Biden Warns Against Trump’s “Anger, Hate and Division”

While his Party generates anger, hate and division.

It was a fitting finale for a campaign based on lies and hypocrisy.

Speaking in Pittsburgh on Sunday, Clueless Joe Biden – who’s great at creating his own reality -- intoned: “We cannot afford four more years of anger, hate and division,” all of which he naturally attributes to President Donald J. Trump.

He campaigned in Philadelphia with Lady Gag Me, who does videos depicting Trump supporters as beer-guzzling psychopaths, clad in camouflage.

Stores are being boarded up and police placed on high alert in cities like Portland, Seattle and D.C. – all Democrat bastions – not in Omaha, Scottsdale or Chattanooga. Rioters know which party tolerates anger, hate and division.

Biden says Antifa isn’t real (just an idea, you know). The Big Guy would rather kickback his 10% than condemn or even criticize Black Lives Matter. Refusing to acknowledge evil condones evil.

There are plans to create chaos nationwide if Trump – not Biden -- wins the election.

“Deplorables,” “those who bitterly cling” to religion, guns or antipathy to people who aren’t like them, and “ugly folks” – these are the pejoratives that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have applied to Trump supporters. They’ve also called us racists and fascists, all of which are intended to what – unite us as one nation?

Quick, name all of the Democrat leaders who disavowed Mad Maxine Waters (D-CA.) back in 2018 when she urged her followers to harass administration officials they encountered in public places – to drive them out of stores and restaurants.

The Legion of Love has also harassed elected officials, like Mitch McConnell, at their homes and conservative commentators, like Tucker Carlson, with unsubtle threats. (“We know where you sleep at night.”)

In October, a pro-Trump rally in San Francisco was overwhelmed by hundreds of supporters of a group that Biden claims does not exist. Among other acts of love and unity, one of the black organizers was punched in the face and lost a tooth. Violence like this has been going on throughout the campaign. The perps are quietly supported and encouraged by the party of niceness.

Biden Democrats are just full of love – love for the disproportionate number of black babies killed in abortions, love for those suffering from depression and alcoholism caused by mandatory lockdowns (Joe says he’ll take another, if unnamed scientists urge it), love for the children killed by gang violence due to a lack of police presence, and love for the victims of socialism over the past 103 years – the system they want to inflict on America.

Given a choice between the Left’s idea of tranquility, tenderness and unity and the apocalypse, what is really scarier?


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