still Viable

Description: The presidential election on Nov 3rd is not decided because a decision cannot be made based on the votes that were tabulated. Until a determination is made as to which votes were legal and which votes were illegal the electoral college should not be allowed to confirm the Nov 3rd tabulation. Barry will explain why he believes millions of votes may be illegal.

Barry Nussbaum is the son of Auschwitz survivors, Founder of the American Truth Project, an experienced news commentator on international affairs, who has been featured on major television networks, web-based and in print media. Mr. Nussbaum has championed work in strengthening U.S./Israel relations as an active member of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for the past 15 years, meeting with members of Congress and national staff throughout the U.S. Mr. Nussbaum was a member of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) the premier organization that fights prejudice of all kinds, especially anti-Semitism. As a man who embraces the core values of integrity and justice, he has been a dynamic leader working with the Jewish National Fund, which develops Israel’s national resources such as desalination, water recycling, irrigation, forestation, dams, and infrastructure.

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