From Golden State to Police State

Californians push back against autocratic governor Gavin Newsom, a likely Democrat contender for president in 2024.

On October 9, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued “Guidance for Private Gatherings,” that limited the number of participants, restricted singing and chanting, and even laid down rules for using the bathroom. The draconian restrictions must have fallen short because last week the governor slapped on a 10 pm-5 am curfew on nearly the entire state of California, home to some 40 million people.

As Evan Symon reported in the California Globe, the curfew “was immediately met with resistance from citizens” who took to the streets in Bakersfield, Fresno, Huntington Beach and other cities, hoisting banners reading, “DISOBEY THE LOCKDOWN.”  Californians also staged protests outside the homes of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti and governor Gavin Newsom. His curfew order was hardly the only issue to spark protest.

Earlier this month, Newsom attended a birthday bash for a longtime lobbyist at the exclusive French Laundry in Napa, where the basic meal costs $310, before wine. None of the more than 20 attendees wore masks or observed social distancing rules. The ruling-class Democrats partied so loud the doors had to be close and reports of the bar tab ranged as high as $15,000. Newsom issued a lame apology larded with lies, typical behavior for an acolyte of hereditary governor Jerry Brown.

Newsom’s grandfather was a crony of Jerry’s father Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, and his son Jerry Brown appointed Newsom’s father to a judgeship. Gavin Newsom is also a former nephew of Nancy Pelosi and in his March emergency declaration Newsom hailed Pelosi’s leadership.

Newsom deployed his emergency powers to cut a $1 billion mask deal with a Chinese company, hiding the details even from fellow Democrats. Newsom issued a stay-at-home order that had cops arresting solitary surfers but turned a blind eye to violent rioters and arsonists. He shut down gatherings in churches and synagogues but mandated no special restrictions for abortion clinics and such. While he was at it, Gov. Newsom did his best to shut down any critics.

In May, Newsom barred public protests at the state capitol grounds, ringed with black-clad cops in full riot gear. No such militant force greeted the “peaceful protesters” torching businesses and vandalizing synagogues. Newsom also mandated mail ballots for all registered voters, which includes at least one million illegal aliens automatically registered to vote by the DMV. Secretary of state Alex Padilla isn’t saying how many voted illegally in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

In October, Newsom targeted Thanksgiving and Christmas with draconian rules and demands that the host of private gatherings take names of “all attendees,” should contract tracing be needed. Like Major Strasser in Casablanca, Gov. Newsom wants “the names” for his “trace force” of government snoops. Newsom bars indoor dining, except for illustrious people like himself and his Democrat cronies, and he tacks on a curfew to keep the people in their place. With no apology to the Buffalo Springfield, it’s exactly clear what is happening in the Golden State.

Democrats’ inner totalitarian has now emerged in full force. Their regime of white coat supremacy targets free speech, assembly, and movement. This crackdown surely models what Democrats will impose everywhere they hold sway, and could easily extend to the entire nation if a corrupt mental defective succeeds in stealing the federal election. On the other hand, as Newsom tightens the screws, Californians are modeling the appropriate response.

Californians are taking it to the streets to defy a curfew order that makes no sense for public health and only curtails their rights. As Californians understand, this is all about conditioning the people for one-party rule that criminalizes dissent. They fearlessly denounce an unalloyed autocrat of a governor who, like Leona Helmsley, believes that lockdowns are only for “little people.” This should be a concern for people nationwide.

Old-money San Francisco Democrats are grooming Gavin Newsom for a run at the presidency in 2024. So far as governor, Newsom has been unable to keep the lights on, let alone tackle California’s fathomless debt and corruption. In the short term, Newsom faces another obstacle.

California law allows voters to recall a governor, and in 2003 the people replaced inept Democrat Gray Davis with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as it turned out, Republican in name only. The current grassroots movement to recall Gavin Newsom has been extended until March 17, 2021, but it’s not clear who might replace him. In the meantime, Newsom tightens the lockdown and the people of California are pushing back, reviving their long tradition of civil disobedience and challenging authority. That too sets a standard for the nation.

As George Orwell said, if there is any hope it lies in the proles, that is, the people. Based on the record so far, politicians are not going to stand with the people, and the establishment media, big tech and the entertainment industry are all on the reactionary side. So the people of America have good cause to take to the streets in the style of Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) in On the Waterfront.

“Don’t worry,” Terry told Edie (Eva Marie Saint). “I’m not gonna hurt nobody. I’m just gonna go down there and get my rights.”

* * *

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore


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