The Election - and the Wait

Not daring to breathe... in case it jinxes the swing states yet to call.

This the hard bit—the wait.

Sometimes I think I can hear my friends across the pond holding their breath, collectively, not daring to breathe or move or eat in case it somehow jinxes the swing states yet to call.

I dare not text anyone, because I just don’t see how words are going to help right now. Only a win will make this stop.

Trump has called it already. The President of Slovenia has even sent his congratulations, and yet the noise from my radio and TV tells me that the media are launching an all-out assault to ensure the win is not given.

I cannot tell you how many times our State Broadcaster (the BBC) has "plotted the Biden path to victory" on the irritating tech toy they insist on using, but it is countless, as if by plotting his path to a win they can make viewers believe it so —and bring down the will of the American people.

And when my children ask me "Who won?" I can’t bring myself to say it is undecided. Or to report that it is "too close to call" or "all the votes haven’t been counted yet." None of that rings true to me. I think of all the faces I have met at Trump rallies and Republican events over the last few months, and I know they are the truth of America.

I tell them Trump will win, the media just aren’t willing to say it yet. Just like in 2016 when CNN pundits couldn’t bring themselves to call Pennsylvania, their faces contorted with the pain of the truth to the extent they appeared to be suffering from some kind of physical illness.

And of course the coverage has been universally nauseating on all sides, including our own. The pocket-sized Ben Shapiro took all of 20 seconds to leap to Twitter to declare it was wrong for Trump to claim a win. Funny how these Never-Trumpers from 2016 never really got over themselves despite hanging on to Trump like a tick on a dog for four years.

Other channels seem determined not to call states for Trump, or to talk about how amazing it is that every single pollster was wrong yet again. No one wants to talk about the fact that whoever wins Ohio wins the Presidency, preferring one-sided ranting from idiot half-cousins of Martin Luther King or bizarre interviews with Reverend Jesse Jackson who is incomprehensible even when sober or awake, nether of which appeared to be true.

At 2.30 a.m. Trump made a speech from the East Room of the White House declaring victory and calling the election a "fraud on the American people." And despite the scowls on the faces of Never-Trumpers, I think this was a master stroke of a genius at work.

Team Trump is well prepared for this election to be stolen, and will have a plan in place. This is Trump working the plan, signaling to the American people that he is still fighting —and doesn’t plan to stop until democracy wins.

I am reminded of one of the biggest rollockings of my Army career when my running coach observed me stopping my 800 meters at the line.

“Run through the line, Hopkins. Run through the line. The race finishes after the line - you festering idiot of a woman.” (Only with more swearing and insults in my direction)

And Trump knows this. He knew this election would not end on election day, or even after all legitimate votes had been counted. And it's why he is stating so clearly his intention to stop fraudulent ballots being added to the pile.

It is not about ignoring legitimate votes. It is about preventing Democrats from committing massive voter fraud in swing states that were headed for a Trump win, right before some globalist-sized pause button was pressed and the vote-counters went to bed instead of getting the job done.

The fraud seemed to happen right before our eyes.

Nevada stopped counting at 5:30 EST leaving the state too close to call. They didn’t plan to resume their count on this most important election in history until 11:30 EST. On what planet is that a reason or responsible course of action?

Wisconsin saw Trump clearly surging ahead until a vote dump from Milwaukee put Biden ahead by 317,251 to Trump's 134,555. Things are not adding up. In fact, it’s the sort of dodgy math you would expect a demented Biden to come up with. And apparently he has.

In Arizona there are huge concerns over voter fraud involving the use of Sharpie pens handed out by election officials, but the use of Sharpie pen ink making ballots invalid. Voters are encouraged to track their ballots and ensure they were counted.

I wonder if it is easier as a foreigner and an outsider to find comfort in the darkness. Perhaps distance lends perspective. It is not a lack of emotional engagement on my part, having just returned from a brutal three months on the road in this fight for your President.

But I remain confident. I believe Trump has won this election. Florida, Ohio and North Carolina are bellwethers in this storm and they indicate the American people have defied the MSM, the pollsters and Big Tech —and chosen Trump for four more years.

Trump knows his enemy, knows how to beat them, and is already confident of success.

"We will win this. As far as I am concerned we have already won," Trump told supporters.

Our job right now is to trust him to do just that.


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