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Lord Black of Crossharbour touts “important and successful president” Joe Biden.

“There is a pathway to significant success for a President Biden,” writes Conrad Black at the outset of “Biden’s Shot at Success,” in the November 20 American Greatness, with a photo of Biden fronting an “Office of the President Elect” sign. Black closes out with the prospect of an “important and successful” president Biden. What comes in between will be of great interest to Americans in general and Trump voters in particular. 

In recent months, Joe Biden has proclaimed his dedication to “truth over facts” and claimed that he was running for the U.S. Senate. Unsure of his location at any given time, Biden tells African Americans they “ain’t black” if they fail to support him. He claimed he went to Delaware State but didn’t, and so forth. Joe Biden is less accurate than a broken clock, but consider the appraisal by Conrad Black. 

“In his most impressive remark in the presidential debates, Biden said that in policy terms, ‘I am the party.’” Other impressive debate remarks go missing, but Black recalls that Biden “has been on all sides of almost every issue.” No word of Robert Gates’ observation that Biden has been on the “wrong” side  of almost every foreign policy issue for the past four decades.

According to Lord Black, Biden “is not a true believer in the radical leftist program,” which has “absolutely no chance” of being adopted by Congress. And since there is “no practical likelihood” of a second term, Biden will have to work with Congress. Joe Biden “may rank as the least charismatic figure” elected to the White House “but he has his strengths” and is “generally well liked by all those who worked with him in the Senate and the Obama administration and he certainly knows better than any president since Lyndon Johnson how to work out bipartisan legislative compromises.”

Back in October, Lord Black took a somewhat different view in “Joe Biden is No Franklin Roosevelt.” That piece dealt with Biden’s plan to expand the Supreme Court, about which Biden said the people had “no right to know.” FDR tried to expand the court and Lord Black is one of President Roosevelt’s biggest fans.

Back in February on the Mark Levin show, Hillsdale College professor Burton Folsom pointed out FDR’s major lapses, particularly the massive expansion of government and its deployment to buy votes. Lord Black responded with “In Defense of FDR,” charging that “the Levin-Folsom line is the obnoxiously obtuse know-nothingism” that led John Stuart Mill to call conservatives “the stupid party,” and Levin and Folsom “still are.” 

Speaking of know-nothings, Black has apparently overlooked Joe Biden’s public celebration of the most extensive  “voter fraud organization” in history. A court ruling on that extensive voter fraud should proceed any prophecy of Biden’s success as president. As it happens, those prospects are dim indeed.

Also on November 20, Fox News ran a piece headlined, “Kavanaugh should face new investigation, Biden transition official Barbara McQuade wrote.” Back on election day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Amy Coney Barrett “an illegitimate Supreme Court justice.” Beyond Barrett and Kavanaugh, Democrats will be aiming to cancel the entire Trump administration. Trump voters might expect Conrad Black to be all over that, but there’s a reason he isn’t.

As his American Greatness profile explains, Conrad Black “is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.” With that glittering title, Lord Black doubtless sees Joe Biden as a fellow aristocrat: Lord Biden of Delaware Bay, who struck down Corn Pop and fights off legions of dog-faced pony soldiers without breaking a sweat.

In the presidential debate Biden said “Hitler invaded Europe,” so the former vice president is obviously an impressive historian and scholar. Biden leveraged the firing of the “son of a bitch” Ukrainian prosecutor looking into his son’s affairs, so Biden is clearly a brilliant jurist. This is the man Lord Black of Crossharbour thinks would be an “important and successful president.”

When a Michigan factory worker challenged Biden on the Second Amendment, the candidate failed to offer reasonable arguments and told the man, “you’re full of shit.” That would not be likely from a candidate who cared about workers American and their constitutional rights. On the other hand, it could be expected from a candidate with an extensive voter fraud network already in place.

“Are you the guy who puts truth over facts?” the worker might have shot back, but Biden isn’t listening and neither is Lord Black of Crossharbour. He believes that critics of Franklin Roosevelt are know-nothing yokels, so one might imagine what he thinks of American workers.

“Conrad Black is a fool,” wrote John Joyce in a comment on the Biden piece. “An erudite and exceptionally well spoken fool. But still a fool.” For their part, FDR critics and workers alike might push back in the style of the peasants in Monty Python and the Holy Grail in their confrontation with King Arthur of the Britons.

“We don’t have a lord,” they could explain. “A foreign sovereign distributing fancy titles is no guarantee of sound judgment,” and “supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from the most extensive system of voter fraud in history.”


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