Tigrayan 'Youth Group' Massacres Hundreds in Ethiopia

Pro-China WHO boss Tedros is key figure in Tigray Peoples Liberation Front.

“Scores, and likely hundreds, of people were stabbed or hacked to death in Mai-Kadra, a town in the South West Zone of Ethiopia’s Tigray Region on the night of 9 November,” Amnesty International is confirming. The human rights organization verified “photographs and videos of bodies strewn across the town or being carried away on stretchers.”

Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s director for east and southern Africa, “confirmed the massacre of a very large number of civilians, who appear to have been day laborers in no way involved in the ongoing military offensive.”

A report from the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission accusing a Tigrayan youth group known as “Samri” of targeting non-Tigrayan seasonal laborers  working on sorghum farms. The perpetrators, “killed hundreds of people, beating them with batons/sticks, stabbing them with knives, machetes and hatchets and strangling them with ropes. They also looted and destroyed properties,” according to the commission, headed by an appointee of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, last year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Prime Minister Ahmed accuses the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) of seeking to destabilize his government. Ethiopia’s army chief, Aljazeera reports, has accused the World Health Organization (WHO) director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of supporting the TPLF.

“This man is a member of that group and he has been doing everything to support them,” Gen. Jula, told reporters.

“There have been reports suggesting I am taking sides in this situation. This is not true,” Tedros wrote on Twitter.  “I want to say that I am on only one side and that is the side of peace.”

Tedros is indeed a Tigrayan and served as health minister in a previous government headed by the TPLF. The current government is accusing the TPLF of attacking a military base to steal weapons. Fighting broke out on November 4, five days before the Mai-Kadra massacre. It was not the first such deadly incident tied to the TPLF.

Tedros is a high-ranking member of the TPLF’s central committee or politburo. The TPLF formed out of the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) and has been accused of “crimes against humanity” for a systematic genocide against the Amhara people, which the TPLF identifies as its “eternal enemy.” Tedros was a leading public-health figure in Ethiopia at the time, and during the 1990s the U.S. government listed the TPLF as a terrorist group.

For his part, Tedros earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1986 but he is not a medical doctor. In 2001 he was appointed head of the Tigray Regional Health Bureau and two years later became state minister of health. While serving as federal health minister, from 2005-2012, Tedros covered up three separate cholera outbreaks. Even so, in 2017, the rigidly pro-China Tedros got the nod to head the World Health Organization, the first non-doctor to hold the position.

In October, 2017, Tedros tapped former Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe to serve as WHO “goodwill ambassador.” Aside from Ugandan  dictator Idi Amin, who slaughtered as many as 500,000 people, Mugabe is one of the more loathsome figures in recent African history. Tedros hailed Mugabe’s universal health system, which the dictator left in shambles as he traveled to Singapore for his own medical treatment.

In late 2019, the deadly coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic emerged from Wuhan, but the Chinese government did not acknowledge human-to-human transmission until January 20, long after hundreds, possibly thousands of carriers had traveled from China around the world. WHO boss Tedros praised China’s every move, and the TPLF man has a big fan in Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the federal National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984 and a member of the White house coronavirus task force. 

Tedros is really an outstanding person,” Fauci said during a March 25 briefing. “I’ve known him from the time that he was the minister of health of Ethiopia.” No word about Tedros’ TPLF ties and his cholera coverups. Fauci admitted the WHO had “problems” over the years but “under his leadership, they’ve done very well.” By that time, the PRC had silenced dissenters and the WHO was the Communist government’s most faithful mouthpiece. NIAID boss Fauci, who sent US funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, said the WHO “has been all over this.”

For its part, the China virus has been all over the world, and as death, damage and misery mount, Tedros, continues to parrot and praise China’s Communist government. An apologist of a genocidal Communist regime, with victims in the tens of million, is not likely to be troubled by the massacre of hundreds of unarmed innocents at the hands of a TPLF “youth group.”

The man Dr. Fauci hails as a “really outstanding person” claims he’s only on the side of peace.  If Ethiopians and people around the world thought that was a lie it would be hard to blame them.


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