Post-Election Thoughts 2020

The undeniable facts about who really won.

President Donald J. Trump has been re-elected.

The “proof” for which even some Big Conservative commentators and Republican politicians are now asking consists of numerous considerations, none the least of which is that Joe Biden’s votes in critical states blatantly violate Benford’s Law, a principle relied upon by the relevant experts to detect frauds of various sorts, from tax to election frauds. 

It is all but a mathematical or statistical impossibility that a not-insignificant percentage of Biden’s votes are legitimate.

But I am not interested here in arguing the obvious.

To repeat: in reality, and regardless of what his accomplices in the Fake News media would have us think about The Great Election Robbery, or The Great Steal of 2020 that they’ve helped to orchestrate, it is not Biden, but still-President Trump who has won.

Some thoughts:

(1) The polls—as some of us have always known, and, given the conduct of the GAME (Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment) complex during President Trump’s tenure, everyone should have suspected—were epically, scandalously wrong.  

Both the self-styled “journalists” and professional pollsters of Big Media are partisan hacks who are overwhelmingly Democrat operatives.  It is to the eternal shame of Republicans that, for all of their charges of “liberal bias” and “fake news”—however warranted they most definitely are—they continue to treat these opportunistic mercenaries and leftist propagandists as if they were politically-neutral reporters on current events interested only in informing the public.

The polling industry can no more sustain a shred of credibility at this point than can any of the Mainstream Media.

(2) The only thing more offensive than the sight of Trump-haters (not Biden supporters, for there are few, if any, that exist) gloating about Biden’s fake victory is their calls for “unity.” 

Trump and his supporters have been treated horribly from at least when he secured his party’s nomination back in 2016 up until the present moment.  For four years, his enemies, the enemies of America as it has historically conceived itself (“AmeriKKKa,” as they regard it), have prosecuted a coup against the 45th POTUS.  His supporters, including the elderly, women, and even underage children, have been demonized, intimidated, harassed, physically beaten, maimed, and even killed all because they were his supporters.

Democrats in the media, the academy, the entertainment industry, and in government have not only refused to condemn these outrages; they have often actively encouraged them. Moreover, they have even gone so far as to blame Trump and his supporters for this violence!

But now they want unity. 


(3) Chances are increasing that Joe Biden will be seated as the 46th POTUS. 

Trump will not concede—as he should not.  The 70 million Americans who voted for him should never concede either. Joe Biden is no more a legitimate POTUS than are you or I. He and his accomplices may have succeeded in stealing power for himself; but power and authority are not one and the same thing: Biden has the power to rule, but he has no authority to do so.

(4) Just as the Trump voters who had been disenfranchised must insist upon Biden’s illegitimacy, just as importantly, and perhaps more so, Congressional Republicans in both chambers must do so! We will know them by their fruits.  Any Republicans who do not continue to acknowledge Donald Trump as their President, any who do not obstruct and resist the Democrats’ implementation of their “progressive” agenda at every conceivable turn, must be deemed by voters as traitors—and treated as such.

(5) President Trump could potentially do more good for the future of American patriots outside of the White House than he could do from within it.


For decades, Republican politicians and conservative commentators on talk radio, cable news, and elsewhere have supplied one and the same ultimate solution to the problems with the country that they routinely decry: Vote Republican

The assumption has always been that it is possible for American patriots, the consumers of Big Conservative media, to vote their way out of the muck and mire into which Democrats continued to plunge America. Somehow, though, America has always managed to continue its leftward drift, despite Republicans winning elections.

Well, this year, a record number of Americans—over 70 million—voted Republican.

And the vote of every one of them has, in effect, been nullified by dishonest, power-obsessed Democrat (and Republican?) operatives.

If Trump vacates the White House, doing so under these circumstances, when tens of millions of Americans who love him are convinced that he is the rightful winner of this race, forces them to reckon with the sobering truth that, at present, they have essentially been denied their most fundamental rights as self-governing citizens; they have, in other words, been reduced to subjects.

Consequently, there is another somber fact with which they must come to terms: These voters most definitely cannot vote to make their vote count again. They cannot vote their way back to freedom.

The only other alternatives are not pleasant, for negotiation, compromise, etc. have all been taken off the table by the latest events (if they were ever actually on the table in the first place).

In other words, The Great Steal promises to serve as a clarion call to many that the present set of circumstances—where one half of the country is disenfranchised, mocked, “canceled,” attacked, comprehensively, dehumanized—is wildly untenable. Something dramatic needs to change, and change soon.

And here is where the Real President-But-Former-Occupant of the White House can begin to make a real difference. His enemies still don’t seem to realize that Trump’s followers adore him. He has legions of them and they are willing to follow him to the ends of the Earth. 

Trump, with his resources in money, energy, and influence, can launch a media and political revolution that could reduce the current GOP to ashes while raising a new party in its stead. He could crush, say, Fox News overnight, if he so chose to do so, by simply calling for a boycott. His media empire would bury it in no time.

The Real President could help conservative entrepreneurs construct alternative platforms to the Big Tech oligarchs while funding the rise and grooming of Trump-like politicians. He could also—along, possibly, with any number of connections that he’s made over the course of his long career—become a monetary and organizational source for a massive resistance movement to the left’s predatory attempts to “change America,” as Chuck Schumer recently characterized the left’s ambitions.

Trump being Trump, and given the treatment to which he, his family, and his millions and millions of supporters have been subjected, it is a virtual certainty that he will not be going anywhere.

Trump, right now, has the power to remain a thorn in the side of the left even as he can make or break the GOP, Big Conservative media, and the conservative movement as it is currently constituted.

The future is looking…interesting.     


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